Golfing is one of the most common pastimes for many. If you have ever played golf then you know you need your balls to be good otherwise it may change your game for the worse!

When there are so many brands creating golf balls, finding the perfect golf ball can be a bit of a hassle. Here we will talk about who makes Srixon golf balls and we will also check out some interesting features so that you can decide if Srixon matches your playing style or not.

About Srixon

Srixon is one of the well-known sports equipment brands by SRI Sports Limited which is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. Sumitomo is in charge of another famous sports brand, Dunlop Sports and is the maker behind Srixon golf balls. 

Srixon primarily focuses on golf and always tries to innovate and achieve something in this field. Srixon golf balls have a large number of patents globally which indicates the dedication and hard work of Srixon in the field. 

Not only balls but also all kinds of golf accessories are available for you to purchase from Srixon. In October 2007, Srixon’s parent company SRI Sports bought another famous golf accessories brand Cleveland golf and combined the brand with Srixon. 

Where are Srixon balls manufactured? Srixon has an ultra-modern manufacturing facility in Japan where most of the Srixon balls are manufactured. Srixon’s quality and popularity have made them the 4th largest manufacturer of golf balls. 

Are Srixon Golf Balls Good?

Understanding whether a brand is good or not depends on a lot of factors. Some look at the specs and what they are offering and others give importance to the practical features. So to judge Srixon golf balls, we will look into both features that this brand is offering.

🔹 Experts Opinion

A lot of us are concerned about what is inside a product and judge the quality based on that data. On the other hand, some of us don’t bother about what is inside they just look at the expert’s opinions on the product, whether those people use them or not for making buying decisions. 

So let us watch Srixon Balls from the perspective of the second group of people. Do any pros use Srixon balls? 

The great news is when the top 100 PGA golfers from the PGA tour discuss any golf ball manufacturer 5 brands are always mentioned in one way or another. Srixon was good enough to be one of that golf ball brands. 

Except for Keegan Bradly, who chooses to use the Srixon Z-Star ball, eight of the top 100 PGA golfers are happy users of the Srixon golf ball. The eight professionals who use Srixon golf balls are listed below.

  • Martin Laird
  • Hideki Matsuyama
  • Matthew NeSmith
  • Russell Knox
  • Sepp Straka
  • Keegan Bradley
  • Andrew Putnam
  • Shane Lowry.

Srixon Golf Balls review

Srixon has some of the most fantastic golf balls on the market. Depending on your playstyle you may prefer something that may be a bit odd to use for others. So what model of Srixon Golf Balls you should choose? 

To make your life easier we will talk about some best Srixon Golf ball models and provide enough data for you to understand if the brand is good enough for you or not. 

🔹 Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls

If you are a golf enthusiast you have heard about Pro V1 golf balls which are used by most pros. In our statistics, almost 36 players from the top 100 PGA golfer is a proud user of the Pro V1. Unfortunately, the Pro V1 can be a bit costly. 

Srixon Golf Balls’ prices are a bit more reasonable than most brands that are pro-players choices. So the question is, which Srixon balls are most like Pro V1? According to most experts and from our personal experience, the Srixon Z-star is one fantastic alternative to the Pro V1. 

Our target for this section is to give you as much information about the Srixon Z-Star as we can. Let us find out why Keegan Bradly prefers the Srixon Z-star over Z-star XV which is more popular among other pros. 

🔸 Control and Spin

The Srixon Z-star has a Urethane cover, much like every premium golf ball, which gives it better control and spin. Additionally, SeRM, a superb building material used in the cover, enables the ball to have more friction, which lowers spin.

🔸 Dimple Pattern

To achieve a great height and elevation you want a proper dimple pattern in a golf ball. In the case of the Srixon Z star, it has a 338-speed dimple pattern. So. based on the design we can say this ball is a mid-launch ball and able to maximize every shot of yours. 

🔸 Speed and Softness

Inside the core of a Srixon Z star core, there is a FastLayer core to make your golf ball soft and fast. After a compression test, we found the score is 85 which means the Srixon Z star is a softball. 

To make the core more flexible, Srixon put every part of the core into a thermal process so that the ball gets more soft and flexible. Also, the thermal process ensures proper kinetic energy transformation from the tip to the ball. 

🔸 Durability

The thermal process of the Srixon Z star ensures the ball performs maximum for the most time possible.


When a golf ball is recommended by some of the best golfers in the world you know that the company is offering something more than ordinary. Srixon Golf ball is something more than ordinary. This premium golf ball is offering everything you want from a golf ball. 

If you are looking for a premium golfing experience and want to get into competitive golfing then you won’t go wrong with Srixon Golf Balls as some of the top Professionals also use Srixon Golf balls of their choice in competitive golf games. 

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