Golfing is one of the most popular pastimes. After a long tiresome week, you just want to have fun with friends on a weekend. Golfing can be a great way to pass that time. To have the perfect golfing experience, you need proper equipment for a better experience. 

Golf balls aren’t your regular balls. They had to maintain proper shape and size to maintain a lot of stuff. So if you are looking for a good golf ball, why not check out who makes Nitro Golf Balls? We will analyze a Nitro Golf Ball and share our thoughts on the product.

About The Manufacturer

Nitro golf balls manufacture its product in its headquarters located in Stuart, Florida, USA. So, who owns Nitro Golf Balls? Reliable Knitting Works is the guardian of this company. Previously, Nitro Golf was known as Nitro Leisure Products. 

Nitro Golf is operating for more than 25 years. Its top priority is to listen to its customer and keep improving its products and respect its legacy. Over the years, Nitro Golf has brought some significant changes including prices just to make its products more appealing to the masses.  

As Nitro golf is one of the fastest-growing companies, they can provide cheap products without compromising the quality. Now Nitro balls come in multiple brands. Some of the notable brands are Nitro Tour Distance, Nitro Maximum Distance, Nitro Crossfire, etc.

Nitro Brands

If you are willing to get a Nitro golf ball, you should know about everything Nitro is offering. This will allow you to choose the perfect Nitro Golf Ball. So, let us discuss what you can expect with each Nitro golf ball brand.

We will also provide a short Nitro Golf Balls Review as we introduce each brand so that you can judge are Nitro Golf Balls any good or not.

🔹 Nitro Tour Distance

This Nitro Ball has a titanium core to maximize the energy transfer that allows them to travel more distance than other golf balls. The Nitro Tour Distance also has a lower spin speed that can be a great advantage for golfers with fast swings. 

🔹 Nitro Maximum Distance

I think the name of the brand gives away what it can do. Nitro Maximum distance is a 2-piece construction with a core that is made for maximum energy transfer. The Nitro Maximum Distance has a compression rate of 85 and gives you a soft feel.

As it ensures the maximum energy transfer from the club head to the ball, this Nitro Golf Ball travels further and goes higher. The design in a Nitro Maximum Distance was also made to decrease drag which also plays a role in traveling faster. 

To ensure the durability Nitro Maximum Distance is covered with Dupont Lithium Surlyn®. This material helps to reduce the number of cuts and Scuffing.

You can use a Nitro Maximum Distance in a professional golfing competition as they follow the USGA rules. 

🔹 Nitro Crossfire

This model has high-energy titanium in its core. The Nitro Crossfire design consists of a dimples pattern. This design choice provides optimal performance to your golf ball and softness in green. 

The cover of a Nitro Crossfire has 50 percent rubber/50-percent Surlyn.

🔹 Nitro Whiteout

The name Whiteout came from the core of this ball. Inside a core of Nitro Whiteout, it has Nitro’s proprietary white-hot core technology. This core is special because it allows the ball to travel a maximum distance off woods from Tee. 

The cover of a Nitro Whiteout is semi-translucent, also with different colors that can be a great collection for many enthusiasts. Besides giving a great look, the variety of colors helps to keep track of the ball by increasing visibility. It can be amazing as losing the ball during golf is a common occurrence. 

The compression rating of this golf ball is medium with a score of 70. This compression rate allows a Nitro Whiteout to have a softer feel. The design is aerodynamic and the dimple design is on a cover. The cover is made with Dupont Lithium Surlyn®   

🔹 Nitro Eclipse

This excellent product from Nitro introduces Nitro’s Tu Tone Technology which helps to create different colors to increase visibility so you can hit your ball properly whether it is from Tee or Green. 

The core inside a Nitro Eclipse has a compression rate of 70. The core is made from special blended polybutadiene Semi-translucent cover. The cover design and material ensure proper visibility in the field. To ensure durability, the Nitro Eclipse has Dupont Lithium Surlyn®.

🔹 Nitro Pulsar

This is a new edition to the Nitro golf balls catalog. This excellent golf ball is a 3-piece golf ball and has a 90 compression rating. The cover of a Nitro Pulsure is made from titanium fused ionomer and has more than 350 dimples.

So, this is what we think about different brands of Nitro Golf Balls. If you think any of these Nitro Golf Balls are offering what you looking for then you can choose any brand from them.


Golfing is a bit expensive hobby if you ask me. The majority of the cost can come from the Golf balls as they often get lost for the beginners. Nitro Golf Balls are a fantastic budget substitute for most premium brands. 

The growth of Nitro golf and its business policy to recycle goods allows them to provide an affordable golfing experience without compromising the quality. With over 25 years of experience in the field, you can trust Nitro golf to give you an amazing experience.

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