If you are interested in golf, you know about the Maxfli golf balls brand. These golf balls are specifically designed for those who are handicapped or for those who are beginners at golf. Dunlop and TaylorMade have been the previous owners of this golf ball brand.

Currently, Maxfli is owned by Dick’s Sports Goods. As of now, the sports ball provider has been able to hold its name in the industry. If you want to know more about who makes Maxfli golf balls, then read further.

What Company Makes Maxfli Golf Balls?

Currently, Maxfli golf balls are made by Dick’s Sporting Goods. If you were wondering what company makes Maxfli golf balls, then this is the name of the brand. Dick’s Sporting Goods is responsible for selling a wide array of sporting equipment in the sports world.

Initially, Maxfli started as its own company or brand name. Due to the solid golf balls that they sold in the market, they were able to develop their brand name. The manufacturer was mostly renowned for its soft quality of balls and the distance that they covered.

In 2002, TaylorMade got acquisition of Maxfli. TaylorMade had big plans for the golf brand Maxfli, but unfortunately, the plans did not go as per plan. But one particular golf ball known as the Noodle, by TaylorMade, performed very well in the industry.

Where are These Golf Balls Made?

Dick’s Sporting Goods is the current owner of the Maxfli brand of sporting equipment, well-known for its golf balls. Noodle brand and all ping pong ball patent applications were still owned by TaylorMade Golf when Dick’s bought the company in February 2008.

TaylorMade, the patent owner of Maxfli golf balls, has its headquarters in Carlsbad, California, US. TaylorMade also has factories in locations such as China. Most golf ball owner companies have factories in China and neighboring countries.

Are Maxfli Golf Balls Good?

The Maxfli brand is known globally for its premium-quality golf balls manufactured especially for handicapped people. The manufacturer also makes golf balls for those who are beginners in the sport.

Moreover, the shots that these golf balls produce also feel crisp. Most of the sub-categories of these balls also cover a long distance. Therefore, the answer to the question is Maxfli golf balls good, would be yes.

Video Review of the Maxfli Golf Ball. A Budget Pro V1!

Who Makes Maxfli Tour Golf Balls?

The golf ball test showed that the Maxfli Tour is a mid-spin ball. The Maxfli tour golf balls have a common 318 groove cast-urethane covering.

Foremost, based in Taiwan, one of the top-tier Asian manufacturers, makes the Maxfli Tour. Additionally, Foremost makes balls for Vice and also other brands such as Wilson. 

Numerous times a year, Dick’s Sports gives a discount on the Maxfli Tour’s advertised price for their golf balls. 

The Maxfli Tour’s weight and diameter uniformity are above average, making it a standout. These golf balls are above average quality when compared to their counterparts. So, if you were wondering, who makes Maxfli tour golf balls, then that is your answer.

Best Maxfli Golf balls

Among the best Maxfli golf balls, the Maxfli Tour X golf ball is one of the best. You should opt for this line of golf balls by Maxfli because it offers distance coverage of the tee. Furthermore, it even fairs well in windy conditions.

The Tour X golf balls by Maxfli also have a good center of gravity balance. Another line of golf balls by Maxfli is its Tour golf balls. These balls offer great greenside spin as well as ensure a soft feel.

The Maxfli Trifli also allows for great overall performance as it ensures a soft feel and low spin right off. The unique construction of the Trifli series is what makes it stand out among its competitors.

For those who are looking for a budget-friendly option, Maxfli has come up with the Softfli range. It offers a soft feel as well as ensures that golfers can choose from a wide range of colors.

The Maxfli StraightFli is another exceptional value for money that offers great distance coverage during a long game.

Maxfli Golf Ball Ranges

Maxfli offers 6 piece golf ball set in its Tour X lineup. The brand also has a 4-piece golf ball set which includes the U4 and U4X balls. U4 produces more spin, while U4X delivers less spin. The U4X also has a lower strike angle and is firmer to touch.

The manufacturer also has a 3-piece golf ball set. It provides a higher launch angle compared to the 4-piece golf ball set.

The 2 piece construction golf ball set by Maxfli is the most affordable of them all. However, do not expect the same soft feel and performance from the 2-piece construction balls as their 4-piece and 3-piece counterparts.

If you have read the Maxfli golf balls review, then you have come upon this information regarding these golf balls.


Is Maxfli a Good Brand?

Maxfli has gained popularity in recent years, thanks to the different models available. It has also gained popularity in the industry due to its great overall performance.

Who Makes Maxfli Golf Balls Now?

Maxfli was a huge success in the 80s and 90s, but its commercial success began to decline in the 2000s. The commercial popularity of the brand declined after its acquisition by TaylorMade. 

But the acquisition by Dick’s Sporting has ensured that Maxfli was able to rise again. To date, Dick’s Sporting oversees the Maxfli line of golf balls.


To sum up, Maxfli is only a renowned name in the golf balls industry because of its huge range and excellent performance. Moreover, Maxfli also makes accessories and gears for beginner golfers to practice at home. Range topping Maxfli balls have been described by coaches as a budget Pro V1.

The brand is still one of the best choices for mid to highly handicapped golfers. Overall, Maxfli has remained at the top in the outdoor gaming industry because of its constant innovation and excellence. That’s all for the article on who makes Maxfli golf balls.

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