Jeans are one of the most trendy casual clothing items we wear every day. There are tons of jeans to choose from in the US stores. Even though there are a plethora of options to choose from, it can become an arduous task to choose the best one among so many options. 

When it comes to quality and longevity though, the best option out there will be the rustler jeans. If you want to find out more on who makes rustler jeans, then read on.

About The Manufacturer of Rustler Jeans

Rustler jeans are manufactured by the company known as Wranglers. As a matter of fact, rustler jeans are made by Wranglers with the production being in control of VF Corp spin-off-Kontoor. 

VF Corp spin off-Kontoor is the owner of several different apparel industries including Lee and Wranglers. If you were curious to know what company makes rustler jeans, then this is your answer. 

But, if we had to be very precise, then rustler jeans are made by VF Corp. Recently, VF has also decided that its denim wear brands would combine together and become a different public entity in its line of business.

Where is Rustler Jeans Made?

The brand VF Corp has manufacturing plants all over the US. The place in America where these jeans are manufactured is Colorado. Although VF Corp has manufacturing facilities in America, it is uncommon to see rustler jeans being manufactured there. 

The rustler jeans are mainly manufactured in facilities situated in China. This is because China’s production costs are much lower compared to America. 

More About VF Corp- the Manufacturer

VF Corp came into being in 1899. Originally known as the Reading Glove, it evolved to acquire the name Vanity Fair Mill in 1969. Due to the acquisition of the Lee company, Vanity Fair Mills became known as V.F. Corp. 

V.F Corp currently has 13 clothing brands under its name. The Rustler brand is a budget-friendly line of clothing by the manufacturer. With so many clothing brands under its name, V.F. Corp currently has at least 50% of the leading market share in the US. 

This rustler jeans review aims to cover the production line of the manufacturer of Rustler jeans. 

Wrangler vs. Rustler Jeans

If you are looking for Rustler jeans, then you will often come across labels such as Rustlers by Wranglers or something similar to it. 

In the race between wrangler vs. rustler jeans, the rustler jeans come out as being the same in durability, quality, and longevity as the wrangler jeans. Due to these pairs of jeans being created in the same facilities, they have such similar properties.

Did VF Corp Branch Out?

VF Corp came out with the announcement in 2018 that it was splitting up into two different entities. The apparel and footwear branch would still be called VF Corp. The other branch would be known as Kontoor brands. 

Kontoor brands would be responsible for the jeans and other outlet stores. Kontoor brand operates from Kansas. However, the brand has expanded into owning its own e-commerce platform now, as well as having different outlets.

Rustler Jeans Price and Where They are Sold

Rustler jeans are sold in several different outlets all over the world. These jeans are also sold in places like Walmart and Amazon. Third-party sellers such as eBay and Etsy also sell Rustler jeans. 

Before you buy a pair of these jeans though, you may also want to give a thought about their price. The average rustler jeans price ranges anywhere between $12-$15.

Are Rustler Jeans Good?

If you are considering the price point of rustler jeans, then you should know that they are not just good in terms of affordability, they are the best. Another thing that you should know is, considering the price factor, rustler jeans also have good quality. 

However, it is important to note that these jeans will only last you a few months of usage. That doesn’t mean they are absolutely unworthy of the praise they get!

So, if you were wondering, are rustler jeans good, we have gotten you covered. 

The Fitting of Rustler Jeans

Rustler jeans are designed in a way that they have a much looser fitting compared to other jeans. As a section of the V.F. Corps working section, these jeans are created for hard labor and those who need to break their backs working all day. 

No matter how loose the fitting of these jeans is, they are still very comfortable for everyday wear. The pairs of these jeans are also very breathable.

Rustler Blue Jeans

V.F. Corps manufacture Rustler blue jeans as a part of its workwear section. If you are wondering who makes rustler blue jeans, you should be aware that the blue denim versions may be sold under the label of Wranglers, but they are still made by V.F. Corps. 

The selling point of the Rustler jeans is that it is affordable without compromising the quality. The same is applicable to all the jeans sold by Rustler. 


In Which Year Did Rustler Jeans Come Out?

In 1946, Wrangler came out with a line of jeans designed specifically for cowboys and rodeos. This was the year that the brand came up with Rustlers.

Where are Rustler or Wrangler Jeans Made Now?

Rustler or Wrangler jeans are made in Mount Vernon in Georgia. These jeans are also made in Texas.

Final Words

Although it is true that the Wrangler jeans or Rustler brand has changed names over the course of the years, it has stayed true to its quality and workmanship. V.F. Corp still owns the Rustler jeans brand name. 

All through these years, these jeans have retained their quality and durability. With that being said, we have come to the end of the article on who makes rustler jeans. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. 

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