Deka is a quite renowned name as high-end batteries for power sports entities like marine, RV, etc. Deka AGM batteries are reliable and trusted all over the world. 

In this article, we will know who makes Deka batteries and are Deka batteries good or not. Also, we will share some of our preferable Deka battery models that you can buy.

Deka Batteries

Deka batteries have been in the business for over half a century. They have always aimed at providing the highest quality and optimum reliable performance to their customers. Deka batteries can provide support to almost any kind of motive power application. 

Here are a few Motive Power Applications where you can use Deka batteries – 

  • Industrial lift trucks
  • Airline ground support
  • AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)
  • Rail & Locomotive

Every Deka battery has gone through a process of research, ingenuity, and innovation. They have a versatile product lineup with good quality products meaning whatever motive power you have, can easily be fulfilled.

Who Makes Deka Batteries?

However, Deka is not independent or sole-owned. So, a question like who makes Deka batteries is very common. The Deka battery is owned by the East Penn Manufacturing company. Let’s know about them.

East Penn Manufacturing Company

East Penn Manufacturing is a private, family-owned company. They reportedly have the largest in the world single-site, lead battery manufacturing facility. It has been over seven decades since they started the business. 

The Journey of East Penn started from a tiny one-room creamery in 1946. Delight Jr. started the battery business with his father. The shop was in the village of Bowers. 

During the war, the need for batteries was very high but battery materials were scarce as well. The father and son realized that, so they have started to collect the old batteries and rebuild them for new ones. 

Karl Gasche joined the Breidegam family business in 1947. Thus, the name “Deka ” was formed. “Deka ” is a combination of “Delight” and “Karl”. Since then, for the last seven decades, Deka has been producing products and taking the business to new heights. 

Esat Penn has won multiple awards over the years. They have won awards like – Governor’s Awards for Environmental Excellence, Forbes 2021 America’s Best Large Employers, Fortune 100 best companies to work with, etc. 

Types of Deka Batteries in The Market

East Penn has Four different series of Deka batteries. They are –

1. Deka Ultimate Battery Series

These are batteries with a powerful design, optimum performance, and protection. The ultimate series batteries are all-weather batteries, which means they can hold themselves whether it is extreme heat or cold.

2. Deka EN Exact Fit Series

The exact fit series are specially tailored for international uses based on the popular EN (European Norm) sizes. These batteries are a good fit for a city or regular use as they provide a good value.

3. Deka Gold Battery Series

This lineup of batteries are more in the premium section of the batteries by Deka. They have greater reliability and performance. The most important aspect of them is that they reduce energy waste.

4. Deka Series

The Deka series as the trademark Power-Platform Plate technology by Deka. Users can always count on their reliable starting and reserve power.

How to Choose The Right Battery for Yourself?

Before we answer questions like are Deka batteries good or should you trust them, you must know how to decide what battery is right for you. There are a lot of good products but not all the products will fill your need. 

An automotive battery is a rechargeable battery that initiates the engine starting process. Here are a few things to consider –

Pick The Right Battery Type for You

There are a few types of automotive batteries in the market. Such as – 

  • Flooded Lead Acid Battery (Wet Cell)
  • Silver Calcium Battery
  • Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB)
  • Gel Cell Battery (Dry Cell)
  • Absorbent Glass Mat Battery (AGM)
  • Deep Cycle Battery
  • Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery
  • Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

Can I Change My Battery Type?

It depends. Usually, it is ideal to use the type of battery provided by the manufacturer. However, it’s not impossible. Consult a  technician who can guide you through the process and will make the additional changes to the vehicle engine if needed. 

But keep in mind that changing the battery without proper testing can cause damage to your vehicle.

Know The Size You Need

Batteries do come in different sizes. After recognizing what type of battery is needed for your car, you do need to know the exact size needed for your vehicle. The cables of the vehicles won’t reach the battery if the size isn’t right.

Do You Really Need a New Battery?

Not always battery issues are generated from the battery itself. The problems can cause by various places. To be sure, we recommend you call a mechanic to assess the situation.

Is The Deka Battery Good for You?

Deka batteries have always been a great band in the automotive industry. The entire Deka lineup of products is known for its reliability and versatility.  East Penn has always been regarded as a superior research and development-based company.

And Deka being their one of the most famous well-received products they are very cautious and innovative when it comes to making the product even better.  These batteries are well built, most of them are all-weather proof and resilient to most of the potential damages. 

Deka is an American-made and operated brand. Unlike other imported brands, they have direct control over the quality and development of the product. 
Moreover, if you look at the Deka batteries price list,  you’ll see the price is not as high when compared to other products despite being an American-made product. As we know, most of the USA-made usually costs a bit more than the imported ones.

Final Words

There you go! We hope your confusion on who makes Deka batteries are now cleared. After reading this article, you can pick the right battery for your needs.

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