Axe was the most common tool of choice when we used to do some work on trees. There were also many tools available to do tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression, etc. A chainsaw is an all-in-one tool that you can use to do this work. 

When you are planning to buy a new chainsaw you will find a huge amount of brands that are offering some of the finest chainsaws. In your quest to find the perfect chainsaw, let us talk about who makes John Deere chainsaws and check out if they are worth your attention.

History of Chainsaw

Man built his civilization by clearing forests, so yes the origin of the chainsaw is also linked with the forest. The need for cooking, shelter, and food has been fulfilled by trees. The more advance we got the more powerful tool we built. 

You may think the chainsaw started its journey as a necessity to cut down trees but you will be surprised to know that that’s not the case. The osteotome which is a tool to cut bones has a resemblance to the modern-day chainsaws. 

The mechanism of an osteotome was very similar to modern chainsaws as it features a chain with sharp-cutting teeth. We got the prototype for the modern chainsaw thanks to two Swedish doctors.   

About John Deere

The company we know as John Deere is a brand name for Deere & Company. Deere & Company is a well-known manufacturer of agricultural equipment, heavy machinery, forestry machinery, etc. Deere & Company has its headquarters in Moline, Illinois.  

Deere & Company did some excellent work with the John Deere brand and made them a popular American brand. Deere & Company’s hard work in the John Deere has brought them 87th place in the prestigious Fortune 500 in 2019. 

Deere & Company is a publicly-traded company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DE. The company’s logo is the very famous yellowish deer on a green background, they have been using different variations of the same icon since its birth. 

Deere & Company sometime takes help from other manufacturers for John Deere products. So, who built John Deere Chainsaw? Over the years Deere & Company took multiple manufacturers’ help to produce John Deere’s chainsaws. Those manufacturers are: 

  • Remington 
  • The Olympyk,
  • Pioneer,
  • Efco,
  • Echo,
  • Homelite, 
  • Many more

Currently, Homelite has manufacturing rights to the John Deere Chainsaw. 

How to Get John Deere Chainsaw

Unfortunately, you may face a bit of a problem if you want to buy a John Deere chainsaw, as getting your hand on one of them is a bit hard. If you are planning to buy a John Deere chainsaw from your local store then you have to be lucky to find one. 

Buying a John Deere chainsaw online would be a smart idea, as it is relatively easy to get a John Deere chainsaw of a specific model there. Even though it will still be hard to get one but there is always an option to buy a second-hand John Deere Chainsaw. 

Also, some online auction websites may help you to find a better John Deere chainsaw.

Parts For John Deere Chainsaw

No matter how good your product is, the part inside every piece of machinery tends to wear off with time. John Deere’s chainsaw is no different from it. Now, the question is can you get John Deere Chainsaw parts?

The good news is, that it is very easy to get your hands on some John Deere chainsaw parts. You can check online and offline for your required John Deere chainsaw parts.

Is Buying a John Deere Chainsaw a Good Idea?

John Deere has been a very common hardware brand in the USA, so you have mostly worked with some kind of John Deere tools before and liked the way it performed. Now the question is, can you say the same about John Deere Chainsaw? 

From our experience, the great news is John Deere was able to meet our expectations, unlike some other brands John Deere did not disappoint. If you have researched chainsaws, then you may hear a lot of good words about Homelite chainsaws. 

As we have mentioned before Homelite is behind the John Deere manufacturing process so you can have the best quality in your John Deere Chainsaws. Another interesting fact about John Deere is the pricing, as most John Deere chainsaws are affordable compared to other brands. 

John Deere got a lot of positive reviews on various eCommerce sites, the longevity and durability are what made John Deere chainsaws so popular. You do not have to worry when you have John Deere’s chainsaw as your partner. 

John Deere Chainsaws Review

John Deere Chainsaws are available in multiple models and colors. Finding the perfect John Deere Chainsaw model can be a bit tough. So here we will discuss one of John Deere Chainsaws’ finest and what we think about it.

The John Deere CS56 Chainsaw

This model from John Deere is easily one of the best chainsaw models that money can buy. With a 55.66cc engine with an 18-inch guide bar, the CS56 is made to handle multiple tasks on the farm or at home. The CS56 works best with anything between 16 to 20 inches. 

With positive reviews and customer Demand, the John Deere CS56 can be your next cutting tool.


John Deere has become a well-known brand with its hard work and dedication. The chainsaw from John Deere is also one of the most demandable products. We highly recommend a John Deere product for its amazing service and popularity. 

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