If you are using any vehicle like a car, a small truck, or SUV, you must have heard about different tires. Among them, the brand Crosswind tires may have caught your attention for its unique features and budget-friendly cost. 

With such popularity, one question may arise in you about who makes Crosswind tires? 

Here in this article, we have tried to present you with some excellent information about these tires. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to find out everything about crosswind tires. You will be surprised by the quality, benefits along with the reviews of these tires.

Who Makes Crosswind Tires?

The Chinese company Linglong is the owner of Crosswind tires. They have been in the market for a long time and have become famous for their lowest price and high quality. Moreover, they have ranked as one of the best tire companies in China and globally as well.

Now you might wonder about who makes Crosswind MT tires, who makes Mud tires, or who makes Eco-touring tires. We can assure you all of them belong to the same company, Linglong. They make various forms of tires for the customers, and they choose the best one for them.

About the Manufacturer

The Chinese tire company, Linglong, has become one of the best tire companies on the market. Linlong tires are now widely used in many countries, and they have got certification from America and Canada as well.

The company produces and designs versatile tires for all-sized vehicles. Their tires are smooth, comfortable, and reliable. They can work in all seasons, even in wet or harsh weather.

So if you want to replace your tires at a low price without compromising quality, then Linglong’s Crosswind tires are the best ones to use.

Are Crosswind Tires any good?

Undoubtedly, Crosswind tires are the best choice to make while buying tires because of their outstanding features. Still, we are mentioning some pros and cons of these tires for better understanding. Like-

They produce various types of models with fantastic designs. These tires offer better safety, durability and assure a comfortable and quiet ride. They are affordable and ensure a treadwear warranty.

On the contrary, they are not long-lasting and need to replace frequently. Also, they are not perfect for longer stopping distances.

Who Makes Crosswind MT Tires?

The Crosswind comes in various models. Of all of them, one is Crosswind MT tires. Before moving forward, let’s learn about who makes Crosswind MT tires. One of the reputable tire companies in China, Shandong Linglong Tire Co. Ltd.

Now, Linglong has become number one among the competing tire companies. They have achieved this ranking because of the excellent quality of the tires.

These tires have an excellent grip on wet surfaces. They are budget-friendly and have a tread pattern designed. They can carry higher loads. Moreover, you can use them in all-season traction, whether in wet or muddy conditions.

Who Makes Crosswind Mud tires?

Linlong manufactures the Crosswind tires and continues massive supply on the market. The Crosswind A/T is an all-season performance tire. It comes in 15″ to 20″ LT and metric sizes.

Crosswind tires have an excellent grip on wet surfaces. It ensures safer and quieter driving. If you are looking for high-quality tires at the lowest price, you should check out Crosswind tires.

Who Makes Crosswind Eco-touring tires?

The famous Chinese tire company makes Crosswind Eco-touring tires. They come with a solid-center rib design. Their tread wear pattern is symmetrical. There are some benefits of using crosswind eco-touring tires, like they increase the handling stability, Expel water effectively, and reduce noise.

These tires are made for coupes, sedans, compacts, SUVs, and minivans. They are long-lasting treadwear features, and they provide all-season touring. They work well at urban speeds but the stability decreases when they hit the highway.

These tires come with a modern rib design and a slotted shoulder design to properly enhance traction and expel water.

Types of Crosswind Tires

If you are looking for the best ride but at the lowest price, you should go for Crosswind tires. Crosswind tires provide a comfortable, quiet, and pleasant ride for drivers. There are four types of tires available. Such as-

  • All–Season Tires
  • Passenger Car Tires
  • Light Truck Tires
  • High-Performance Tires

Best Crosswind Tires Review of 2022

Crosswind has gained so much popularity for its beautiful features and quality. As we have learned before, Linglong provides a versatile collection of tires. These tires are smooth, safe, and ensure pleasant driving.

Here, we are mentioning the top 3 Crosswind tires.

1) Crosswind All-Season UHP 245/45R20 Tire

All-season performance, designed for coupes, CUVs, and sedans with a 40,000-mile limited tread life warranty. It comes with a black sidewall and offers drivers strong handling.

2) Crosswind H/T 265/70R16 112T

This one is made for all-sized pickups, jeeps, and SUVs. It provides drivers a smooth ride. Fuel efficiency is so great. It comes with 1232nds tread depth and the load capacity is 2469 pounds.

3) Crosswind 4×4 HP 265/70R16 112H Tire

It comes with a solid center rib design and a black sidewall. The load capacity is 112 pounds. Tires are designed for light truck and SUV tires with a 40,000-mile treadwear warranty.


Are these tires long-lasting?

These tires are not long-lasting. One needs to replace them frequently.

Are these tires cheap?

Yes. But you will not see any lack of quality. They are available at a low price, and the quality is high.

Are Crosswind tires made in the USA?

Yes. Crosswind tires are made in the USA. They are made in Canada as well.

Are Crosswind tires quiet on the road?

Of course. Crosswind tires are quite on the road. They make the slightest noise.


See, you have made it to the end! We hope we have covered enough information about who makes Crosswind tires. If you find them incredible, don’t waste time and check them as soon as possible and choose the one that fits your vehicle.

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