From the vast market of car batteries, the ones that are more affordable but compromise hardly on the quality seems to have won consumer’s heart over the years. The EverStart is one such that became popular after Walmart marketed them.

Why wait? Let us get straight into all the details about who makes EverStart batteries, should you buy them in 2022, some of their best models along with plenty of details on the manufacturer. 

When people have been wondering about who makes EverStart Car batteries for Walmart, we thought of digging deep and come up with answers for our readers. And here they are!

Who Makes EverStart Batteries For Walmart?

As of 2022, EverStart batteries for Walmart are made by Johnson Controls. They are the only supplier and manufacturer of this brand’s batteries. 

A low-priced battery yet serving the most performance has been one of the key attributes for EverStart batteries. The manufacturer has made sure so that EverStart can keep on serving excellence actively and earn customer satisfaction.

About The Manufacturer

Johnson Controls International was founded in 1885. The company has its facilities in almost 2,000 locations in the world. Since 2017, George Oliver has been serving as the CEO of the company. 

As of 2018, they have a revenue of 31.4 billion USD. Johnson Controls made employment for 97,000 individuals from around the world who are working tirelessly to deliver the best to their customers. 

Moreover, if you are interested, visit their website to know many such details about Johnson Controls International.

Where Are EverStart Batteries Made?

Johnson controls is mainly a USA-based battery company that is headquartered in Cork, Ireland. From the last section, we already know that it has several locations for its plants. 

Among them, the EverStart batteries are mainly manufactured in the facilities that are present in the USA, Canada, and South Korea. After producing them, the batteries are supplied to different Walmart stores for selling.

Who Sells EverStart Batteries?

EverStart batteries can mostly be bought from any Walmart store. As EverStart is a home brand of Walmart, they sell it both online and offline. 

However, if you are not willing to get out of home right now, but badly need a battery, please go to Walmart’s website. You will find all the models of this brand there for purchase. Additionally, some models of EverStart are also available on Amazon.

Are They Any Good?

When any vehicle owner wants to get a battery for their car, several aspects need to be considered so that they can decide if the product will be good or not. Here, some of those aspects of EverStart batteries are stated briefly for your convenience.

Furthermore, you can check out this video to differentiate among other brands with this affordable brand:


EverStart batteries are designed with the latest technologies so that they last long with efficiency. Also, the exterior design features an easy installation process for the users.


An EverStart battery can cost you between $50 to $130. The price varies according to a particular model and its size.


With proper care and maintenance, they are known to last you a good four to five years. Maintenance does not mean you will have to spend a great deal of time behind them to keep them well and running. 

The main job is to recharge them every time they ran out of energy. And that is only it. The durability also depends on how much they are in use. Heavy usage certainly decreases any product’s life. 

Also, any batteries always working under freezing temperatures will not last very long. This phenomenon is also true for an EverStart battery.


Any EverStart Maxx battery sold at Walmart comes with a three-year replacement warranty. Within these three years, if any trouble arises you can return them to Walmart and get a replacement absolutely with zero cost. 

However, a new warranty will not be given for the replaced product. 

On the other hand, they also have a return policy where you can return the batteries within 90 days of purchase. You just have to bring the receipt along.

EverStart Battery Review

For the EverStart battery review, we have chosen two of its variants from the EverStart Maxx lineup. The 24N and 24S are the two types that will be discussed here along with some of their very best specs.

EverStart Maxx North Battery

Starting from a three-year warranty, Everstart Maxx 24N battery features a lot more specifications. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Around 725 CCA cold-cranking power
  • Comes with handles for easy handling
  • Plenty reserve power
  • Works well in cold weather
  • Voltage is 12 Volts
  • The price is only $129.76

EverStart Maxx South Battery

The EverStart Maxx 24S also comes with different specifications. According to us, the most important aspect is the good value for money. Let’s learn more about them!

  • Works well in warmer weather
  • Around 700 CCA
  • 3-year warranty
  • 12 volts of voltage
  • The price is the same as 24N; $129.76


Which car batteries are better Duralast or EverStart?

EverStart mostly comes with a CCA of 800 Amps, which is more than Duralast’s 600 amps CCA. So, EverStart can ensure a trouble-free starting. However, Duralast works very well in extremely cold weather.

Who makes EverStart marine batteries?

Johnson Controls makes EverStart marine batteries. Simultaneously, they are the manufacturer of every model from EverStart batteries.

Who makes Walmart car batteries?

Walmart batteries are made by Johnson Controls, which is the manufacturer of many big brands such as VARTA Automotive batteries, Delkor, LTH, Heliar, so on.

Final Thoughts

These low-maintenance premium batteries became many people’s number 1 choice because of their availability in any Walmart store.

While checking the price in the store, customers tend to get interested in who makes EverStart batteries as well. This writing is especially for them. Thank you for staying till the end!

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