When we hear the name Harley Davidson immediately we start to think about the gorgeous bikes every bike lover dreams about. However, they have their battery manufacturing section too. Let’s have a word about them.

Who makes Harley Davidson Batteries?  What kind of batteries are in Harley Davidson? We will explore their history. Also, we will check out some of their top-of-the-line products. Let’s have a journey together and learn about them. 

Remember! With a great history to back them up, you can surely put your faith in Harley Davidson and its batteries.

About The Manufacturer

Deka – East Penn Manufacturing has the manufacturing and production rights for the Harley Davidson batteries. Originally Yuasa had the manufacturing rights to the Harley Davidson Batteries. In early 2000, Deka- East Penn Manufacturing company took over. A young air force veteran, Delight Jr, had a dream and established Deka in 1946 in a small room. 

East Penn Manufacturing has the lowest defect rates in the battery industry. So, Harley Davidson Batteries are in good hands for sure. From Raw materials to everything East Pen Manufacturing produces the batteries from the ground up. Also, they have earned ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 accreditation.

East Penn Manufacturing has a huge facility with the size of 3.5 million square feet under the roof on a 520-acre site. They have created a great job facility for the people of the Lehigh Valley Region. They are now one of the most trusted brands in the market.

What Kind of Batteries Does Harley Davidson Make?

Absorbed Glass Mat Battery

It is one of the Lead Acid batteries in the market. This battery is sealed in order to make it maintenance-free and spill-proof. The fluid is more stable because of better vibration resistance than regular batteries. The fiberglass mates and gel-like consistency helped a lot making it vibration resistant.

Lithium-Ion Battery

They are one of the expensive kinds but they have better durability and are also in some cases rechargeable. However, you may find their weight a little concerning but if you consider other options you will find Lithium-ion batteries are actually very lighter.

Flooded Lead-Acid Battery

Flooded lead-acid batteries are the traditional batteries that require extra care. One of the reasons is they are not spill-proof and require regular maintenance. During discharge, you have to refill the batteries very frequently.

Are Harley Davidson Batteries good?

Whenever we hear about the name Harley Davidson we immediately think about their gorgeous bike collection. They are also the manufacturer of some of the bike parts to one of them is the Harley Davidson battery. And yes they are good.

When a brand like Harley Davidson’s name is on it you can be sure about its quality. They are doing something unique to make it one of the best in the market. The quality and the industry-leading customer service have earned the trust of the people.

You can check the youtube reviews or any article or eCommerce sites like amazon you will see they are getting great reviews from consumers and critics both. 


Harley Davidson batteries are rated 8Ah, 6Ah, and 4Ah. Despite having the same physical sizes Harley Davidson batteries can have different cell sizes which can differentiate the cranking power and the amp-hour rating. 

You will find a standard Harley Davidson battery with a height of 146mm tall, a width of 150mm, and a thickness of 87mm.


  • Under 100$ is their budget section. These can help if you have a budget shortage but be careful before buying one. Some of them can be great on the other hand others can be a disaster. 
  • Somewhat decent quality batteries fall under this range. You will find some of the high-quality built in this price range. However, the exact price will depend on power and size.
  • You will find OEM batteries in the 150$-350$ price range. It is not sure that you will get high-quality builds. You may or may not get one. Before buying one in this price range you must check the manufacturing date if they are recent or not. The brand value is responsible for its high pricing.  

Harley Davidson Battery Review

Harley Davidson has a lot to offer in its battery section. Here are some of our recommendations if you want to choose one of their products.

1. Lithium LiFe 8Ah Battery

One of the lithium lineups from Harley Davidson batteries offers reliable, long-lasting motorcycle batteries with powerful cranking amps. Unfortunately, Lithium batteries have a tendency to be overweight but they have reduced it from your average Lithium batteries. With an impressive weight of only 17.6 lbs.

They also guarantee battery life of more than 2-times your average AGM battery. For non-Californian users, they offer an 8Ah battery. With an impressive 85%, Amp-hour capacity Lithium Life 8Ah Battery can be used to power up audio and lighting.

2. Energizer TX20HL Motorcycle Battery

This is one of their lead-acid battery series with an impressive 310 cold-cranking amps. It is able to enable multiple recharges without impacting any of its functionalities. It is compatible with many Harley Davidson models.

It has a permanently sealed design and great vibration resistance which prevents the spilling of liquids. So you can stop worrying and just have a fun ride with this beauty.

Some Available Battery List On Amazon

  1. Banshee Lithium Ion Battery Replaces YTX30L-BS Compatible With Harley Davidson.
  2. Banshee YTX30L-BS YIX30L-BS AGM Battery for Powersports Atv/Utv & Harley Davidson.
  3. HDX20L – Harley Davidson, ATV, and UTV Replacement Battery.
  4. Battery for Harley Davidson FL FLH FLT FLHR Road King Glide Touring 4YR WARRANTY.
  5. THROTTLEX HDX30L – MADE IN AMERICA – Harley Davidson, ATV, and UTV Replacement Battery.
  6. HDX14L – Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery.


Harley Davidson has a golden history and has provided a great lineup of quality products. Their top-notch quality and great customer service have made them one of the household names in the United States of America. 

Although they are known for their beautiful collection of fancy motorbikes, they also produce other bike manufacturing parts. Harley Davidson battery is one of them. On various sites on the internet, you will find a bunch of positive reviews about their powerful batteries.

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