Introduction to Prinx Tires

There are many factors to consider when buying tires for your vehicle. These include wet handling, dry braking fuel efficiency, tread life, etc. Price can also become a factor depending on one’s spending abilities. With so many different brands in the market, deciding which tires are right for you can be challenging. 

This Prinx tires review will take a closer look at Prinx tires and will help you decide whether, based on the facts presented, they are any good and if Prinx tires are suitable for your vehicle. It will also answer the question of who makes Prinx tires?

Who Manufacturers Prinx Tires 

Prinx Chengshan (Shangdong) Tires Company manufactures Prinx tires in CHONBURI, Thailand.

About The Manufacturer

Prinx Chengshan started its journey in 1976. Five years later (1981), it established its first tire factory in Thailand. Its tire production line grew to become a renowned and competitive company. The company focuses on designing, manufacturing, and distributing commercial and consumer tires. It’s one of the most important enterprises known in the world.

The company collaborated with major USA tire manufacturers in 2005, making Prinx Chengshan expand further. Because of this, it expanded the product development of its truck and bus tires and agricultural and industrial tires.

Again, in 2014 it entered a new era ending the joint investment and establishing the Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tires Company. This ushered in new products and green technology. In 2018 they opened another factory on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Apart from the pink brand, they have other brands like Fortune, austone, and Chengshang. 

Are Prinx Tires Worth Buying?

Its design is stimulated by tire performance, including cornering, tracing, and noise and braking performance. High-quality and high-value tire products are produced. It provides users safe and desirable experience. The tires perform well in wet conditions, and their fuel-efficient depends on the tires rolling resistance. 

Over time, it got the tag of the world’s no 35 tire maker. The manufacturers use unique designs that give superior cornering grip, uniform pressure distribution, 

Prinx chengshang tires co ltd tires offer high-quality products of high value with the aim of reaching a premium adopts some of the key technologies such as green tires, CTA, HPL, and ETB. The design utilizes simulation of tire performance, including noise and braking performance. The use of such technologies and their performance is what makes them more desirable to consumers all over the world.

Types of Prinx Tires

Prinx tires have provided its customers with a range of sustainable products for different needs and vehicles. They include;

  • Passenger – HI race 
  • Light truck and van tires – HiFREE HV1.
  • Commercial tires for trucks and buses – TH107, DR601, AR602, AM210, AM211, DM212
  • Winter tries – HICY HW1.


What Are the Best Prinx tires Brands?

According to worst brands, the following three tires stood out among all the Prinx tires the team has tested. The conclusion by them was made after continued use of the tires yearly under various conditions and checking customer reviews on websites such as consumer affairs. 

Checking its performance in speed and terrain, material, and design, the following are among the best Prinx tires that ensure good handling;

Prinx Tire Review

1. Prinx HiCOUNTRY HA2 Tires (Prinx tyres review of passenger cars and small trucks)

Prinx HiCOUNTRY HA2 Tires: The company manufactures this tire for passenger cars and light trucks, but it works well with sedans and SCVs too.


Brand: Prinx

Size: 245/65Z R17

Rim size:16Inches

Section width: 248 millimeters

Tires Aspect ratio: 55

Load index rating: 111

Speed rating: T

Load capacity: 1090kgs

Tread depth: 13 32nds

Maximum pressure: 50pound per square inch


  • It provides good traction circumferential grooves and longitudinal sipes.
  • It’s outfitted with a 10ply 15/32 tread depth, with provides greater load range and higher stability.


  • It struggles on wet roads at high speed.
  • It is not meant for snowy roads.

2: Prinx HIRACE HZ2 Tires: (Prinx truck tires review)

Prinx HIRACE HZ2 Tires: The company claims this to be a touring tire meant for passenger vehicles and mini trucks. It uses cutting-edge technologies such as Nano blend compound that guarantees that the tires provide continuous lifetime performance.


Brand: Prinx

Size: 205/55Z R17 94W XL

Rim size: 16Inches

Section width: 8.43millimeters

Tires Aspect ratio: 55

Load index rating: 94

Speed rating: W

Load capacity: 1477pounds

Tread depth: 1032nds

Maximum pressure: 50pound per square inch


  • Has excellent balance.
  • Provide enough grip and fraction, which increases resistance.
  • The tires aren’t noisy.


  • The tires provide no traction on wet roads at high speeds, and the grip develops issues.
  • The tires have poor handling.
  • They do not give enough friction on snowy roads unless studs are used.

3: Prinx HiCOUNTRY HT2 Tires

Prinx HiCOUNTRY HT2 Tires: This tire is aimed at light vehicles and SUVs; it is an advanced performing tire that can be a next-seeking option for your vehicle.

Brand: Prinx

Size: 245/75R16 11T

Rim size: 16 Inches

Section width: 9.76 millimeters

Tires Aspect ratio: 75

Load index rating: 111

Speed rating: T

Load capacity: 2403 pounds

Tread depth: 12 32nds

Maximum pressure: 44 pound per square inch


  • They are budget-friendly.
  • Noise levels are low.
  • They have good traction and stability on dry and wet roads at normal speeds.


  • The tires are not ideal for snowy conditions.
  • Not suitable for very high speeds.

Prinx Tires FAQ’s 

Where are Prinx tires made? 

Prinx tires are manufactured in Thailand and Mainland China.

Who makes Prinx tires? 

Prinx Chengshan holding limited makes them.

Who Sells Prinx Tires

Prinx Tires are available in a wide range of offline and online outlets including Walmart, and

Prinx Tire Warranty? 

All Prinx all-season, all-terrain, off-road, mud traction and highway tire products come with a 5-year warranty.

Summary of our Prinx Tires Wiki

While looking for the best tires for your vehicle, it is safe to say that you can go for Prinx tires if budget is a big factor in your purchase decision. You are assured of getting great features and durability. They continue to maintain their green intelligent manufacturing global standards and ensure top-notch class research and innovation on the products. They may not be a well-renowned brand, but the quality they offer is good for the price point they are at.

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