Generally, O’Reilly Auto Parts boasts an impressive range of Super Start car batteries with respectable warranty policies, solid reliability, and affordable prices.

Even though Super Start Batteries are sold under the name of O’Reilly Auto Parts, it is worth noting that this is just a retail and distribution network with no production facilities.

Who Manufactures Super Start Batteries then?

There is a common misconception that O’Reilly is the manufacturer of different Super Start Batteries. In reality, this is not really the case. Instead, O’Reilly is just a retail network under which these batteries are sold. The network does not really produce the batteries and only sells them.

In 47 states of the United States, the O’Reilly network has over 5600 outlets. In fact, it is common for people to not find any other seller or retailer in the US for Super Start Batteries other than O’Reilly.

When it comes to the question of who makes Super Start Batteries, the batteries are manufactured primarily by Clarios LLC and East Penn.

These manufacturers sell their batteries to O’Reilly under an agreement signed between O’Reilly and Johnson Controls (now Clarios). They operate and manage their selling operation with over 1000 outlets in the United States. In addition to this, East Penn Manufacturing also supplies and delivers Super Start Batteries to the network. For instance, the category of Super Start Silver Premium batteries comes directly from them.

It was in 2009 that the first battery was made for the Super Start range when they were under the ownership of Johnson Controls.
Johnson Controls was the manufacturer of these batteries but in 2019, Clarios purchased Johnson Controls and continued to produce their ranges of Super Start batteries (under Clarios LLC). Today, Clarios are are also recognized for manufacturing batteries for major brands such as O’Reilly, Delkor, MAC, and Optima.

About Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is an American Irish-domiciled company with its headquarters in Ireland. The company is recognized for the production of security, HVAC, fire, and automotive equipment. In 2019, the company employed around 105,000 employees in approximately 2,000 locations throughout 6 continents. In 2017, the company was listed as the 389th company in the Fortune Global 500.

The company itself was created through the merger of an American company. For instance, it was formed by the merger of Tyco International and Johnson Controls in 2015.

Are Super Start Batteries Any Good?

Super Start Batteries are proven and durable car batteries. Over the years, millions of batteries have been sold by the company.

One of the best aspects of Super Start Batteries is undoubtedly their temperature resistance. For instance, these batteries come with a unique thermal management system, which helps them maintain a strong performance over a wide range of temperatures. It is possible for these batteries to operate even at the temperature of -40C with a CCA range of 1000-800. In addition to it, you will find that these batteries are perfect at up to 80C.

Not to mention, they come with a high cold cracking amp, which can prevent your car from running into problems or jamming even in extremely cold weather.

History of Johnson Controls

The history of Johnson Controls dates back to the 18th century. In 1883, a professor at the Whitewater Normal School, Warren S. Johnson, received a patient for an electric room thermostat. Actually, his invention played a vital role in launching the building control industry and eventually contributed to the creation of a new company. Several Milwaukee investors and Johnson led by William Plankinton incorporated the Johnson Electric Company in 1885 for manufacturing, installing, and servicing temperature regulation systems.

Ever since then, the company has expanded to a significant extent and extended the range of products it manufactures. For instance, in 2021, Silent-Aire was acquired by Johnson Controls. In the same year, the company also picked Ava Robotics for powering its major projects.

Where are Super Start Car Batteries Made?

Super Start Batteries are actually produced and manufactured in East Penn Manufacturing and Johnson Controls factories. In the case of Johnson Controls, it has several factories across six continents. For instance, the company has thousands of employees in these factories involved in the production of Super Start Batteries.

The company manufactures Super Start Batteries in several locations including Wisconsin, Australia, Austria, the United States, Brazil, and Argentina among others.

Features of Super Start Batteries

Super Start Batteries have various unique and useful features including high security, durability, and temperature control among others. For instance, the batteries are long-lasting and highly durable as they come with a low discharge rate, which is less than 1 percent. This significantly contributes to a longer lifespan and better performance.

In addition, Super Start Batteries have really good temperature resistance, which helps them maintain great performance over a wide range of temperatures. Not to mention, they have several security features such as being flame resistant, the exterior being waterproof, and a strong sealing system that prevents leakage.

What is the Best Super Start Battery by O’Reilly?

  1. Super Start Economy

Super Start Economy battery is one of the cheapest batteries produced by O’Reilly and it is preferred by a large number of customers. For instance, a customer, Robert, posted a review that he was looking for an affordable battery and this battery really suited his budget.

  • Super Start Extreme

Super Start Extreme is also a popular battery by O’Reilly and it is preferred by people who seek a reliable battery. Samantha, a customer, reviewed that she was seeking a durable battery with a long warranty and this battery suited her the best.

  • Super Start Platinum

Super Start Platinum is another incredible battery by O’Reilly. Jack, a customer in California, determined that he had been looking for a one-time investment and this battery truly suited his needs.


Overall, it is important to note that O’Reilly is the main retailer and seller of Super Start Batteries. Even though the batteries are manufactured primarily by Clarios LLC and East Penn, they are sold through various outlets and retailers by O’Reilly. Prior to being owned by Clarios, the batteries were owned and manufactured by Johnson Controls.

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