There is no such thing as a low-cost golf course. Golf clubs always demand a lot of money. However,  if you are looking for high-quality golf balls at a reasonable price, Vice Golf Balls is a good option. Vice Golf is a company that sells expensive balls at a cheap price. 

Are you wondering, Who makes Vice Golf balls? Or Is it any good? If you want to learn all the facts about the manufacturer and its products, keep scrolling and you’ll find all your answers by the end of this article.

Are Vice Golf Balls Any Good?

The most appealing aspect of Vice Golf balls is that they provide incredible performance comparable to other expensive brand balls on the market but at a much lower cost.

The Vice Golf company provides golf balls with a ton of features just like Titleist golf balls. Vice Golf was named to the 2020 Golf Digest Hot List for three of their five golf balls. They sell some of the best golf balls available. 

All the Vice’s golf balls have a KIL feature. This feature makes it easier for you to line up putts. These balls are pre-stamped with an extra-long line to improve alignment and allow you to drain more putts. 

Who Makes Vice Golf Balls?

The company Vice is a golf ball manufacturing company. Vice Golf manufactures and designs their own golf balls. On the other hand, the 2020 Vice Pro Golf ball is manufactured by Foremost in Taiwan. Foremost is one of Taiwan’s largest golf ball manufacturing companies.

Where are Vice Golf Balls Made?

Vice Golf balls are made in both Germany and Taiwan. Vice designed and engineered five different golf balls in Germany. All of them offer high-quality which are suitable for tour players.

Details of The Manufacturer

Ingo Duellmann and Rainer Stoeckl established the Vice Golf company in 2012, in Germany.  In the beginning, the company made premium golf balls in Germany. You can purchase these golf balls online, and they will be delivered directly to you.

In 2015, Vice Golf expanded their operations in Europe and the United States. Vice golf balls are both high quality and reasonably priced. The bulk sales discount is so appealing that golfers are buying stock every quarter and every year.

Vice golf produces five different golf balls. Tour players are satisfied with these golf balls as they offer high quality and also they got tested by independent, international testing institutes. 

Among these ball types, Vice Pro 2020 is manufactured by Foremost which is a Taiwanese golf balls manufacturing company. Foremost Golf Ball Factory manufactures practice balls, competitive or tournament balls. It was established in 1993. 

The Foremost Golf ball factory has many automatic appliances for the mass production of golf balls.

Best Vice Golf Balls Reviews

There are five different vice golf balls are available. All of them carry different features and great quality. Here, we will shortly describe each one of them so you could easily decide which one to purchase.

πŸ”· Vice Pro Golf Ball

The cover of the Vice Pro golf ball is very soft and durable. The three-piece cast urethane cover has a micromolecular structure. It has a very thin layer of coating. The S2TG Technology provides the player with a super smooth, on-demand ball feel as well as a controllable, high degree of backspin.

The Vice Pro golf ball has a high energy speed, which boosts the ball’s speed. This golf ball is designed for long-distance and has 318 large dimples for a stable trajectory.

πŸ”· Vice Tour Golf Ball

The outer cover of the Vice Tour Golf Ball is made of advanced ethylene copolymers and has a DuPont Surlyn cover. As a result, the cover provides the golf ball with exceptional resistance and resilience. Furthermore, the ball is soft due to the thin cover.

The developed Vice Tour Golf ball has several dimples. The dimple structure improves the golf ball’s aerodynamics. It keeps the ball’s trajectory smooth and stable.

πŸ”· Vice Soft Golf Balls

The Vice Pro Soft is made of thin silicate particles in the clear lacquer. It is the first matte golf ball that is finished with cast urethane. There is a thin coating on the ball. And you can find a special adhesion to the green, it gives a smooth and on-demand feeling.

The high degree of backspin is provided by the S2TG technology. Because of this special feature, the ball is controllable. In addition, the matte-finished coating gives an anti-glare effect on the ball.  As a result, this effect makes it easy to clearly see the ball in the sky and on the ground.

The Vice Pro Soft also provides a 3 piece cast urethane cover, extremely durable 336 dimple designs, including low compression for an extra soft and responsive feel. 

πŸ”· Vice Plus Golf Balls

The outer layer of Vice Pro Plus is extremely durable. It makes use of patented advanced ionomer technology. Vice Pro Plus’s ionomer technology allows it to provide high spin from lower compression short-game shots while also providing lower spin, lower launch performance on long irons and woods with faster swings.

πŸ”· Vice Drive Golf Ball

The cover of the Vice Drive Golf Ball is made of Dupont Surlyn, which is a very durable material. It is also made of plastic and is perfectly adjusted. It can withstand high-impact loads.

This ball is indestructible, with no cuts or wear. Vice Drive has a unique structure of symmetrical dimples. It can ensure that the golf ball is perfectly buoyant after teeing off. The specially designed dimple also provides a longer roll phase and an optimal drive length.


What golf ball does the Vice tour compare to?

Vice Pro series which is the fourth option from the vice, Vice Tour golf ball is the most comparable to Titleist NXT golf ball. It is one of the most popular golf balls.

Do any pro players play Vice?

Many tour players play Vice. Many plays with Vice Pro Plus Golf balls and Pro softballs. They are the most affordable and quite similar to the Titleist Golf balls.Β 


Vice Golf Balls are well-known for their exceptional quality. Because of their low price, they had a significant impact on the golf market.

Hopefully, this article helped you find the answer to your question, Who makes Vice golf balls? Thank you for your time.

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