Golfing is one of the favouite pastimes for many people. Golf equipment like every sports equipment needs to follow some requirements to provide the best golfing experience. The same can be said about a golf ball too. 

If you have ever tried to buy a golf ball then there is a chance that you were confused about how many golf ball brands and models of ball are out there. Here we will talk about who Makes Top-Flite Golf Balls and some common queries about the product.

Who Owns Top Flight Golf Balls

Top-Flight is one of the veterans in the golfing industry. If you ask someone who has been playing golf since 1971, they will immediately recognize the product. In its infancy, the brand was working under the Spalding banner.  

Top-Flight invented the 2-piece and multilayer golf balls. Over the years, Top-Flight has seen leadership changes multiple times as the company was bought by various companies. in 1996, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts acquired the Top-Flight brand. 

The Kravis takeover was the wrong time for the Top-Flight brand. Later in 2003, Callaway acquired the company and saved it from Chapter 11 protection. Since then, Callaway has had the manufacturing and distribution rights to Top-Flight Golf Balls. 

Likewise, the relationship with Callaway was short-lived. After decades of operation, Top-Flight was sold to Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2012, and they are currently in charge of the brand. Top-Flight is making great efforts to reclaim its former grandeur under the new administration.

Are Top Flite Golf Balls Good

In this section, we will deep dive into Top-Flite golf balls and discuss everything we have uncovered from our research and testing. We have compared them with other golf balls in the market so you can make an easy buying decision.

๐Ÿ”น Compression

In lab tests, Top-Flite golf balls have an average compression rating near 76. A compression rate explains how soft or hard the golf ball is, the higher the compression rate, the harder the ball is. If you have a fast club head speed and want to hit a golf ball harder, you may be looking for something with a high compression rate. 

The market’s comparison balls typically consist of urethane-covered balls like the OnCore ELIXR (80) and Bridgestone Tour B RX (77). The Titleist Velocity is the ionomer ball that compares in terms of compression the most to those that we have measured thus far (78).

๐Ÿ”น Perimeters

Top-Flite balls are on the larger side according to our measurements. Usually, Ionomer-made balls are a bit larger than Urethane balls. The size and weight of Top-Flite golf balls follow the standard of USGA. So, you can use a Top-Flite golf ball in a professional game. 

To ensure that, we have measured various Top-Flite golf balls. In our testing, None of the golf balls were out of USGA standard. Not only us but also various golf experts and users on the internet also ensure Top-Fliteโ€™s perfection. 

Despite perfection in shapes and weight, there is a bit of a problem with the Top-Flite golf ballโ€™s concentricity. Reports state that there can be some unevenness in the mantle layer of some golf balls from Top-Flite, the rough estimation of error is around 25%.

๐Ÿ”น Core

We got a chance to open up a Top-Flite golf ball and check the core inside it. In our inspection, the core was mostly consistent. Sometimes, there were some visible red bits inside the core of our sample of Top-Flite golf balls.

Unfortunately, we are not so sure about what that red material is inside some Top-Flite golf balls.

๐Ÿ”น Cover

The top-Flite golf ball has some excellent covers compared with other golf balls on the market. Unfortunately, we found design inconsistency in some of the covers as we noticed a missing dimple pattern on several balls. 

๐Ÿ”น Overall Consistency

We did notice several of the top-Flite golf balls were lighter than usual; however weight consistency was average. Similar to the diameter, we would say that the consistency was average. All of the Top-Flight golf balls exceed the 1.68-inch minimum diameter set by the USGA.

The compression consistency was also measured to be in the mean range (average). We detected a 10 compression-point spread across the golf ball, which is average in our opinion after testing a wide variety of different balls. The compression delta in a Top-Flite golf ball was above average in our testing.

๐Ÿ”น Availability

If you are ready to buy a Top-Flite golf ball so the question is who sells Top-Flite Golf Balls? Top-Flite golf balls are easy to get from your nearest Walmart and if you prefer online shopping then Amazon, eBay, and many more sites are selling this item.

Top Flite Golf Balls Review

Top-Flite golf balls are available in different models serving different purposes. So, which Top-Flight golf ball you should buy? This is our recommendation on the best Top-Flite golf balls and what we think about them.

๐Ÿ”น Top Flite XL Distance

One of the more affordable golf balls from Top-Flite that is made to travel further is the Top-Flite XL Distance. This model from the Top-Flite brand has been around for more than 30 years and has become one of the fan-favorite golf balls.  

This ball is easily one of the hardest we have tested to date. When you hit the Top-Flite XL Distance you will feel like you have hit a bullet. The hardness of this ball allows it to move straight and true to its course. Even a strong wind wonโ€™t change this golf ballโ€™s trajectory as much as some lesser balls. 

The durability of a Top-Flite XL Distance is excellent, you can get one of them and play for years. For those who are just starting golfing or are mainly casual players, the Top-flite XL is the best choice in our opinion.


Top-flite is a veteran in the golf industry and has faced many ups and downs in its existance. Some of the older Top-Flite golf ball models are still popular in the golf market. So, no matter what kind of golfer you are, Top-Flite has the perfect golf balls for you in their range.

Sources: Whomakehubs testing lab

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