Golf is one of the most entertaining clubs and ball sports. This is an open-air game, unlike many others, in which participants try to position the ball in the least amount of space feasible. Many companies have a fantastic idea for a new golf product, only to find out how competitive and ruthless the golf industry is once they enter the market.

It’s difficult to turn it into a golf brand, and most people will fail. On the other hand, these older firms offering used clubs for sale could still be a great fit for your game. We’ve got you covered if you’re thinking about buying a set of Cougar golf clubs and want to know Who Makes Cougar Golf Clubs? Let’s get started.

Are Cougar Golf Clubs Any Good?

The Cougar golf clubs are of mediocre quality and they’re perfect for an affordable set. The irons have a good feel to them while swinging, however, the grips are ordinary rubber. Although the club is practical, not everyone prefers its design. The 3 and 5 types of wood have a nice feel to them, and the graphite shafts aren’t too stiff. 

The driver, on the other hand, seems a little strange. It has a similar feel to the 3 and 5 planks of wood, although it is a little more uncomfortable. In this combination, the bag is the true threat. The bag is quite excellent, with a high-quality feel and several pockets for all of your belongings.

It’s a stand bag, which is a big advantage, and that, along with the rain jacket and headcovers for the 1,3,5, and club makes this a great package. The majority of individuals are pleased with their Cougar golf clubs, and they frequently purchase Cougar accessories to complete the set.

Who Makes Knight Golf Clubs?

Cougar golf clubs are manufactured by the Cougar corporation. Cougar used to make clubs in the United States, and they were quite popular in Australia. The base was created to assist gamers to save money by giving them access to more local equipment. The cost savings were undeniably appealing, but golfers also benefitted from faster access to these clubs.

After ordering a set, they didn’t have to wait nearly as long to get their hands on the clubs. In Australia, Cougar golf clubs are still quite popular. Cougar’s goods are always evolving, and they are becoming increasingly appealing to a wider range of gamers. The majority of players that love the Cougar golf clubs have a handicap of mid to high.

There is a website that ships to the United States for American golfers who want to buy Cougar goods. Before you agree to have goods sent from another country, pay special attention to the delivery timeframes and prices. The waiting period may be enough to persuade you to pick a different set of golf clubs for your next set. Cougar Australia continues to provide one-of-a-kind and high-quality clubs and accessories.

About The Manufacturer

Cougar USA decided to establish a club manufacturing plant in Australia in 1988 as a result of the significant demand for custom manufactured sets they were getting from Australia. Australians were having a hard time getting custom-made sets at a reasonable price in their area.

The taxation, fees, and shipping costs associated with getting the clubs in from the United States to Australia were an issue. A manufacturing facility was established in Australia to assist in offset these expenses and to provide Australians with easier access to these high-quality, bespoke golf clubs.

The majority of Cougar USA clubs are no longer manufactured, but due to the brand’s popularity in Australia, the products are still widely available. The cost reductions were significant, as freight from the United States has always been expensive, and all made-up sets were subject to a 15% government fee.

Because of these reasons, as well as the time savings for consumers, assembly in Australia was the only option. Since then, Cougar Australia has been constructing clubs in Australia, producing over 100,000 bespoke sets in the last 20 years.

Cougar Golf has grown to a greater degree of precision than ever before, with very little tolerance on all weights, lofts, and lies, thanks to the advent of new club manufacturing machinery. Cougar Golf is unquestionably among the industry’s best.

Best-Seller Cougar Golf Clubs

  • COUGAR High-Quality Lightweight Cue 12 pcs Golf Complete Club Set With Golf Bag For Women’s Beginner
  • Cougar Carbon Shaft Coach Recommends 12 pcs Men’s Golf Club Set With Golf Bags For Beginners

Cougar Silver Cat II Package Review

One customer stated that he would recommend these clubs to anyone interested in beginning to play golf or returning to the game after a long layoff, similar to himself. The set is in excellent condition. It’s a brand-new item. Choose a headcover from the options available. The option is accessible for wood, but not for iron. A pitching wedge, sand wedge, and two hybrid utility clubs, one 22º and the other26º are provided, as are almost all of the irons.


Hopefully, you can now see what makes Cougar stand apart. This is a firm that has adapted and shifted to operate in such a manner that it has been able to expand its business to the people who most valued its products. Despite the fact that these golf items are readily available in Australia, they are also available in other areas of the world.

The totally customized package bundle is maybe the most unusual of all of their club offers. Although there are many alternatives for full golf club sets on the market, bespoke ones can be difficult to come by. Cougar sells its products at a reasonable price, and Australians appreciate and benefit from the technology they provide. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and learned what you needed to know.

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