Every single day-to-day device that we use to accomplish our needs somehow runs on electricity. From our cars to toothbrushes every device uses electricity nowadays. All of these electric devices require some energy source to keep them running. Limited energy is a challenge for this age of technology.

Many scientists have tried to solve these issues in various ways and many have proposed different ideas. One of the most revolutionary ideas may be the Quantum glass battery.

Who makes the quantum glass battery? Why is everyone looking forward to it? What can we expect from them? Is this even real? Let us search these answers together and try to understand the concept of quantum glass batteries.

What is The New Quantum Glass Battery?

Before learning about who makes quantum glass batteries? Let us talk about the elephant in the room and try to understand what this new concept of Quantum glass battery is.

As we know, almost everything we use to make our life easier requires some kind of energy source. All of them are electric devices that’s why. The main problem with the energy source is they are limited. For example, the mobile phone, laptop, and even your Xbox or PlayStation controller has a battery that you have to change constantly and sometimes these batteries die.

To fix this limited energy problem Nobel Prize Winner John B. Goodenough who is also the inventor of lithium cobalt oxide and lithium iron phosphate electrode materials used in the lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) and Maria H. Braga associate professor at the University of Porto has come up with an idea of Quantum Glass battery.

This battery follows Quantum Mechanical properties to store and generate energy. Because quantum glass batteries have higher energy densities than other batteries they can store more and generate more energy than your average batteries.

Who Makes Quantum Glass Batteries?

Quantum glass batteries are also known as Glass batteries, Forever Batteries, or Holy Grail is a hot topic in the electrical industry. Almost everyone is trying to get their hands on it. It’s not like only one company has the right and working on these batteries.

The most recognizable face on the internet Elon Musk, The Chief Executive Officer of Tesla, has called glass batteries a “million-mile battery” and they are exploring this technology. 

Tesla is not alone in this race well-renowned companies like Samsung, Nissan, General Motors, etc. are trying to make this technology available for general consumption.

Quantum Glass Battery Stocks

There are already stocks available for Quantum Glass Battery. If you are looking forward to investing in this you may wonder what’s the stock symbol for Quantum glass battery? It is QMCQF Stock Price | QMC Quantum Minerals Corp. Stock Quote (U.S.: OTC) |

If you are thinking about investing in a Quantum glass battery then you may want to check them out. But remember, quantum glass batteries are still a work in progress so you have to be patient about it.


The Korean giant Samsung has a great record with some amazing products and is bringing some revolution in our daily life. They are one of the greatest in the EV market. 

If you check their current situation you will find them as a market leader across most businesses. The recent ban on Huawei and other Chinese products is making a clear path for Samsung and they have nothing to lose. 


Since 1918, A Japanese giant, Panasonic has been doing business and still going strong. Electronics, infotainment, mirrors, and batteries are some of their strongest sides.

They may not be as big as you are expecting but their alliance with Tesla has made them one of the strongest in the market. Many Tesla products include Panasonic batteries as their default power option.

Is This Even Real?

The name Forever Batteries can raise some eyebrows and you may think are quantum glass batteries real? The short answer will be theoretically yes but practically still no. The proper answer is that quantum glass batteries aren’t practically feasible not yet. 

Currently, we are using a Lithium-ion battery as one of the main power sources. The problem is Li-ion batteries are harmful to the environment and you have to constantly charge to maintain them. The durability is OK but still compared with the quantum glass battery it’s nothing. 

The research to make this battery a daily product for general use is still in process. However, the great news is some of the finest minds and big names like Tesla, Samsung, Nissan, etc are working hard to make it possible. And they are very hopeful about making this battery the replacement for our day-to-day life.

Is a Quantum Glass Battery Any Good?

Consider this section as “Quantum glass battery review”. As in this section, we will try to explain what this battery can do and why everyone is trying their best to make one.

They are believed to be usable for up to 150 years., charged in a minute, and power an EV up to a thousand miles. Some believe Quantum glass batteries may be able to completely eradicate the use of oils. That means we can tackle both environmental issues, shortage of power, and also the shortage of oil with these batteries.

On the other hand, we will be able to minify the devices more than we could dream for. That means we can expect electric devices to be more portable in the upcoming days. Also, we don’t have to worry about our electronic devices during rough weather.

We can also avoid some hazards by using this product. For example, regular batteries aren’t still 100% spillproof, fireproof and bulletproof. We can solve this problem with the Quantum glass battery.


The more human civilization will move forward the better technologies will be. Quantum glass battery is just one of these improvements. We can hope these batteries will be able to cope up with our energy consumption and will reduce environmental hazards too.

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