Almost every cordless, portable and mobile device features some kind of battery. Nowadays we need to be in constant movement all the time. As time moves forward we will move away from the wire and move to wireless constantly. 

So, the demand for batteries has skyrocketed over the years. If you are having any confusion in choosing the right battery then Costco may help you. Now let us find out, who makes Costco batteries? And what they have to offer. 

Later in this section, there will be a short review of Costco batteries. If you want to buy a Costco battery for yourself this section may be helpful. 

About The Manufacturer

Costco is an American multinational corporation. Started their journey in 1983 by opening their first warehouse. Currently, Costco owns about 804 warehouses all over the world. They are determined to provide the best products for their customers.

Costco is mainly a chain of membership-only big box retail stores. Costco started their journey in Seattle but they have shifted and nowadays they are operating from  Issaquah, Washington. 

As Costco is a retail store, they sell products from various manufacturers. They have been doing this for a long time and they are still doing this. One day Costco decided to start a brand of their own and the Kirkland Signature brand got introduced to the public.

You can get all the Costco Kirkland products alongside other manufacturers’ products on Costco’s official website and their warehouses. Currently, Costco is the 5th largest wholesale retailer in the United States of America.

🔷 Kirkland Signature Brand

After a long time doing business as a retailer store, Costco sold products from a lot of manufacturers. To start a brand of their own and continue the supply of good quality products at great prices, Costco started their private label the Kirkland Signature brand in 1992. 

The Kirkland Signature started its journey in Kirkland, Washington. This is why that’s the brands’ name. They moved their operation after some time to Issaquah, Washington. You can get these products on Costco’s official websites.

Kirkland Signature is one of the most significant parts of Costco’s business model. Almost ⅓ of Costco’s total profit comes from the Kirkland Signature brand and they are still going strong with their products day by day. 

Kirkland Signature is mostly responsible for manufacturing products on their own but sometimes they allow other companies to manufacture their products too. They are very careful in this regard. To maintain the quality they always choose someone with a great track record.  

🔷 Duracell Inc.

Well, this may be a great surprise to you but yes the manufacturing rights of the Costco batteries are in the hands of the most famous battery company Duracell inc. They are owned by Berkshire Hathaway inc. 

Duracell is famous for its alkaline batteries, specialty cells, rechargeables, and smart power Systems. Over the years they have switched hands to various companies. Despite this, the quality and manufacturing process remains the same.

Are Costco Batteries Any Good?

Costco has become one of the most recognizable brands in the United States of America. All were possible because of their great products and customer services. So yes, Costco batteries are a great brand.

Costco batteries are built with great materials which makes them durable. So, you can buy one and have a great time with them. Costco also provides top-quality customer service so you can also worry less when you face some kind of problem.

Costco has also made its product eco-friendly. So, you can recycle the batteries too. Some batteries are responsible for causing major harm to the environment. If you have a Costco battery then you don’t have to worry about that.

🔷 Costco Batteries Warranty

Everyone expects a great warranty service when they buy a product. Well, the good news is, Costco comes with a great warranty with almost all of their products. You can expect about 36 months of replacement warranties with almost all of their products. 

If you consider a typical car battery lifespan you can understand the timing is great. So you don’t have to worry about that. 

🔷 Are Car Batteries Cheaper at Costco?

You can get a Costco battery within the 50$ to 100$ range. The average price of a Kirkland Battery is estimated to be around $77. The price varies depending on the size and what type of batteries you are buying.

Costco Batteries Review

Costco has been manufacturing batteries for a very long time. They are offering batteries like RVs/Marine batteries, Lawn and garden batteries, Golf cart batteries, and Powersports, etc. They have almost everything you need. 

Here we will be discussing one of their products and putting some thought into it. 

🔷 Costco Standard Flooded Automotive Battery

This is one of the most common batteries that Costco offers. This product is 100% sealed so the acid inside the batteries won’t be coming out of it. Carrying it from one place to another can be an easy task.

This battery also has a great build quality so you can expect a great life after buying one. It also features a free-flowing liquid design which allows this battery to perform at its finest. They also have safe ventilation so you can expect fewer accidents while using them. 

It doesn’t matter where you are using this battery. We can assure you that this battery will meet your expectations. In some cases, it may exceed it. With great reviews from almost everyone everywhere, you can get this one without any problem.  


Costco has been doing business and providing customers with top-quality products for a very long time. They have started the Kirkland Signature brand with the same intention and they are doing so. 

Costco Kirkland has earned the trust of customers with this amazing service. With great reviews and service, you can easily trust their products and get one for yourself.

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