The brand, Interstate Batteries, is the most well-known and renowned brand in the automotive industry. Though it is affordable yet you can depend on it because it provides us with some high-quality batteries.

Sometimes people ask the question of who makes Interstate batteries. It is essential to know about the manufacturer so you can pick the right battery for your vehicle.

I have gathered some information about Interstate batteries and their manufacturer who makes such a reliable automotive battery source.

So stay with us.

Are Interstate Batteries any Good?

The performances of Interstate Batteries are brilliant. If you worry about the quality and longevity, you can pick Interstate Batteries since it ensures some great batteries. However, with all these incredible characteristics, surprisingly, Interstate batteries are not that expensive. It also conveys batteries from top manufacturer companies like Brookfield and Exide.

However, numerous specialists don’t put Interstate Batteries top of their list, yet we can’t disagree that it is one of the primary replacement battery brands and marketers.

Who makes Interstate Batteries?

It has known that Interstate batteries market automotive batteries makes by Brookfield Business Partners, Exide, and Johnson Controls. Also, some private Interstate batteries vendors make these.

As of late, Johnson Controls is not producing Interstate batteries; rather, the Exide company is doing the job of Johnson Controls for Interstate batteries. Some of the reports say that Jhonson Controls made 65% of Interstate batteries automotive, car, truck, and marine batteries, which are not accurate these days.

The Places Where Interstate Batteries are Made

Some of the industries of Interstate batteries are situated in different places. Mexico, Louisiana, and South California industries are the major ones.

Details of the Manufacturer

Johnson Controls, Exide Technologies, and Brookfield Business Partners are the leading manufacturers of Interstate batteries. Here, I will describe them shortly.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is one of the most significant automotive battery manufacturers in the world. It is an American-Irish domicile global company. Johnson Controls have made interstate batteries and Walmart, but presently, it has quit making them.


Exide has started a partnership with East Penn by offering his technical assistance. Now Exide and East Penn manufacture automotive batteries, lead-acid batteries for UPS, telecom, standby, solar, motive power, and traction batteries. Now Exide is one of the significant manufacturers of Interstate batteries. 

Brookfield Business Partners

Brookfield Business Partners was founded in June 2016. The CEO of Brookfield Business Partners is Cyras Madon, and it is a publicly traded limited partnership and the primary public vehicle company.

Brookfield Business Partners is a new company, but it still has excellent qualities over the other two companies.

Types of Interstate battery

There are several types of Interstate batteries. The company makes car batteries as well as some other various batteries for various uses. In this article, I will portray every one of them so you can undoubtedly choose which one to pick.

MTZ Batteries

You can pick these MTZ batteries for your latest modern vehicles because it has long-lasting power. In addition, it is much beneficial for the drivers who utilize DVD players, GPS devices, phone chargers, and any remaining advances.

MTX Line Batteries

This battery isn’t an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery. AGM batteries have battery liquids rather than the standard battery plates. Though MTX Line Batteries is not an AGM battery, it still can provide lasting power in AGM-related applications. Furthermore, it will surpass your vehicle’s starting necessities.

MTP Batteries

This battery has a longer battery life with high-cranking quality in moderate to cold environments. It is likewise a non-AGM battery.

MT Batteries

Even though it is a non-AGM yet it has standard performance life and longer battery life. Moreover, in MT batteries, you can find better starting power and performance in moderate to hot environments.

M Battries

If you are looking for a battery that goes with your budget then you can choose M batteries. It conveys ample cranking power and a cold-cranking power.

AGM Powersports Batteries

This battery is sealed, spill-proof and it has an acid pack. These Powersports batteries don’t need to fill with water or check the fluid level. Because once it fills with acid it becomes sealed permanently.


The Marine battery is the best choice for you because of its durability and longevity. Also, it can provide deep-cycling, great starting power, or both of them.

Marine RV Batterires

You can choose Marine RV Batteries for their best outdoor performance. It can satisfy you with the comfortness of home, and also it provides all that capacity for high-quality electronics.

The Best Interstate Batteries

There are three batteries that are the best Interstate batteries for your vehicle.

1. Interstate Batteries 12V 12Ah Battery (SLA1104) Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable SLA AGM (F2 Terminal) Electric Fences, Generators, Medical Devices
2. Interstate Batteries Power Patrol 12V 5Ah Fire & Security Battery (FAS1055) Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable SLA AGM (F1 Terminal) Fire Alarms, Security Systems
3. Mighty Max Battery 12v 35ah U1 Replacement Battery Compatible with Interstate DCM0035L UPS Backup – 2 Pack Brand Product

Interstate Batteries History

John Searcy is the founder of the Interstate Battery System. At first, he started selling and providing automotive batteries from his Studebaker pickup truck. After two years, in 1952 Searcy established Interstate Battery System as his new company.

In 1989, Tommy Miller became President and CEO of Interstate Battery when his brother Norm was Chairman of the Board. Interstate Batteries became the founding sponsor of JGR (Joe Gibbs Racing) in 1990. Also, it gained the top position in North America for replacement batteries around the same year.

Carlos Sepulveda started to lead this company in 2004 when he became President and CEO. After his astounding administration for a very long time, he left this company in 2013.

And afterward, Scott Miller, Norm Miller’s son turned into the head of this company and took Interstate batteries to a higher level.


Is Costco battery sells Interstate batteries?

Indeed, Besides Costco batteries, it also sells Interstate batteries to their customer.

Does Exide make Interstate batteries?

Recently Interstate batteries have been manufactured by Exide and Brookfield Business Partners.

Are Interstate batteries expensive?

No, Interstate battery is popular for its reasonable price. You can afford it easily also offers great quality.


Interstate batteries always put their customer first. They provide batteries with excellent performance and quality at a sensible expense. It is one of the assembling manufacturer companies of the USA.

In this article, I hope you can find the appropriate answer to the question “who makes Interstate batteries?” The primary target of this article was to let you know about the manufacturer and the brand. I hope you find this article useful.

Thank you for reading.

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