Is Mastercraft a new name to you? As surprising as it may sound, Mastercraft has been in the tire business for more than 110 years and has been rocking in their field with excellent products till now. 

Mastercraft has been changing its owners over the years but its quality remained the same no matter what. You will get a good glimpse of all its owners, manufacturers, distributors, and many more in this article. 

Does this make you curious about who makes Mastercraft tires? It surely does and we believe that is why you are here for. Hence, let us not delay further and dive right into all the details about its manufacturer, types, and some Mastercraft tire review to help you in your next car accessory shopping.

What Company Makes Mastercraft Tires?

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co has been making Mastercraft tires since 1946. They are proudly making them to date and had only a few recalls over the years. There will be a detailed discussion about Cooper Tire & Rubber Co in the later sections.

About The Manufacturer

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co or simply known as Cooper Tires is responsible for manufacturing Mastercraft tires. They are an American company that has its headquarters in Findlay, Ohio, the United States. 

They were founded in the year 1914 and have over ten thousand employees working for them in their different facilities. They are a subsidiary of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

History of Mastercraft Tires

Mastercraft was founded over 110 years ago and Falls Rubber and Co used to produce tires for them. Later in 1930, Cooper Corp and Giant Tire and Rubber Co gained Mastercraft’s ownership. 

Again in 1946, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co took access to Cooper Corp and Giant Tire and Rubber Co’s business and started producing these tires under their wing. Moreover, Goodyear Tire acquired Cooper Tires in 2021, February. 

So, Mastercraft’s parent company is Cooper Tire and Rubber Co whereas Cooper Tire’s parent company is Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Where Are Mastercraft Tires Made?

They are mainly made in the USA. But Mastercraft has its facilities overseas and within the states as well. Ohio, Missouri, and Arkansas have their facilities within the United States. Furthermore, England, Serbia, Mexico, China, and Vietnam have their facilities alongside the USA.

Mastercraft Tire Types

In its long business years, Mastercraft has made some extraordinary tires to genuinely blow our minds. Here are the types that can be found in today’s market from this brand.

  • Commercial Tires
  • Passenger/ Car tires
  • Light Truck tires
  • SUV Tires
  • Winter Tires

These tires again come with many features and many of them can be used all year round and in all kinds of terrains.

Are Mastercraft Tires Good?

About 90 to 95 percent of its customers say they are good and they prefer Mastercraft over other big brands because of the reasons stated below.

About 90 to 95 percent of its customers say they are good and they prefer Mastercraft However, if you are still wondering who owns Mastercraft tires, please go through the last few sections and come here to know about all the benefits and disadvantages these tires may offer you.

👉 Build Quality

The design of every Mastercraft tire portrays a lot about its rugged build quality. Most of their customers say that the entry-level tires from this brand have lasted them long enough and they acted as all-rounder tires in a word. 

There is a good chance, you won’t even feel that you are using an entry-level tire with the money you will be spending.

👉 Wide Range

They come with a variety of tires for you to choose from. Every type usually comes with tens of options with different features.

👉 Affordable

This is the best part because when Mastercraft has its premium lineup for you, it also has its affordable line of tires for the light-budgeted individuals. While they may have their fair share of compromises, they still are a good value product.

👉 Mastercraft Warranty

A 45-day test drive. Yes, you read that right. They offer this test drive and you can come to exchange your product with other Mastercraft tires if you are not satisfied with your previous ones. 

Alongside that, 40,000-80,000 miles of treadwear warranty is given based on the mileage. You will get this with almost each of their tires. Although the mileage range may vary based on the price and quality.

👉 Mastercraft Recalls

Mastercraft had two recalls recently in the year 2021, March 2. They were for Mastercraft Stratus AS & SRT Touring for size 225/50/R17 and Mastercraft Courser AXT and AXT2 for size 275/55/20. Feel free to check the details on Mastercraft’s website.

Mastercraft Tires Review

Let’s get introduced to some of Mastercraft’s best tires.

1. Mastercraft Stratus AS All-Season Tire – 225/65R17 102H

With 1874 pounds of load capacity, these sturdy tires come with 50,000 miles of treadwear protection. They feature spiral nylon overwrap with 17 inches of rim size. 

These all-season tires ride great in the snow. Additionally, they are good for other weather conditions. The best catch is the price so do not forget to check it.

2. Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud-Terrain Tire – LT265/70R17 10ply

Mastercraft’s specially made mud-terrain tires have gained quite a lot of popularity among its customers for great load capacity and great design. They are aggressive on and off-road with 3195 pounds of maximum load capacity. 

Comes with an optimized void to rubber ratio to give its rider an enhanced feeling while driving.

3. Mastercraft Stratus AS All-Season Tire – 195/60R15 88H

It feels like a crime to not write about this all-season stratus tire for its affordable pricing and great features. Note that when you are ordering these, you will get the tire only, wheels do not come together with these.


Mastercraft tires VS Michelin, which is better?

Both are great in their own ways and own features. It is you who need to pick one according to your need and budget.

Who owns Mastercraft tires?

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co owns Mastercraft Tires.

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