It is improbable to finish watching a basketball match and not wonder who makes the NBA jerseys. Because of the extreme fan apparel, premium fabric quality, and detailed finishes, an authentic NBA jersey stays on the wishlist of almost every athlete or sports lover. 

Jerseys are a great addition to any fan collection. To put on the jersey of your favorite team or player associates with pride. 

In this article, I have gathered all the necessary pieces of information a basketball fan can have in their mind. If you are looking forward to knowing who makes the NBA jerseys, then you are in the exact right place.

NBA Jersey Manufacturer History

NBA(National Basketball Association) jerseys started their journey a long ago with exciting transformations. The NBA introduced a particular uniform in 1901 for the first time. The initial official basketball outfits had a quarter-length sleeve and sleeveless version, as well as three different styles of pants: knee-length padded pants, similar to those used for football, as well as shorter pants and knee-length tights.

In the pre-1984 era, Medalist Sand-Knit made the jerseys worn by All the teams. Later from 1989 to 2001, American sportswear manufacturer Champion made the jerseys of only a handful of teams. During that staggering history, Champion executed the concept of authentic and replica jerseys. 

Reebok has been the official NBA jersey maker since 2001, but only for a few teams: Charlotte, Cleveland, Denver, Golden State, Houston, Milwaukee, Minnesota, New York, Sacramento, Indiana, and Seattle. They had a larger selection of quality materials for NBA outfits. Reebok took up all of Champion’s remaining rights in 2002 and became the official NBA jersey maker in 2004 as a result of this.

In 1997-98 and 2001-02, Nike was the official outfitter for all ‘authentic’ jerseys, but only for selected teams.

Beginning with the 2017–18 NBA season, Nike became the official and exclusive NBA uniform and gear manufacturer for all teams.

From 2006 through 2017, Adidas was the NBA’s official apparel manufacturer. As their technology advanced, they offered a range of jerseys during this time. Adidas developed the lighter Rev30 edition jerseys, which were one-of-a-kind at the time.

Fanatics is a licensed replica jersey producer with a great reputation for quality and quantity, despite the name “replica” connoting a low-quality product.

Types of NBA Jerseys

While each team has 4 or 5 different jersey designs for every season, there are three kinds of current NBA jerseys for every scenario – Authentic, Swingman, and Replica.

Players wear authentic jerseys on the court. Authentic jerseys are made of higher quality fabric (190-gram polyester) and have a little more stretch than the other two types. Though it looks the same as swingman jerseys, the stitches are slightly different and more comfortable. 

Swingman jerseys are the replica of the authentic one, but they are broadly similar.The main difference between the Authentic and Swingman tags is that the authentic one has quality materials and finishes. Because of a lower price and original look, the swingman jerseys always satisfy the fan base.

The Replica jerseys do not have a tag that is on Swingman and Authentic jerseys. For the lettering and numbering, Fanatic uses a heat press printing process in replicas. Because of a less durable, lightweight mesh, this is the cheapest among the three.

NBA Jerseys Prices

NBA jerseys are off high prices compared to any other. Since jerseys create a solid emotional bond between the fans and the players, the high price range proves it worth providing the premium quality. 

An authentic NBA jersey costs between 200 to 300 US dollars. But the swingman and replicas are pretty minor than this, irrespective of different teams. Sublimated reversible jerseys can be expected between $70-$110. While talking about the cheap rate, there is a world record of buying a Lebron James jersey of $512,000 in an auction. 

Since there is only one official retailer of NBA jerseys in a season, it gives a monopoly in the market to fix the price range without thinking about any competitors.

Where to Buy

While there are plenty of online portals selling basketball jerseys, finding an authentic one might be a challenge.,,, and are leading online stores that sell authentic NBA jerseys.

Other than these rebel Sport, Amazon, JD Sports, Nike, Basketball Jersey World, Throwback Store are a few more reliable sources.

You can buy authentic NBA jerseys, and hoodies as well. Here is a small list you can check:

  1. Mitchell & Ness Toronto Raptors Vince Carter 1998 Road Swingman Jersey
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  3. Flymon Men’s 33 Bryant Basketball Jerseys S-3XL
  4. BORIZCUSTOMS DeRozan Compton High School Basketball Jersey Stitch
  5. Adidas Women’s Reversible Basketball Practice Jersey
  6. Ultra Game NBA Men’s Sleeveless Jersey Tank Top Tee Shirt
  7. Ultra Game Men’s Fleece Hoodie Pullover Sweatshirt
  8. TUEIKGU Bugs 1 Space Men’s Movie Jersey Basketball Jersey S-XXL White/Black/Blue/Red
  9. Larry Bird Boston Celtics Mitchell and Ness Men’s Green Throwback Jersey
  10. Ultra Game NBA Men’s Arched Plexi Short Sleeve Tee Shirt
  11. Ultra Game NBA Men’s Active Knit Basketball Training Shorts
  12. Ultra Game NBA Men’s Sleeveless Jersey Tank Top Tee Shirt
  13. Mitchell & Ness Los Angeles Lakers Men’s Jersey 32 Magic Johnson Swingman Purple
  14. Ultra Game NBA Jersey Tank Top Mesh Sleeveless Muscle T-Shirt
  15. Ultra Game NBA Women’s Soft Mesh Jersey T-Shirt


What are the materials of NBA jerseys?

NBA jerseys are specifically made to collect perspiration and allow it to escape quickly. The requirement for fewer seams, less weight, and faster drying and cooling textiles was discovered during a four-year study of elite basketball players.

ClimaCOOL mesh material is used in the authentic jerseys, which are 90-gram polyester.

Did the NBA ever have any sleeved jerseys?

In 2013 Adidas introduced a newly designed sleeved jersey for the Christmas Day games. Because of controversies among players, the sleeved journey did not last long.

Are authentic NBA jerseys worth it?

Authentic jerseys are of the highest quality a fan can collect. To the fan apparel collecting the favorite players’ jerseys is a matter of pride that fulfills any worth.

Can I trade my NBA jersey?

After buying an NBA jersey if the player changed teams by trade, it is possible to replace them by the same store within 90 days of the purchase.


Jerseys are not just a piece of uniform. It symbolizes the pride and prejudice of the history of sports. For athletes and their fans, the quality of jerseys is a top priority, and NBA jerseys have been at the top of this service.

If you have read this far of the article, you have already known enough about who makes NBA jerseys, where to find them, their history, etc. Hopefully, you had an informative read.

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