If you are a vehicle owner, you are always on your toes to get the best deal for your tires. You must not want to compromise on the quality, service and rather want to save some money while getting the best possible deal in the market.

Accordingly, that introduced you to these GeoTour tires, we believe. Although do you know who makes GeoTour tires? Are GeoTour tires good? Where are they made, and many other pieces of info like these? If you do not, then you are in the right place.

Sit tight and read through our detailed description on who makes them and small details like their prices and how long they will last, etc.

Who Manufactures GeoTour Tires?

The proud manufacturer of GeoTour tires is Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. which is a subsidiary of the renowned Sumitomo Group. Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is one of the biggest tire-producing companies in recent times. 

They are also the world’s fifth-largest tire manufacturer by volume, according to research published by Tire Business 2019.

About The Manufacturer

Sumitomo is not only the manufacturer of GeoTour tires, they also manufacture tires for brands like Dunlop, Falken, Ohtsu, etc. However, they have their own branded tires as well. The Sumitomo Group is their parent company that was founded in the year 1615.

Yes, you read that right. They are a 400 more years old brand that is still in the market with a good reputation. Their headquarter is situated in Osaka, Japan. The Sumitomo tires are very popular among vehicle owners because of their affordable pricing and unmatched services. 

As a result, other products that are manufactured by Sumitomo; like Sumitomo GeoTour tires, Dunlop, Falken, etc. are also getting popular. And becoming customers’ ideal choices day by day.

Where are GeoTour Tires Made?

The Sumitomo Rubber Industry has its main manufacturing facilities in Japan, the USA, several plants throughout Asia, including China, Thailand, and many more. They make their products in the neighboring and the closest plant and then distribute them to the sellers.

Where Can You Buy Sumitomo GeoTour Tires?

The best place to purchase GeoTour tires would be from their official website. On the other hand, they are also available on online platforms like Amazon, Walmart so on. Other than these places, you can buy your GeoTour tires from any authorized Sumitomo store. 

As most of the countries have authorized Sumitomo shops, it is now easier than ever to purchase them easily from your nearest store.

GeoTour Tires Price

Their prices have been one of the factors for which people are inclined towards buying them more and going through many GeoTour tires reviews now and then to know which will suit them best within the budget they have planned.

One thing to keep in mind, there are a lot of platforms from where you can buy a used GeoTour if you are extremely low on budget. These will cost you as low as $35 for each tire. However, a brand new one can cost you from a hundred to a few hundred dollars depending on the model and vehicle type.

Are GeoTour Tires Good?

This is very important to know if a product is good or not or simply how good are they in the current time. Hence, besides letting you know about who makes GeoTour tires, we thought why not give you some sets of advantages and disadvantages to ponder upon before you go to purchase one of their products.

Why wait then? Let us get straight into all the advantages and disadvantages of these tires.

🔹 Tread Life

Sumitomo makes sure all their tires are made from rugged and long-lasting materials so that you can get a longer tread life. Along with that, they come with an exceptional warranty period. Some even say that their warranty period is longer than other premium branded tires.

🔹 Safety and Comfortability

Many users have confirmed that when they are riding on GeoTour, most of the time the road feels extremely smooth even though it is not. That is something which we call comfortability. Likewise, as much as you feel comfortable makes a tired as safe to ride.

Therefore, it can be assured that they are pretty safe and comfortable to ride on any type of road in any season.

🔹 Value for Money

As we have discussed already, these tires are quite cheap. They are cheaper than most of their competitors and adds great value for the money you will spend.

🔹 Low Performance When Compared to Its Competitors

Among numerous pros, there is a con that must be mentioned here so that you can decide easily. Many users say that they perform a bit less when compared to its competitors like Cooper, Hankook, etc. Though you will be paying less, but know if this phenomenon is fine by you or not.

Why GeoTour?

After reading the previous section, ‘Are GeoTour Tires Good?’ we think it is already clear to you exactly why you should choose this tire brand.

On the other hand, their manufacturing company is one of the biggest reasons because Sumitomo tires are known to give its users the most premium quality and service with prices that may sound like a dream!


Are Sumitomo GeoTour tires made in China?

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, the manufacturer of GeoTour has one of its manufacturing plants in China. Although they are not mainly made in China and they only make some of their models in China for Asian countries.

How long do GeoTour tires last?

They are known to last you quite long. Even longer than many premium brands. However, Sumitomo makes sure you get a tread life warranty between 60,000 to 70,000 miles with most of their models.

Some Final Words

This content should have already given you the answer to who makes GeoTour tires and many of its known and unknown facts to you. If you still have further queries, hey, we are always here!

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