Golf is one of the best forms of sport as a club and ball game. Golf has been regarded as one of the most beautiful open-air sports since the 17th century, with the least number of strokes required to put a ball into the hole determining the winner.

Ram Golf is one of the oldest golf firms offering the cheapest golf goods. Feel like playing golf? As a novice, Ram golf club might be one of the appropriate alternatives for you to try out your skill.

In this post, we are trying to offer you an extensive understanding of Ram golf clubs by answering the exact topic ‘who makes Ram golf clubs.’ In addition to the present status of Ram Golf Club you will receive a feeling for the firm. At the end of the day, we provided you a short overview of the Ram golf club company, their top products & pricing. Hope you get some notion of Ram Golf Club in this 5-minute article.

Ram Golf Club Reviews

Although Ram golf clubs no longer work with PGA Tour, they always have their back, be it an amateur or a professional player. The Ram Golf Club focuses on producing fundamental golf clubs to play with stronger strokes. Recreational gamers have always had a major benefit from this feature.

Ram golf clubs have always created powerful, low-gravity golf clubs with calculated design and robust material, which helps golfers to hit the ball easily in the air. They’re also simpler since their incredible frontier with a strong iron back body is weighed up.

The Sargeras is one of the main entrance clubs. This club was usually lauded by players that played with this club because of its cavity background. Due to its unique, low focus and strong swing of the ball, Sergers Irons also dominated other brand clubs. As a consequence, newbies may completely appreciate a high golfing shot of the adrenaline pumping in their bodies.

History of Ram Golf Club

One of the oldest golf equipment suppliers in the US, is renowned for Ram Golf Clubs. Ram Golf began its journey as a Sportsman Golf on the west side of Chicago during the heat chaos of World War II. A die & tool operation was turned into a production facility for golf equipment by 4 Hansberger brothers –  Al, Bob, Lyle & Jim.

For another firm named George Macgregor Golf, the Sportsman Golf club manufactured the club merchandise. In 1947, Hansberger’s purchased the business from Macgregor and they continued its manufacture under the name Bristol & croydon. They were eventually able to rebuild Ram after 20 years and initiated selling golf bags and clubs.

The Hansberger Company was purchased in 1974 for $18 million from Colgate Palmolive. But Hansbergers purchased it again in 1980 after a few years. They sponsored notable players from PGA such as Nick Price, Calvin Peete, and Tom Watson during the 80s and 1990s.

Ram Golf Club had to cease producing professional clubs owing to a few complaints in 1970, and experienced severe setbacks. Apart from this, Ram has provided many professional tour operators, recreational players & several clubs with high-quality golf equipment since its launch.

The first Surlyn-covered Surlyn golf ball, Ram 3D, was introduced in 1968. In recent years, Ram remained in the forefront with some of the first forged cavity backs, Accubar weighting, frequency shaft fitting, and lithium balls.

Top Ram Golf Clubs Set

The Bristol 600 Wizard Putter was a hallmark club for Sportsman Golf, which was much appreciated by the experts even in the ’60s. Many quality players began utilizing the brand with this excellent response. One of the renowned golfers, Jack Nicklaus, gained his reputation in his prime with this brand in the 1960s.

The model Ram Golf EZ3 has been designed to help novice golfers get the game up and running. You also get the driver, fairway wood, hybrid design, butter, and comfy stand bag of high quality with lots of pockets and a rain hood to keep your iron dry with 5 various sizes of stainless steel iron. All equipment is of high quality and has current technologies.

With high-quality golf clubs and luxury bags and headcovers, the Ram Golf Accubar model elevates all materials to the next levels. You receive an additional iron with a graphite shaft driver and 3 wood than the EZ3 Ram golf model.

Ram Memorial Golf Clubs Review

RAM Golf Club Memorial is a model historic club. You can select from a set of 4-PW TI Matrix Iron Memorial. Ram High-Performance Steel Shafts are the shafts. The new WINN Master Wrap Grips on the medium flex.

You may pick 3 different wood kinds depending on your convenience. Everyone has Dunlop X headcovers on them. You will also receive a bonus item from the Putter and Ball.

This particular model contains certain special memories, as the original Macgregor memories are termed. Although some concerns were made, it set a benchmark for how a golf club should be. Because of its rare nature, this item is only discovered for a few days in the collection of golf boards.

Ram Golf Club Price

The Ram Golf Club has a reasonable pricing range excluded from any golf commodity compared to other brands. The EZ3 club set may be purchased at $269.99, all things included. Because of the superior quality of the Accubar Plus series club set, the prize is 299.99 dollars. Both models are offered in Men’s and Ladies’ versions.

Each item may be bought individually and a custom golf package can be made. You may get these stocks at numerous major e-commerce sites including – GolfDivision, Amazon, Kmart & eBay.


Golf is a sport that can be played by anybody. To go to the next level needs the right gear to assist you to eliminate the struggles other novices face.

I hope you get an idea of who makes Ram Golf Clubs in this post. We hope you know this brand of golf clubs for amateurs and semi-professionals now. And we guarantee you that it’s certainly worth trying this kind of golf equipment.

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