Have you just recently got to know about Gladiator tires and hence been wondering who makes Gladiator tires? Due to their great value for money, many truck enthusiasts like you have been wondering about the same aspect. 

Therefore, why wait any further? Give this a good read till the end to know all about Gladiator tires, if they will be worth buying in this year, some of their best tires review so on and so forth.

Who Owns Gladiator Tires?

The owner of Gladiator tires is American Pacific Industries or shortly well known as API. With their cutting edge technology API was founded in the year 1982 and thriving in the tire industry since then.

Alongside Gladiator, they are also the proud owners of many tire brands such as X Comp and Zenna. They are also well known for providing the best warranty services for their products. They are extremely eco-safe and offer world-class customer services.

Who Manufactures Gladiator Tires?

American Pacific Industries gets their tires manufactured mainly from China. There are several facilities in China that are responsible for the production of these heavy-duty tires. 

As a distributor of Gladiator American Pacific Industries say that they make sure their customers get the best value for their money and hence get the best raw materials for outsourcing the tires from China.

Are Gladiator Tires Any Good?

Please note that Gladiator does not make tires for small cars or is simply called passenger cars. They mainly specialize in making truck tires, light trucks, ATVs, commercial vehicles, etc. And in this field, they are a name of supremacy because of their great ability to ride in almost all kinds of terrains. 

Hence, ‘are Gladiator tires any good’ definitely has a solid full-proof description. Just tag along with us and know everything!


In the market of extremely pricy truck tires, Gladiator is simply a name of hope. Because you will get some smooth performing heavy-duty tires for your truck or minivan that will also last as long as they are maintained. 

They can even last with minimum maintenance when you are always riding in rough terrains. All this for only a few hundred dollars should sound like an amazing deal.


They are designed by American Pacific Industries in such a way that they can take all the tough challenges given by different terrains and different weather conditions. API makes sure they are always up to date with the current technology so that their tires depict all the modern features.


As much as the ruggedness of tires increases, they will serve you as best when you hit the road. Be it a truck or a mini truck, choose tires that are tough and stable so that it gives a comfortable ride even on the worst of the roads.


How long do Gladiator tires last? Firstly, they come with a tread life warranty of 30,000 miles with most of the models. However, if you are intending not to buy tires very often make sure to take extra care. 

Maintaining them properly will make them last longer than usual. And if they break before the given warranty period, make sure to contact customer services to solve your issues right away.

Gladiator Tire Reviews

Before we get further into the reviews, here is a small treat for you as a form of video which will give you a clear idea about tires from gladiator with a full review.

Let us get straight into some of the best Gladiator tire reviews of this season that can easily be found in many Walmart stores near your home or available on Walmart’s website for online orders at any time.

1. Gladiator X-COMP M/T LT35/12.50R18 Light Truck Tire

These all-season tires will serve you through thick and thin of the weather with their special built quality. Their unique tread designs are meant to give you a comfortable ride along with quality performance. 

And the good news is they can be found with a price that is less than 290 for each. They are available at any Walmart store.

2. Gladiator X-COMP A/T LT265/70R17 121/118S

Were you looking for more of a budget-friendly option? Then why look further? We can’t think of any other ones that can be more pocket-friendly than this model. With great affordability, there will be some lackings as well. 

So, research and look for all the specifications according to your need and make the purchase. Let us just tell you that they are priced so reasonably that they did not even cross $170 to be exact.

3. Gladiator X-COMP M/T 285/75R16

Want something almost out of this world? Then this could be the right choice for you if you have a little more budget. It is guaranteed to give you high performance on the road. These aggressive rugged tires are made in such a way that they self-clean any kind of debris and give unlimited traction.


How long do Gladiator tires last?

They can last you a good 30,000 miles with no worries as they come with a 30,000 miles tread life warranty. However, with proper care and maintenance, they are known to last around 35,000 to 40,000 miles at best.

Are Gladiator tires any good?

When thought about great value for money, Gladiator tires will be one of the few best options in the tire industry for light trucks and commercial vehicles.

Final Thoughts

We hope your query about who makes Gladiator tires are answered properly in this content. However, we love to welcome individuals with further queries should they have any. So, feel free to contact us if you have further queries. 

And, make sure to check the warranties before purchasing your tires from Gladiator.

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