Choosing the right vehicle battery can be challenging due to there being so many different types available on the market! Several similar sounding batteries are made for various applications.

When it comes to batteries, the John Deere battery is ideal for many types of garden and farming equipment. Its effectiveness is mainly based on its endurance and better starting effectiveness (plus longevity).

So. if want to know who makes John Deere batteries, you don’t need to look any further. In this article, we have covered almost every aspect there is to know about this company.

lets get down to it!

Who Makes John Deere Batteries?

Battery packs for John Deere equipment are manufactured by Kreisel Electric. Their expertise and top-notch batteries have earned them worldwide acclaim.

They produce state-of-the-art battery technology for immobile and e-mobility applications. Making sure the battery will fit (by measuring the battery’s length, width, and height) is necessary before calculating the appropriate cold amperage for the tractor.

Due to their high level of manufacturing performance, John Deere batteries are quite costly as often they have a captive audience with the product needing the battery. As was already mentioned, Kriesel Electric leads the market thanks to its innovative technologies and make the actual batteries.

Furthermore, Kreizl intends to keep pursuing technological development and investment. Kreisel Electric was founded in the United States of America in the 1950s, and it today has 104 locations across the globe.

It already provides services to numerous countries all around the world. They offer a wide variety of goods, from standard transportation to marine and electric motorsports.

What Kind of Battery Does a John Deere Tractor Use?

Due to its rich heritage, John Deere has created close to 700 distinct tractor types. There are numerous John Deere tractors available right now. However, if you’re wondering what kind of battery a John Deere tractor uses, we have a 12V 35AH SLA Battery for John Deere Tractor Riding Mower as an example.

It is a Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery that is rechargeable and requires no maintenance. The specifications are 7.76 inches by 5.12 inches by 7.01 inches. Just the battery and screws are listed.

Moreover, it offers strong flow velocity, multiple temperature applications, a protracted service life, and deep discharge recovery. The battery can be used anywhere and is vibration- and pressure-resistant. A full year of warranty is included as well.

John Deere Strongbox Battery Reviews

In this, we have an overview of the John Deere Strongbox Battery MCYP25881. This battery is perfect for riding mowers, XUV utility vehicles, and lightweight utility tractors.

The measurement is 239/139/222 (L/W/H) mm with a 47Ah capacity. In addition, it has cold cranking capability (EN) 465.

John Deere Battery Charger

The battery charger selection from John Deere is wide-ranging. Every charger has unique features that will deliver the most power. Here is TY25862 John Deere Battery Charger and Engine Starter with Voltmeter and Timer.

This battery charger is offered in heavily loaded models for use by licensed professionals and in standard capacity models for residential use.

Moreover, it can recharge boats and heavy machinery batteries in one to three hours and can assist charging batteries with 250 amps for batteries with 12 volts and 125 amps with 6 volts. Charge rates for batteries of six and twelve volts are fifty amps and ten amps, respectively.

John Deere Battery Size Chart

Visit the companies’ official websites if you want to find the size charts for John Deere batteries. Additionally, you can find charts in image form on Google. All you need to do is Google their name to find it.

John Deere Battery Price

Depending on the type of battery you choose, the price will change. John Deere also establishes the price for each series of batteries in its product line. Therefore, you should first choose the battery from the available options. The prices typically range from 70 to 500 dollars.

How long Does a John Deere Riding Mower Battery Last?

With regard to lawn mowers, there is a common misunderstanding about the battery longevity. It makes sense, considering changing the battery can be time-consuming and pricey.

The battery life of a John Deere lawn mower lasts for about three years. However, it may stop functioning as soon as one year or as late as eight years. You should make sure you don’t completely drain it over the winter and recharge it periodically throughout the season. The best advice that I use to maintain batteries is to use a car battery trickle charger. Just plug it in and it will maximise the lifespan of your battery.

In addition, a battery’s lifespan varies depending on the type of battery and how it gets used.

How Long is The Warranty on a John Deere Battery?

The warranty for John Deere equipment is one of the best in the industry. On all brand-new John Deere 1-4 series and 5E tractors at the moment, SNPartners has upgraded them. The 10-Year Limited Warranty will get extended to include a total of 120 months or 2000 hours of service, whichever comes first, or on tractors from the 1-4 series and 5E, respectively.

It’s important to keep in mind that for warranty claims customers are required to preserve written invoices for all services conducted outside of a physical location, as well as receipts for any components required for executing the services themselves.

All warranty repairs after a standard John Deere warranty expiration require a $250 deductible amount.


Well you made it to the end! We have tried to give you all the possible details regarding who makes John Deere batteries, we believe we have done so. Above all, we made an effort to address every question that might have crossed your mind. We hope you’ll be able to make a wise choice with the assistance of this information!

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