Being under Ford’s umbrella, there must be only a few people who have not yet heard of the brand Motorcraft. Motorcraft has gained enormous popularity for several of its products including different car parts, oil, etc.

Today, we will be focusing on Motorcraft oil only, as the interest in who makes Motorcraft oil has been increasing progressively. Starting from its inexpensive price range to the most high-quality products, users got it all and now they are in a thirst to know more. 

Hence, give us the opportunity to make all the questions about this clear along with the best Motorcraft oil reviews, history of the brand, all about the manufacturer, so on and so forth.

Who is The Owner of Motorcraft Oil?

Who does not know Ford Motor Company? The probability of you not being a newborn is unquestionably too high, which means we all do know Ford. However, pardon our dramatic introduction to Ford, and let’s get to know more about them instead.

The brand Motorcraft is solely owned and operated by Ford. Motorcraft oil division was first started in the year 1950 under Ford. Although they got discontinued in the year 1961. Though there is a controversy with the year of discontinuation among many reviewers. 

While some state that it was the year 1961, some state that it was 1963. Anyhow, after long years of discontinuation, Ford again started the lineup in full fledge in 1973 and has been running with great success till this date.

Who Makes Motorcraft Oil For Ford?

The internet is shrouded with mystery when you will search for answers to this question. Why won’t it be though? Ford has never disclosed clearly about the manufacturer of Motorcraft oil till now. 

On the other hand, many researchers have come up with the name of the manufacturer by matching several dots. ConocoPhillips Co. has got the most votes as the manufacturer. Although, there is no surety if they really are the manufacturer of ford’s Motorcraft oils.

Is Motorcraft Oil Good

They most definitely are, as they are known to deliver high-quality products from the time of their evolution. They use state-of-the-art technology and all their products are designed by keeping the professionals in mind. 

With the revolution of the modern era, they are constantly modernizing their products to meet all the demands of modern consumers. While researching, we could hardly come up with reviews that state the negative aspects of their oils. 

Only a few cons can be found where it says the seal was broken somehow or complaint as such. Therefore, we think this option is a very safe one to go with for cautious vehicle owners.

Can Motorcraft Oil Prevent Pre-Ignition?

The short answer is, yes. Moreover, Ford has come up with a few engine oils that work perfectly for pre-ignition situations. Among them, SAE 5W-30, SAE 5W-20, SAE 0W-20 have worked best in situations like these. 

While SAE 5W-20 and SAE 0W-20 are fully synthetic oils, SAE 5W-30 is more of a synthetic blend series. All three of these give outstanding performance.

Additionally, here is a video for you where you can get the whole pre-ignition idea cleared out and get to know all about these three engine oils.

Best Motorcraft Oil Reviews

1. Motorcraft Oil – SAE 5W-20, Synthetic Blend

The award-winning brand Ford’s one of the most selling oil products on Amazon is this model. With a high viscosity index of 5W-20, it is known to deliver outstanding performance. The item comes in a jug with handles for better portability.


  • Synthetic/hydro processed base oil
  • Fewer engine deposits and wear
  • Protection against high-temperatures
  • Energy-conserving
  • Affordable price


  • With a 4.9 out of 5 reviews on Amazon, we could not find any other cons except for some packaging issues

2. Motorcraft Oil – SAE 5W-30

This motor oil is a synthetic blend and comes with numerous positive aspects of its own. Besides working great with your Ford cars and truck, they were known to give great performance with other brands too.


  • Premium quality oil
  • Ensures long-life to the engine
  • Tested to deliver great performance
  • Two-year unlimited warranty


  • Might not work for all types of vehicles, so check on with your brand and model first

3. Motorcraft Ford Genuine SAE 5W-40 Full Synthetic Diesel Oil

This fully synthetic Diesel motor oil works great with truck engines. At such an affordable price, it gives you unlimited benefits ensuring long life to your engine. However, let’s have a look at its pros and cons.


  • Light and heavy-duty diesel engine oil
  • Works extremely great with Ford Vehicles
  • Meets API standards
  • Made in the United States


  • They can not be used in gasoline engines that are equipped with catalysts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes Motorcraft diesel oil?

All kinds of Motorcraft oil are produced under the shadow of Ford Motor Company. Though there is a mystery on who makes them for Ford, some researches show ConocoPhilips Co. makes them in their facilities.

Who makes Motorcraft gear oil?

The Motorcraft Gear oils are produced and marketed by Ford. However, who makes Motorcraft oil for ford is still unclear. Our best guess is, ConocoPhilips Co.

Does Ford recommend using synthetic oil?

Yes, they do recommend synthetic oil than standard oil as there are extensive advantages of using synthetic oil in vehicles.


With the ever-increasing demand for modernism, Motorcraft oil is known to keep up very well with the new demands every day. As a result, the question of who makes Motorcraft oil naturally arises. 

Thus, we came up with the updates for you. Furthermore, please check with their warranty before purchasing any item. They mostly offer a two-year unlimited mileage warranty for their customers.

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