The heart of a car is its engine that keeps the car running. Like our body needs food to keep going similarly a car engine needs oil to keep the car moving. Choosing the right oil for your car can be a headache. Costco may help you in this regard.

Now, who makes Costco Motor oil? Here we will learn about their manufacturer and will see what makes them great. We will also try to understand if you should go and get Costo motor oil for yourself or not.

Later in this article, there will be a short review about Costco Motor oil. If you are planning to get one for yourself we hope that section will be helpful too.

About The Manufacturer

In 2020, the 5th largest retailer in the United States of America was the Costco brand. Costco is an American corporation famous for its membership-only big box retail store system. For a long time, they are in the business and provided Americans with the best products. 

Costco is officially known as The Costco Wholesale Corporation. Although Costco is currently located in Issaquah, Washington, their private brand Kirkland Signature was located in Kirkland. 

Costco started its journey in Seattle. They opened their first warehouse in 1983. Currently, Costco has about 804 warehouses worldwide, providing the best quality product to their customers.

🔷 The Kirkland Signature Brand

Costco was providing customers with other manufacturers’ products for a long time. Costco has decided to start manufacturing its brand. With that in mind, the Kirkland Signature Brand started its journey as Costco’s private label in 1992. 

Costco manufactures and distributes all the Kirkland Signature products. You can get these products via Costco’s warehouse or their official websites. Costco started the Kirkland brand in Kirkland, Washington. Hence the name Kirkland Signature Brand.

Currently, Kirkland is operating from Issaquah, Washington. The Kirkland Signature is responsible for Costco’s major profit. Almost ⅓ of Costco’s profit comes from the Kirkland Signature brand and growing strong day by day.

Although Kirkland signature brand is responsible for manufacturing most of the products themselves, some products are made by other manufacturers as well.
And all the Costco motor oils are sold as Costco Kirkland motor oils in the market. If you see Kirkland Motor oil then don’t get confused it is the Costco Motor oil we are talking about.

🔷 Warren Distribution

The manufacturing and the distribution right to Costco Motor oil are in the hand of Warren Distributions. They are famous for their lubricants. Warren Distribution is a privately owned business started their journey 95 years ago in 1922 by James Schlott.

James Schlott’s grandson  Robert “Bob” Schlott is the current CEO of the company. They are famous for their private label lubricant supply. They are a North-American company. They are the largest oil Blender in the world. 

Is Costco Motor Oil Good?

When someone mentions a good oil, we expect Dexos or API certification. The API certificate determines the safety procedures and the consistency of the product. Costco motor oils claim to have both of these certificates. You can be sure that Costco Motor oils are great. 

Costco Kirkland Motor oils are determined to reduce engine wear, clean internal engine components, and maximize fuel efficiency. They have proved themselves by satisfying the users in this regard. 

These oils are fully synthetic. So, they provide maximum engine protection and are also optimized for the engine properly. Compared with other synthetic blends, The Costco Kirkland Motor oil managed to outperform a lot of those oils. 

Costco is also famous for its industry-leading customer service. You may be wondering, does Costco offer oil changes? If yes, then What oil does Costco use for an oil change? Well, Costco used to offer this service. Unfortunately, they have discontinued the service.

Costco Motor Oil Review

Costco offers a huge catalogue of products and choosing the right one for you can be hard. Here’s our recommended product and what we think about it.

🔷 Kirkland Signature™ Full Synthetic 5W30 Motor Oil

What Synthetic oil does Costco use? Here’s your answer: The Kirkland Signature™ full synthetic 5W30 motor oil is one of the best synthetic oils in the market made and manufactured by Costco.

🔸 Viscosity

With the viscosity of an oil, you can learn about how thick or thin the lubricant is. To be perfectly viscous, a motor oil has to follow the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J-300 standards. Doing some testing we can see that Costco motor oil follows the standard.

🔸 Additives

To enhance performance a synthetic motor oil often adds some additives. Costco Motor oil has detergent additives to keep the engine clean. Excessive use of these additives can be problematic. It can cause clogging and other major problems.

There are also antiwear additives to protect metal surfaces against impact friction and wear between moving parts in an engine. Mainly zinc and phosphorus are used in this regard. Costco maintained the proper guidelines to make these additives perform better too.   

But according to the Petroleum Quality Institute of America, all the additives are added according to the standard value.

Overall this product is one of the finest in the market and you can use this product without any hassle. The customers and critics both loved it and gave the product a fair share of good reviews. By the time of writing it has 4.8 stars on their official website.  


Costco has been doing business worldwide for a long time. They have made a big name for themselves by providing the best quality product in the market. Costco’s very own brand, the Kirkland Signature, is also determined to provide the best service too.

Kirkland Signature Brand manufactures a lot of products which have a very good rating in the eCommerce sites. With a great manufacturer like Warren Distribution at the helm of their oil manufacturing, you can be sure about the great quality. We recommend this product.

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