Golf is arguably one of the most elegant sports on the face of the planet and keen players need to draw out every possible advantage they can in this technically very demanding game! Golf balls vary in things like playable compression , hardness/softness and durability. Pinnacle is a brand that manufacture a variety of well priced golf balls for the market. 

If you are into golfing then you have heard a lot about the Pinnacle brand and may even have had the opportunity to try it out. Pinnacle is a great affordable option if you are into golfing. So let’s talk about who makes Pinnacle Golf balls and how good they are?

Who Makes Pinnacle Golf Balls?

If you ever did a bit of digging into the best golf balls out there then almost everyone will agree it is the Titleist Pro V1. Almost 36% of golfers from the Top 100 golfers on the PGA tour use the Pro V1 as their golf ball of choice. 

The company behind the manufacturing of the Titleist Pro V1, Acushnet Design is also in charge of manufacturing the Pinnacle range of golf balls. So, you can be confident in the high quality you are getting with a Pinnacle Golf Ball as they are made with the same processes Acushnet uses for Titleist golf balls production. Pinnacle has a testing facility in Fairhaven, Massachusetts where they ensure quality. 

Pinnacle has always emphasized innovating something different and they were the pioneer of 2-piece golf balls that evolved into many renown golf balls. Pinnacle has mastered manufacturing golf balls and has the proof by the fact they manufacture the King of Balls Titleist’s own golf balls range. 

Are Pinnacle golf balls still being made? Yes, Pinnacle golf balls are still very much in production.

Are Pinnacle Golf Balls Any Good then?

Golf has long been considered one of the more complex games, and since losing golf balls can be a frequent event among many amateur golfers, it can be expensive to be an avid golf player who has a fair few off fairway excursions!. In addition, using a high-end golf ball used by experts is not as forgiving as those designed for the masses.

Pinnacle golf balls prices are on the cheaper side, if you are a casual golfer or want something entry-level then based on their prices and product manufacturers pedigree Pinnacle can be a good choice. But are you sacrificing quality and playing experience by buying Pinnacle golf balls? 

So here we will discuss some of the top Pinnacle Golf balls so you have an idea about exactly what the Pinnacle golf ball is offering to Golf hungry consumers.

๐Ÿ”น Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls

Pinnacle Soft Golf Ball is undoubtedly one of the most standout creations from the Pinnacle brand, this golf ballโ€™s success earned Pinnacle a Silver rating in Golf Digest for 2018. The Pinnacle soft golf ball is the perfect ball for golfers with a slower clubhead speed as it offers a very soft feel and better distance for this type of player.

๐Ÿ”ธ Design and Technology

If you are looking for something soft that is perfect for a slower swing style then the Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls are the perfect choice for you. Pinnacle soft golf ball has the lowest compression rate of any Pinnacle golf ball in the mid 40’s which makes this ball feel soft and it covers excellent distance too.  The Pinnacle softs come in white or pink colour.

The cover of a Pinnacle Soft Golf Ball is made from ionomer and uses the famous 332 dimple design. Pinnacle Soft Golf Ball also has an advanced isohedral pattern that allows it to have maximum distance with lower spin. 

If you are a beginner, then the Pinnacle Soft Golf Ball is the perfect point to start as it has different colors that can help you to keep track of these balls. Also, the price of this ball is reasonable enough to be the perfect deal for entry-level golfers. 

๐Ÿ”ธ Not So Good Side

The Pinnacle soft golf ball has a reduced compression rate, as we’ve already discussed, thus using it with high clubhead speeds is not advised. The Pinnacle Soft Ball may not offer professional golfers with the same playability as other professional golf balls available on the market.

Finally, having good greenside control with the Pinnacle Soft Golf ball is not as easy as with some other types of ball. Overall, the Pinnacle Soft Golf Ball is an average choice for experts but fantastic for novices.
With that said we have heard reports comparing the Pinnacle Soft Ball very closely to the Pro V1 and this Golf Expert states that he cannot really feel much difference between the Pinnacle Soft and much more expensive balls . He actually says that one club pro he spoke to stated that many players would not be able to tell the difference between the Pinnacle Soft and Pro V1!

๐Ÿ”น Pinnacle Gold Golf Balls

Our previous Pinnacle Golf Ball model was the perfect deal for a beginner so now we will talk about something that is meant to give the best performance to the professionals. The Pinnacle Gold Golf Balls have a Surlyn cover and a 392 dimple design.

Pinnacle Gold Golf Ball has most of the modern technology in golfing at a more reasonable price than other modern golf balls. The Gold golf ball from Pinnacle is meant to be the all-rounder golf ball at a a cheaper price point than some other more pricey competitors (no names mentioned!). 

The best part is you donโ€™t even have to sacrifice the greenside control in a Pinnacle Gold golf ball. You will get an optimized flight in Pinnacle Gold Golf balls and a good touch on the greens.

๐Ÿ”น Pinnacle Rush Golf Balls

Some golf balls are ideal for slow swings while others are better for faster swings, depending on the compression rate. The Pinnacle Rush golf ball is what you’re searching for if you want a ball that can accommodate any playing style.

The same as the Pinnacle Soft golf balls the Rush Golf ball also has an ionomer cover but with a 332 dimple design. However the ionomer cover of the Rush Golf ball is designed to withstand all sorts of shots and offers a powerful consistent flight.  This is due to a higher compression core and harder outer cover than the Pinnacle soft.

The Pinnacle Rush also comes in two different color variants being yellow or white. Overall the Pinnacle Rush Golf Ball is highly suited to players of all levels as it maximises distance but also allows a good degree of feel around the greens. 

๐Ÿ”น Pinnacle Bling Golf Balls

Pinnacle Bling balls are designed to look different, and come in some bright colours, to help you stand out on the Golf course whilst also helping you find the ball should you have an off fairway excursion! They also work very well for scambles and save having to label balls up. These balls get good reviews with the overall feedback being good distance on all shots, good feel and good short game finesse around the greens.

๐Ÿ”น Pinnacle Reload Golf Balls

The Pinnacle Reloads are Pinnacles version of gold balls made from recycled materials. They come in packs of 24 recycled balls and are at the lower price point of Pinnacles offering. We do not have feedback on their performance but these are certainly a good addition to the golf bag of any eco friendly golfers!


Golfers are often very dedicated to their sport and getting the best golf balls for your playing style is a vital element to improving your golfing game.

So the Whomakehub team have done a deep dive on Pinnacle golf balls and uncovered a lot of positive reviews , a very trusted and competent manufacturer behind the balls ensuring excellent product quality and to top it off a very low price point for what your getting. You can buy Pinnacle golf balls from your local Pro Golf shop or online from most outlets including Amazon.

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