Tires are the most fundamental features of a vehicle. Unfortunately, low-quality tires can ruin your whole car or truck. If you want budget-friendly tires with superior quality, there is one brand named Douglas Tires, which will give you both.

People often ask, “who makes Douglas tires?” It is important to know about the manufacturer along with the brand. In this article, I will make an honest effort to give you some essential information. So stay with us for some moments.

Does Douglas Tires Contain Any Good Quality?

Douglas tires have good qualities and also provide advanced technologies. These are exceptionally reasonable and dependable. It additionally goes on for countless years, which is another excellent nature of Douglas Tires.

However, no tires can give us unlimited service. A tire’s life expectancy depends on numerous things like roads, rough driving, weather conditions of driving, or the type of vehicle. So it becomes necessary to change the tires of your vehicle sooner or later.

If you want to change or purchase new tires, I would suggest Douglas Tires. Douglas offers advanced technology at a sensible price. So most likely, it’ll be your ideal choice.

Who Makes Douglas Tires?

It is known that Douglas is the branch of the Goodyear tire and rubber company. But Goodyear tires company owned the acquisition of the Kelly Springfield tire company in August 1992. Afterward, the Kelly Springfield company started to make tires for the Douglas brand

Some may think Douglas is way less good than Goodyear tires. But it became famous for its excellent quality since it first came into the market.

Who Makes Douglas Tires for Walmart?

Goodyear company and Walmart made a partnership together under the US Federal Trademark registration agreement. The agreement is -Walmart is the distributor of Douglas. From that point forward, Douglas tires are manufactured by the Kelly Springfield company for its in-house Walmart brand.

Details of the Manufacturer

North American tires manufacturers are making some leading tires. The Kelly-Springfield Tire Company was founded by Edwin Kelly and Arthure Grand in 1894 at Springfield, Ohio. It was making rubber carriage wheels, so Edwin makes it The Rubber Tire Wheel Company. Since 1935, the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company solely became the branch of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. 

This tire company has been making and developing solid rubbers for carriages and early automobiles for many years. The Goodyear company has taken control over it in 1992s. After that, it started making tires for Douglas brand and others. 

Now the Kelly-Springfield is one of the world’s top producers and manufacturers of custom brand tires and farm tires. Almost 54 American brands of tires for trucks, cars and farm vehicles are manufactured by the Kelly-Springfield. 

Kelly-Springfield knows how to keep their customer happy. They offer top-notch products at a very reasonable price. For over 110 years, Kelly-Springfield is booming their business all over the world.

Several Types of Douglas Tires

Several types of Douglas tires are available. Each type of tire carries different features. Let’s find out more about them, so it will be easy for you to choose.

Douglas all-season Tires

You can also find Douglas all-season tires. These kinds of tire set goes well with all the weather conditions. These tires are for regular use because they are designed with circumferential grooves, which offer smooth traction. These are set on wet surfaces with a little hydroplaning. Douglas all-season tires are great for family vehicles which also you can use on roads as daily transport. 

Douglas performance Tires

If you are searching for tires for your sports car, then Douglas performance tires are the best. it is a high-performance tire. Admittedly, it is a bit expensive, but surprisingly it is worth it. These are also designed with circumferential grooves and a-symmetrical tread for all-season traction. Moreover, the handling response, mobility, and traction of these tires are way better than others.

The Best Available Douglas Tires

If you can’t figure out which Douglas tires are best for your vehicle, then stop worrying. Here, we will help you to find their best tires.

1. Douglas Technologies DWT MX V3 Rear Tire

These tires have advanced carcass technology, which provides an excellent sand tire that perfectly works in all track conditions. They are designed for maximum performance with incredible grip and straight-line acceleration. These are likewise race-proven.

2. 28 x 11 – 14 DWT Mojave Tires

The DWT MOJA-V tire is strong and durable. It also provides incredible traction with longer tread life. These tires are also in RUN-FLAT company because these are the most reliable tires that you can find on the market. They are also designed for a smooth, comfortable drive on any hardpack surfaces.

3. Douglas technologies MX v2 2 ply standard front tire

These tires also have Carcass technology and are great with DWT champion in a Box wheel kits. They have an entire race and traditional models with soft and hard compounds.


Are Douglas Tires made in the USA?

Indeed, The Kelly-Springfield company is making these tires in the USA.

Are Douglas tires expensive?

These tires don’t cost too much money because they make products for their in-house brand to satisfy people’s requirements. They offer great quality at a reasonable price than other general tires.

Are  Douglas tires noisy?

Not at all. These tires don’t make any noise because they are designed with smart tread.

How many miles could Douglas tires go?

They convey a speed rating of T for Douglas all-season tires and H for performance tires with a 45k-mile treadwear warranty.


No wonder anyone would want a cheap tire set with outstanding performance. In this case, Douglas tires are your most ideal alternative since they offer smooth standard riding.

In this article, The primary target was to get some answer to this question- “who makes Douglas tires?” I hope this article gives you the information you need.

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