Regarding your car battery, it is human instinct that you want the best battery for your vehicle. The Napa company has the best car batteries and advanced auto parts that you will find most beneficial. 

Now, most people know about Napa car batteries. But have you ever wondered who makes Napa batteries? It is important to know about the manufacturer, the selection, or who sells Napa batteries. In this article, you will find all these answers. 

So give us some of your valuable time and stay with us- you won’t be disappointed.

Napa Batteries: Is it any Good?

Napa battery is a high-quality battery with the most extended warranty. If you have a low budget, then these batteries are your most ideal choice. It also provides a free substitution period, routine maintenance, and some other extra services. In addition, these top-notch batteries can easily adjust to extreme weather conditions such as cold or heat.

This company has its own line of car batteries, such as Napa batteries and other popular brands. As a Napa battery supplier, Napa Auto Parts owns the best both online and offline shopping experience. Unlike Pep boys, Sam’s Club, and others, Napa battery has less brick and motor stores around the country. But they provide the exact battery also with incredible quality for their customer.

Who Makes Napa Batteries?

Deka brand has been making  Napa batteries since early 2009. East Penn Manufacturing is making them, and the Deka battery brand is one of their best brands. For 70 years, East Penn has been making lead-acid batteries, and it provides various kinds of batteries, cables, and wires other battery accessories.

Where are Napa Batteries Made?

Napa batteries are made in the United States. This brand is associated with East Penn and Johnson Controls. Johnson Controls or Exide Technologies, these two companies, are making the majority of the batteries in America. Napa batteries which contain great quality, are from Johnson Controls.

These companies are prominent manufacturers in the United States, and they supply batteries and different items all over America.

About The Manufacturer

East Penn company was founded in 1946 by Delight Jr. Since then, East Penn has been one of the top manufacturers in the United States. East Penn likewise produces another popular brand, Deka batteries. 

East Penn company has been rewarded for its remarkable service and contribution to the Napa organization. Thus, They have been granted the 33rd Annual “Spirit of Napa Award.” They are labeled a quality supplier on account of their 97.4 percent order fill rate and double-digit sales development. East Penn is the largest single-site battery manufacturing company in the industry. 

This company maintains everything, even from transportation to motive power to reserve power.

East Penn provides top-quality products to their customer, and furthermore, it keeps high environmental norms.  Also, this company watches out for the people’s health during production and in the surrounding local area.

The Types of Napa Batteries

Napa provides different types of batteries. This type varies from one vehicle to another. They are also divergent in size. You simply need to pick which battery type is best for your vehicle. So let’s give you some information about those battery types, so it would be easy for you to choose.

Automotive Batteries

AGM batteries are the best battery because they provide longevity, better resistance to vibrations, great start protection, unparalleled durability, and a spill-proof system. Assuming you are searching for an AGM battery with all those qualities,  then you should choose Napa batteries for your car, truck, or SUV. 

AGM batteries also function well in rough roads or bumpy areas.

Multisport Batteries

The batteries for recreational vehicles have demands like different leisure, ATVs, snowmobiles, and more. These are also contained with OE standards.

Marine and Deep Cycle Batteries

There are two types: a myriad of marine starting batteries and deep cycle batteries. They have differences in their method of releasing energy. Starter batteries can deliver a massive amount of energy in a very short time.  On the other hand, a deep cycle battery releases a low measure of energy for quite a while.

Lawn and Garden equipage batteries

There are also tools battery, and yard equipment like golf cart batteries, lawnmowers, and more. They are best for the run time.

The Best Napa Batteries

  • Napa the Legend- This model is known as the Legend because of its legendary starting power, incredible performance and durability. Even for emergencies, they have high reserve capacity.
  • The Legend Premium- This battery gives protection even when there are extreme temperatures. For starting performance, the legend premium is the best. 
  • The Legend Premium AGM- This battery provides 20x vibration protection for the starting power. No doubt it is the best choice for your vehicle. 
  • NAPA power- This battery comes with an 18-months warranty, and also it contains excellent quality and maintenance-free design.


Who Sells Napa batteries? is an online shop where you can buy Napa batteries.

What are the Volts of napa batteries?

It comes with 24-Volt, 12-Volt or dual battery options. A 24-Volt battery is the best because it provides more power and more longevity than a 12-Volt battery.

What kind of battery is the Napa Legend?

It is an AGM battery and also a deep cycle battery. It offers good durability, and it is not heavier like those lead-acid batteries.

What is the warranty of Napa batteries?

Napa power battery offers an 18-month warranty.


I hope you find this article accomodating and you got your answers to who makes Napa batteries or the manufacturer of Napa batteries. 

Napa batteries can provide all the services for any difficulties. That is the reason it’s called the legendary power solution. 

Thank you for reading.

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