In the engine oil industry, Kirkland is most certainly a new name. While Castrol and Mobil 1 have been leading the market, Kirkland came with a surprise for vehicle owners making it extremely affordable while not compromising on the quality.

As a result, who makes Kirkland motor oil has been one of the most explored questions among motor oil customers.

Look no further because we are here to answer all the questions about who makes them if they are worth the money, the best one in the market, and many more. Let’s get started!

What Company Makes Kirkland Motor Oil?

Warren Distribution, a USA-based company makes Kirkland motor oil. Warren Distribution was founded in 1922 by James Schlott. As it is a family-owned business, currently his grandson Robert Bob Schlott is running the company. 

In the United States, Warren distributors are standing at the very top as one of the largest blenders of private oil manufacturers. 

Aside from Kirkland’s oil manufacture, they are also producing oils for some other renowned engine oil brands. They mainly produce car motor oil, heavy-duty engine oil, industrial oils, and greases. 

Furthermore, they serve a wide variety of engine oils that are produced in their 2,000,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution facility in Iowa, West Virginia, Alabama, and Texas. 

Warren’s headquarter is situated in Omaha, Nebraska, the USA employing more than several thousand employees. 

The manufacturer’s main belief circles around uncompromised dedication to integrity, quality, and service.

Who Sells Kirkland Motor Oil?

All types of Kirkland’s motor oil are marketed by the retail giant Costco. Also, Kirkland is a prominent home brand of Costco serving its customers.

As a result, Kirkland motor oils are only available at Costco stores from all around the world. You are likely to find Costco stores in the USA, Canada, and all over the UK.

Kirkland Motor Oil Types

Based on viscosities, Kirkland Motor oils can be mainly divided into three main types. The kinds namely are:

  • 0W 20
  • 5W 30
  • SAE 5W 30

Starting with 0W 20, they are one of the best-selling engine oils from Kirkland. After that, 5W 30 is a less expensive one has also earned many good reviews for performing better in accordance to the price. This is even compared to the consistency of Mobil 1. 

Finally, the SAE 5W 30 comes with the thickest consistency making it higher in the viscosity range.

Are Kirkland Dexos and API Approved?

Dexos certification is mainly given when a motor oil meets recent emission standards along with some other conditions. An excellent fuel-efficient system is also ensured if any motor oil meets Dexos standards. 

On the other hand, API certification is there to ensure you with the quality of a company. Both of these are essential and some must-have certifications for motor oils. 

Let’s look into the brighter side, that is Kirkland’s motor oil is both Dexos and API approved and hence gained the trust of their customers within a short time.

Are They Any Good?

If motor oil is good or not mainly depends on the certification it received for the overall performance. Among them, Dexos and API accreditation are some of the important ones that customers mainly seek. 

As mentioned in the last section, Kirkland motor oil meets both standards while giving outstanding performance throughout. 

In most cases, they have even outperformed comparing to other big brands for extending the engine life.

Is Kirkland Oil Safe to Use?

Looking at the price, it is most likely to get confused about the quality. Customers keep wondering if this inexpensive oil for me will be worth the money or not. Are they safe to use even? 

They most definitely are. They are at times safer than many other brands for your car. Kirkland motor oil is also known to extend your engine life as they come with advanced wear protection.

However, to get a further and clearer idea we would suggest you go through this video:

Best Kirkland Motor Oil Review

For the review part, we will introduce you to Kirkland’s best engine oil that has been ruling the motor oil market right after Costco introduced it.

Kirkland Synthetic 5W-30

With a 5W-30 viscosity, this has been one of the thickest consistent oil that Kirkland ever made. The customers who once used this came back for more and considered sticking to this rather than any other brands.

For 2 packs, the price is also extremely budget-friendly when compared to other big-name brands.


Kirkland synthetic oil vs Castrol EDGE, which one is better?

Being an inexpensive brand, Kirkland’s synthetic oil is great value for money. However, they do come with shares of its compromises too when compared with big brands like Castrol. If you are not on a budget, it is better to go with Castrol EDGE.

Who makes Kirkland motor oil for Costco?

Warren Distribution manufactures Kirkland motor oil for Costco.

Who makes Kirkland diesel motor oil?

All type of Kirkland’s motor oil including Kirkland Diesel motor oil is made and supplied by Warren Distribution.

Is Kirkland synthetic oil as good as Mobil 1?

From several user reviews, it is evident that with the lowest price tag Kirkland synthetic is serving almost similar to what Mobil 1 offers.

What is the difference between 5w 20 and 5w 30 motor oil?

The 20 has a thinner viscosity at higher temperatures whereas the 30 has a thicker viscosity.


The next time you go to Costco, do glare at this brand’s motor oils for further consideration. Who knows, they might meet all the demands of your car’s engine. 

Warren distribution; the company who makes Kirkland motor oil is extremely trusted by its consumers for great production like Kirkland’s signature line. Therefore, enjoy your oil shopping by not breaking the bank!

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