Jeans have been a sort of cultural phenomenon in Western countries since the 1960s. Levi’s brand promoted jeans among the youth, and they are now a very widespread form of pants all over the world.

Now, jeans are like a part of our regular dress-up and also a fashionable dress for people of all ages. Urban Pipeline has been one of the most common brands in the west and popular among many. So let us find out who makes Urban Pipeline jeans and what makes them different.

About Urban Pipeline

The urban pipeline started its journey in 2004 as a men’s and children’s appeal. They are a private brand of Kohl’s so if you are asking “where can I buy urban pipeline jeans?” you can find them exclusively at Kohls. 

Following his success in owning supermarkets, Maxwell Kohl, the brand’s creator, began investing in department stores. Kohl’s opened its first store in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Urban Pipeline began its journey to provide high-quality items at a lower cost.

Maxwell Kohl initially priced his product in between high-end products and discounted products.

🔹 Acquisitions

Kohl’s has been bought by several firms over the years. Initially, the British-American Tobacco firm purchased them in 1972 and expanded the business. In 1986, a group of investors purchased the company and took it public.

Kohl was able to develop its business further as a consequence of these acquisitions, and by the 2000s, they had spread across the country.

🔹 Success

In 2021, Kohl became the largest departmental store chain in the US. Kohl acquired this place in 2012. You can find Kohl’s products in 1162 locations covering all US states except Hawaii. Everyone knows it as the Kohl’s Urban Pipeline jeans.

Kohl also became the 23rd largest retailer in terms of revenue in 2019. It has managed to put its name in both S&P400 and fortune 500 which establish the success of this company. Kohl earned second place as a departmental store in terms of retail sales in 2019.

Are Urban Pipeline Jeans Any Good?

Jeans are everywhere, and a slew of manufacturers are vying for market share. Many people do not devote much time to determining whether or not a pair of jeans is good. You should be aware of what makes a thing good because you will be wearing it.

So in this section, we will talk about what makes a pair of jeans good and whether Urban Pipeline has the quality or not.

🔹 Stitching

Probably the backbone of any jeans is its stitching. It is mandatory to have your jeans have better stitching for durability and the best fit. Some particular stitching should be considered like: 

Under tension, a good, hefty stitch will not pull, split, or unravel. So how do you understand whether your jeans have the best stitch or not? You check for two particular types of stitches, Double stitching, and chain stitching. If your jeans have these stitches then it has been made with extra care. 

So how do you understand whether your jeans have the best stitch or not? You check for two particular types of stitches, Double stitching, and chain stitching. If your jeans have these stitches then it has been made with extra care. 

From our usage, we found the Urban Pipeline jeans had better stitching. The stitching stayed true to its initial condition. We did not face stitches coming out from the pants it stayed tight and fine.

🔹 Fabrics

The quality of any garment is determined by the fabric. The first thing you should do before purchasing fabric is to touch it and feel how it feels. The fabric will now be lighter in the summertime collection and heavier in the winter collection.

Urban Pipeline has an extensive collection of jeans whether you are looking for something for summer or winter. Please keep in mind that the winter collection may initially feel a bit stiff but eventually they will get softer in use.

🔹 Stretching

The giant in the jeans market Denim has set a benchmark on how the stiffness of jeans should feel like. Now to understand the stiffness from the theoretical terms you can check the percentage of Spandex or Lycra in your jeans. 

But your jeans should not stretch too much from the original size. The best fit will be 1% from the original state so that it fits you better and the highest 2%. If the stretching happens more than 2% then you will not get the proper fit you wanted from the jeans. 

The good news is Urban pipeline does offer proper stretching for its price point. You can get one of these and they will remain true to their size even after years of usage. 

Well, that’s all about our overall reaction now are you excited to get your Urban Pipeline jeans? And you may ask where can I buy Urban Pipeline Jeans? Urban Pipeline was once exclusively sold at Kohl’s store but now you can find them in all eCommerce shops like Amazon, eBay, and even Kohl’s Online Shopping store.

Urban Pipeline Jeans Review

Confused about what model of Urban Pipeline is the one made for you? Then we are here to help. This section will discuss various Urban Pipeline Jeans and what we think about them.

🔹 Men’s Urban Pipeline™ Relaxed Straight MaxFlex Jeans

This Urban Pipeline jeans for man offers the classic Denim design but with a new and modern touch. Here you will get a total of 5 pockets, 3 in front and 2 back. A very common design for men’s jeans pockets you can say. 

On the top, there are zippers and a button. Rest assured about the fittings because prior customers of these trousers have raved about how well they fit and how comfortable they are.


There was a time when jeans were only meant for construction workers. The time has changed and Jeans have become an everyday fashion staple for men, women, and children. Brands like Denim and many other has produced some amazing good-looking fashionable jeans for all. 

Urban Pipeline has become popular among people for its cheaper product and uncompromised quality. With over 50 years of experience, you can enjoy Urban Pipeline Jeans without complaints.

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