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In case you want to change the brand of your car batteries or truck batteries and you choose Duralast batteries. You know what kind of performances they offer. But, Do you know who makes duralast batteries? 

If you have a business that includes lots of vehicles and you are willing to use this brand for your vehicles then you might want to know about the makers of these batteries. Here, I will provide you the information about the manufacturers and furthermore help you to discover about the brand and its items. 

So, stay with us and I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Are Duralast Batteries and Good?

Many experts suggest Duralast Batteries because of their explicit performances and characteristics. The Autozone company is the owner of this popular car battery brand. This company additionally owned DieHard and Sears car batteries. 

Despite the fact that they have good qualities still there are a few contrasts between the grades of Duralast batteries as per the price ranges. 

For instance, Duralast Gold or Max batteries outweigh all the others since they offer excellent performances. Specialists also recommend Platinum series as they feature AGM batteries and furthermore accompany a lifetime warranty. Additionally, Elite series batteries beats some of the OEM ones because of their incredible qualities. 

I would suggest you get premium models from the brand. You may have to raise your budget a little high but you will be satisfied with it. 

Who Makes Duralast Batteries for Autozone?

It has been known that Johnson Controls makes Duralast Gold Batteries alongside different brands like DieHard, Sears, and more. Other than Johnson Controls, East Penn and Exide are also creating products for the Autozone company. 

About the Manufacturer

There are three significant companies that manufacture batteries.

  • Johnson Control 
  • East Penn
  • Exide  

In this article, I will give you some ideas regarding these three major companies since they are popular for their overall production. 

Johnson Control

The headquarters of Johnson Control is in Ireland. It is an American-Irish domiciled multinational compound and it was established in 1885. 

Johnson Control is perhaps the most renowned vehicle battery manufacturer in the world. It makes Duralast batteries along with some other brands. Also, it is huge because in 2018 their total compensation was more than 2 billion dollars. 

Johnson Control has their branches in 2000 different places in six nations and almost 105,000 individuals work for them. Their numbers are expanding consistently. Moreover, It is also known as Clarios after another company Brookfield Business Partners bought the automotive battery business of Johnson Control.  

Recently Clarios is gaining real progress on the innovations and strategies. Now it has increased their value on the market more than ever. 

So, now you can truly depend on Johnson Control or Clarios when you decide to buy Duralast battery from them.

East Penn

Another significant company that makes Duralast car batteries for Autozone is East Penn. They make High-Quality Batteries like lead-acid batteries and other battery accessories which are famous for their great qualities. Also, it holds the record for the world’s biggest lead acid battery facility.

Most of the car batteries die during the winter as they couldn’t turn on the engine because of the cold cranking amps. But East Penn can preserve your battery’s life. Though it is costly, it produces outstanding gel batteries amongst others. 

If you buy the batteries which are manufactured by East Penn, it might cost you more money but it will be worth it. 


Perhaps you want to buy something cheaper then you can pick Exide. Exide makes some of the batteries but if you compare it to East Penn then it isn’t all that good. 

What Types of Duralast Batteries are Available?

There are a few types which contain different features and prices. 

  • Duralast
  • Duralast Gold
  • Duralast Platinum

If you want to pick the right type of battery for your vehicle then you should have some idea about them. Here, I will describe them shortly. 


Among three, Duralast battery offers a two-year warranty. Though It doesn’t cost so much yet it provides CCA, quick starting power, ample power, and vibration resistance. It contains average car battery life. 

Duralast Gold

Duralast Gold comes with a more extended warranty- 3 years warranty. Duralast Gold offers more lead plates so it is heavier than others. Due to the huge measure of lead plates, it has great vibration resistance and also more power. Furthermore, it provides a good heating system and infotainment system. You can pick Duralast Gold if you are not happy with budget battery reviews.

Duralast Platinum

Duralast Platinum is the best battery for your vehicle and it is costly. It provides AGM technology. That is the reason it has better vibration resistance, sealing and spill-proof. It is likewise adjustable in any position and conveys double of deep cycling capacity than Duralast Gold. Duralast Platinum additionally comes with a 3 year warranty and it is the best one in Duralast battery lineup. 


Are Duralast batteries made in the USA?

Yes, Johnson Control and East Penn manufacture batteries in the USA. 

Which Duralast Battery is best?

Duralast Platinum batteries are best because they offer more power and extreme vibrant resistance and a longer warranty. 

Is there any other brand better than Duralast?

Interstate batteries are better than Duralast batteries. The Interstate batteries have better quality and features. 

Who is the owner of Duralast Battery brand?

The brand Duralast Battery is owned by Autozone. This company also owned the DieHard and Spears brand. 


Most of the time people always want to choose the best battery for their vehicle. They prefer to know all about the brand before purchasing from them. And when they do, one question emerges- who makes Duralast batteries? 

It is important to know who makes these batteries and are they any good. Assuming you have this knowledge, you can easily pick the best battery. I hope this article gives you some insight about them and their manufacturer. And also hopes it gives you the information that you seek. 

Thank You for reading.

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