Power tools are fantastic items to have on hand, whether you need them for DIY projects or simple repairs. Power tools are necessary for many people’s occupations. Different power tool companies target various types of customers with their products. 

Not every tool is suitable for everyone, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider before buying a power tool. So let us check out who makes Snap On Tools and what kind of people should go for them.

About The Manufacturer

Snap-on formally known as Snap-on Incorporated is an American designer and manufacturer of high-end tools for professionals. Many top industries like aviation, marine, and railroad industry use their product to get their job done. 

Another lower-end tool brand owned by Snap-on is called Blue-Point. Snap-on has established itself as the preferred brand among professionals while simultaneously capturing the market for casual users by keeping the two brands apart.

So, does snap on manufacture its own tools? Yes, they do, and to maintain its manufacturing operations, Snap-On has multiple manufacturing plants throughout America. Snap-On also produces hand-held diagnostic tools for PC that are used in modern cars.ย 

Snap-On started its journey in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Joseph Johnson and William Seidman in 1920. To diversify its business, Snap-On acquired different companies over time. Some of the notable acquisitions are Pro-Cut, Car-O-Liner Holding, Dealer-FX group, etc.

Are Snap-On Tools Good?

Snap-On brand exclusively targets professionals with its high-end products. So, if you are ready to get professional with your tools should you buy Snap-on? We will look into everything Snap-On as a brand is offering for a better understanding of the quality of the brand.

๐Ÿ”น Price

Well, let us talk about the least favorite part of many first, as many people do not like the way Snap-On put the price tag on its product. Although some products from Snap-On are very reasonably priced many products are priced over the roof. 

Many professionals move on from buying Snap-On tools because of the insane pricing they do for some of the products. If you also feel the price is too much for you then there is always some reasonably priced alternative that is good enough for your professional work.

In later sections, we will discuss many reasons that can give you an idea of why Snap-On tools are this expensive.

๐Ÿ”น Build Material

If you are interested in high-quality tools then you may want to get chrome alloy tools and they are not cheap at all. Snap-On does not tell which build material they are using in its products. But based on the hardness level, you can tell it is a special blend with nickel-chrome plating. 

This material is so rich in quality that you donโ€™t have to worry about rust at all as these are super rust-resistance. You donโ€™t have to worry about Snap-On two either as they are durable and do not โ€œSnap-Onโ€ half while using them( Pun not intended ).

๐Ÿ”น Craftsmanship

By only using the best build material you can not get the best tools, you need the best craftsmanship too. Snap-On knows this very well and gave extra attention and care to its craftsmanship to make the best tool for professionals.

Snap-On uses the molding ( where hot liquid metals are poured into a mold or matrix ) method to create its tools. To eliminate contamination, Snap-On does this operation very carefully in a controlled area. 

Contamination is very dangerous and harmful for some tools as it can make the tools unusable, if you have ever used low-quality tools you may understand what we are referring to. Snap-On has high-quality control management by trained individuals to ensure the best quality for its products.

๐Ÿ”น Warranty

Hereโ€™s where Snap-On tools shine the most, you can expect lifetime warranties for almost all the products except for torque wrenches. In the power tools, Snap-On offers different warranties for different products but often you are expected to get one year warranty.

The warranty is one of the reasons why everyone loves the Snap-On brand so much. It is also the reason why Snap-On tools are so expensive as they have to add the replacement cost.

๐Ÿ”น Boxes

To keep your tools neat and safe Snap-On also sells tool boxes. Usually, you need to carry them outside then a great toolbox is something you need. Snap On toolbox is expensive as other products but you will get what you pay for.

๐Ÿ”น Brand Value

Whenever you want to buy something from a well-known brand like Apple you have to pay a lot more than usual. That is because the brand value of Apple and Snap-On is the Apple equivalent in this tool industry.

Snap-On Tools Review

Snap-On is the go-to place to get your premium tools. So before you go and get something from Snap-On why not check out the finest from them? Here is one of the best products from Snap-On tools and what we think about it.

๐Ÿ”น Snap-On Cordless Impact Wrench

The cordless impact wrench you can get from your local Snap-On truck or Snap-Onโ€™s official website will cost you around $800. You can expect to get 2 years warranty from Snap-On Cordless Impact Wrench. 

The Snap-On Cordless Impact Wrench features a brushless motor with โ…œ inch friction ring anvil. You can expect 240 ft-lbs of fastening torque with 325 ft-lbs bolt breakaway torque. This Cordless Impact Wrench can also do three variable forward and reverse torque settings.

Considering the price and feature we believe this is the best tool from Snap-On to have in your collection. 


Professionals need a brand that they can rely on and Snap-On has been this source of trust for many years. Snap-On always tries to do the best it can and provide maximum performance with excellent durability.

For those who are working professionally and need these tools, you can rely on Snap-On to make your business better and more prosperous. 

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