Coming to this year 2022, there must be a low number of SUVs, small trucks, and heavy truck drivers who have not heard of Milestar tires. They might have even tried one. After experiencing the great feel on the road with such a fantastic price, it is very normal to look for the question: who makes Milestar tires?

Trust us, after hearing about its high-yielding functionalities at that price, our jaws were dropped too. And instantly jumped into researching hard so that we can provide you with the most genuine answers to these questions along with a small review on the types.

However, these days normal car users are also opting to get Milestar tires for their vehicles as they are seeing how great of a value it gives. So, they are no longer associated with trucks and SUVs only.

Here we start with who makes Milestar tires and all the nooks and crannies about them straight off!

Who Owns the Brand Milestar Tires?

Milestar tires are owned by the prominent USA-based private brand Tireco, Inc. Tireco is also the main distributor and marketer of Milestar tires. They were established in 1972. Alongside Milestar, they own a handful of other tire brands and tire-related accessory brands.

On the other hand, people mostly assume that as Tireco is the sole owner of this company MIlestar tires are made by Tireco as well. But no, they do not manufacture them. Rather another corporation from another country.

The next section is about them. Consider giving it a read if you want to more.

Who Manufactures Milestar Tires?

Milestar tires are manufactured by the Nankang brand from Taipei, Taiwan. They have been in this market since 1959 and have been one of the few bests till now.

Being a Taiwanese Rubber and Tire manufacturing brand, they flourished with time and kept supplying great products to many small and big-name brands from all over the world.

Are They An Outstanding Choice?

They most definitely are because people love to get more with less price. Half the customer satisfaction comes from a product’s good pricing. Milestar tires are doing an excellent job in this sector.

Given their affordable price, durability, and nice design with most of the customer’s satisfaction in the budget tire market, it is normal for people to wonder: Milestar tires, who makes them? Here, we love answering these questions to quench customers’ thirst for knowledge.

Moreover, we would like to discuss some of the features so that it becomes easier for you to decide if they are any good to you coming to the year 2022.


These tires have been designed very wisely to meet many excellent features. Alongside all the good characteristics, the outlook is a bonus.


While talking about affordability, just keep in mind that you will be paying around $30-$40 less and getting a high-performance, ultra-high-performance tire. Meaning, that you will get other same quality tires at a bit higher price.


These sturdy tires are meant to last you more than 55,000 miles on average. But with careful usage, these are meant to last you more than 75,000/80,000 miles.

How Well Does it Manoeuvre On the Road?

Milestar uses tread compound to give amazing traction on the road for all seasons. They also use many other techniques and supplies to give the drivers a worry-free stable ride regardless of the weather.


Be sure to check with the warranty before purchasing as they come with a manufacturer’s warranty with all the tires except trailer tires.

Types of Milestar Tires

Milestar offers a variety of tires for vehicles. From them, some have known to stand out and compete with other good brands in the market. Hence, some of their superior kinds will be named and discussed here.

Small Truck/SUV; Highway Tires

While talking about this type, Milestar Patagonia should be mentioned first without any doubt. They are almost the best of all options for highways and off-trail tough roads. People have gone crazy over this and wondering who makes Milestar Patagonia tires, it is the same brand that makes other Milestar’s.

Do not forget to check this video out if you are up for buying this type:

Economy Car Tires

These are mainly tour tires for normal uses. Works very well on dry or wet roads. Known to last a longer time than many other brands’ touring tires. You can try Milestar MS775 Tires at a low price.

Commercial Pickup and Van Tires

Commercial vehicles require very tough tires to tackle various issues that they face being a money-oriented business. The MS597 can be a great choice for this type.

High-Performance Tires

In this type, we will introduce you to the one that has won many hearts and people are going over the board with good reviews on these tires for being one of the most high-performed tires from Milestar.

Check Milestar MS597 STEEL PRO All-Season Radial Tire out if you have been in search of a heavy-duty all-season, all-terrain tire.


Are Milestar tires quiet on the road?

Yes, most of their models are known to be exceptionally smooth and quiet on the road.

Are Milestar tires made in the USA?

No, the manufacturing company is based in Taiwan.

Who makes Milestar street steel tires?

They are marketed and distributed by Tireco, Inc. and produced by Nankang.

Are Milestar tires good in snow?

Look for the heavy snow-rated tires from Milestar. They are known to perform pretty well.

Final Thoughts

If you want to invest in heavy-duty tires within a tight budget, this is the right place for you. Milestar has come up with many ground-breaking tires over time and won customers’ hearts.

Moreover, we hope we have given almost every info regarding who makes Milestar tires and more so that you can finally decide whether to get them or not.

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