After a long tiresome week, people crave a relaxing weekend and some prefer to have a great golf match with their friends and colleagues. To have a proper golf match you need to have proper tools and well-made tools for that otherwise you may get your experience ruined.

For a good quality golf ball, a lot of people consider using Costco golf balls as their first choice. Now, who makes Costco golf balls? In this article, we will try to know about their manufacturer and we will see what makes them better.

Later in this article, there will be a short review about Costco golf balls and also we will check on their new lineup of golf balls too. So, without further adieu let’s explore the world of Costco golf balls.

About The Manufacturer

The full name of the company is Costco Wholesale Corporation. They are an American multinational corporation, they operate a chain of membership-only big box retail stores. In 2020 they were the 5th largest retailer in the United States of America.

 They have their headquarters in Issaquah, Washington but its Kirkland Signature house was formerly located in Kirkland. They started their journey in Seattle by opening the first warehouse in 1983. Currently, Costco has 804 warehouses worldwide.

The Kirkland Signature Brand

The manufacturing and the distribution rights to all the Costco golf balls are in the hands of the Kirkland Signature brand. They are Costco’s private label. You can get all the Kirkland products via Costco’s warehouses and their official websites.

Costco introduced their private label Kirman in 1992. They took this name because Costco started their journey with the Kirkland Signature brand in Kirkland, Washington. Although they moved the headquarters, it is now in Issaquah, Washington. 

Kirkland is one of the main money makers for the Costco brand and is responsible for Costco’s ⅓ of the profit and growing stronger day by day. Although Kirkman signature brand is responsible for manufacturing most of the products themselves, some products are made by other manufacturers as well.

Now if someone asks you what brands are Costco golf balls? You can say it is the Kirkland Signature golf. All the Costco balls are branded under this name.

Are Costco Golf Balls Any Good?

Costco has dedicated itself to providing a high-quality product with reasonable pricing and so far Costco did a great job in this matter. Their golf balls, also known as the Kirkland Signature brand golf balls, are selling like hotcakes in the market. 

Costco brought a revolution in the golf ball market in 2016 with their signature four-piece golf balls. Costco was unable to supply that product according to the demand. Currently, Costco has increased its facilities as well as improved the product quality.  Providing best selling products and fulfilling the demand.

Firstly, you may find Costco ball sets are a bit expensive. Well, it is not like that. They offer premium quality balls at the right price. You can check the weight and amount of the balls inside. You will understand. 

🔷 Compression

In a gauge, the average compression of a Costco ball showed 90 which is almost an above-average performance. During hitting the ball you can almost have a firm feeling about it. A great full swing properties make this product one of the best

🔷 Sizing

A Cosco golf ball is evenly sized. You can hit the ball properly and can expect it to go to your desired location. The best part is all the Costco balls follow the USGA weight limit and none of them weigh more than 1.620 ounces.

🔷 Covers

None of the balls have any significant cover defects. There are some slight dimples in some of the balls but overall it is well sized. 

The best part is all the perimeter in the Costco ball is very much consistent. You can easily get one of their products and can expect a very high quality and consistency in their products.

Costco Golf Ball Review

Costo with their golf ball has earned people’s trust and has almost 5-star ratings everywhere. Here’s our short review of the Costco golf ball

Costco promises its products to have velocity, consistent flight, and one of the most important features controlled iron spin. Also, Costco claims their soft feel and superior greenside control will be the best for mid-handicap players. 

We are not quite satisfied with their words, so we tested them in practical fields and are very happy to say they mostly kept their words. 

The build quality of a Costco Ball is very fantastic. You can have a great premium-feeling just by touching it. The shiny white finishing, well dimple sizing and no visible seam makes it one of the visually stunning balls out there.

🔷 Launch Monitor Testing

When you buy a golf ball you always will want to get a great spin when hit. If you test a Costco ball in a launch monitor you will notice the spin will be around 7500 rpm in a 50 yd golf course. If you know about other golf balls you will understand this score is very impressive.

🔷 Practical Test

The theoretical test doesn’t matter unless the product is not good in practical tests. A Costco golf ball is very durable in the field test and they were almost true to the launch monitor testing. You can play in whatever style you are comfortable with.

Considering the price point and the quality you can say the Costco golf ball labelled as Kirland signature is an amazing product and anyone can buy that.


Costco has been doing business as a retailer store for a long time and made a great name for itself by providing quality products. Costco golf balls are also known as Kirkland signature is a privately owned brand of their own. 

Kirkland along with other products is also a proud manufacturer of golf balls and they are delivering quality with it. With great reviews to back up, the Costco golf balls are one true beauty.

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