In the never-ending list of Kirkland products in Costco, batteries have been a strong seller. Be it for an alarm clock, remote control, or for hearing equipment; they have a wide range of batteries available.

While shopping around in Costco, people often get curious to know who makes all these Kirkland products? Moreover, who makes Kirkland batteries has always been a question we got asked.

Because Kirkland batteries have been working so well with every gadget. They have been performing just like a big brand battery, the only difference being the price, people are keen to know who is behind the manufacture process.

So, without further ado, lets get into it!

Who Makes Kirkland batteries?

All Kirkland signature products are owned by the retail giant Costco but questions arise all the time about the manufacturers as people want to know if they are going to be getting a big brand product with a different label on, we can confirm this is often the case! The name of the manufacturer of Kirkland batteries comes as a surprise to many while some find reassurance. Why? 

Because the manufacturer of Kirkland batteries is none other than Duracell (they sell AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V sizes. After Costco’s CEO disclosed the matter in a 2016 interview with Atlanta station WSB-TV. In the interview, Costco CEO Craig Jelinek revealed that Duracell is the manufacturer of Kirkland Signature batteries; as a result, a huge demand for these batteries was created because people knew that they are getting quality products while paying a lot less (about 40% less per battery to be exact in Kirkland vs Duracell comparisons). 

As a result, people are also interested to know who makes Kirkland marine batteries and who makes Kirkland car batteries as well. Duracell are alleged to make the marine batteries but Kirkland car batteries are now labeled as Interstate.

Who Makes Interstate Batteries?

Interstate Batteries is a privately owned US battery distribution and marketing company. They market and resell automotive and other batteries that are manufactured by Johnson Controls, Exide Technologies, Brookfield Business Partners, and other companies through their own independent distributors. Our research showed that Johnson Controls could be responsible for supplying up to 60% of the rebranded batteries sold by Interstate.

Who Makes Kirkland Deep Cycle Batteries?

All types of Kirkland batteries including the deep cycle ones are made by Duracell themselves. Hence, people are now reassured that buying Kirkland batteries is a good move and great for the wallet.

Types of Kirkland Batteries

1. Alkaline Batteries

This lineup of Kirkland batteries is so inexpensive compared to the value they give it makes it a no brainer to shop there.

For buying the same quality battery from another brand, you have to pay at least 35 extra cents. However, the features and functions are all the same. From the Alkaline series, their AA, AAA batteries are some of the best that are available on the market.

Check this video to know more:

2. Hearing Aid Batteries

It has been quite a long time that Kirkland has been selling hearing aid batteries. There is a variety for you to choose from. Alongside, a multi pack count can also be bought for different prices.

3. Car Batteries

Kirkland used to sell its own brand car batteries but now they only supply Interstate branded batteries.

As of now, Kirkland car batteries are not available in the market anymore.

Best Kirkland Batteries Reviews

1. Kirkland Signature Mercury Free Premium Quality Hearing Aid Batteries

Has your hearing aid been giving you hard time? Seeing as hearing aid batteries need to be replaced so often, it may be a good plan to buy in bulk from Costco. Their prices are great and the batteries very high quality.

Amazon reviews state these batteries are as good as the best top brands (no surprise there then! thanks Duracell!). So, let’s see the facts about Kirkland’s hearing aid batteries. 


👉🏼 Extremely long-lasting; more than 80 hours
👉🏼 Affordable yet a premium choice
👉🏼 48-pack
👉🏼 Mercury-free
👉🏼1.45 volt
👉🏼 High-quality batteries


👉🏼 The dispenser could have been better

2. Kirkland AA Alkaline Batteries

In this modern era, it is unlikely there are many humans who do not require at least a few AA batteries for business or entertainment in their daily lives? All the way from kids to elderly people, toys to different devices AA batteries are a must. 

So, who does not like batteries that can give you all the premium features while you pay almost dollar-store prices? Kirkland AA alkaline batteries are those batteries! They are packed with all the power and endurance that can be found with any big brand battery. Which is not surprising seeing as though they are made by Duracell!


👉🏼 1.5 volts
👉🏼 72 count
👉🏼 Great value for money
👉🏼 Durable


👉🏼 Some complaints about leakage, but this can be avoided by removing them when your device is not in use

3. Kirkland Signature Hearing Aid Batteries Zinc Air

Another one for the hearing aid users. These great-value batteries are some of the most highly reviewed batteries from Kirkland. Their battery cell composition is of zinc and hence they are known as zinc-air batteries.

They are usually made in Germany by the giant brand Duracell. Let us discuss some pros and cons so that you get a better idea of their specifications.


👉🏼 Individual packs for convenience of use
👉🏼 Inexpensive; great value
👉🏼 1.45 volt
👉🏼 Mercury-free
👉🏼 Premium quality
👉🏼 Long-lasting
👉🏼 Reliable


👉🏼 Do not use if the tape is already removed


Who makes Kirkland hearing aid batteries?

Kirkland hearing aids batteries are made by the big brand Duracell.

Who makes Kirkland batteries auto?

All Kirkland batteries are made by Duracell. They are branded for Kirkland by Duracell. Kirkland does not sell its own brand auto battery any longer. Car batteries all are now Interstate brand.

Are Kirkland Batteries Durable?

According to thousands of customer reviews, they are more long-lasting than many big branded batteries. Getting these products for such a low price is a bargain in our opinion.


Do you think you got the answer to who makes Kirkland batteries from this article? We hope the answer is yes. If have you any further queries about Kirkland batteries, please feel free to reach out to us. Our team will be happy to answer your questions!

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