Whether you have a hobby in DIYing or you are a professional or you just need some handy tools to get the job done. A Proper hardware toolset can make all those jobs easier, but which brand you should go for? 

To find the perfect tool brand we will talk about Worx Tools here. So, let us discuss who makes Worx Tool and whether this is the brand you were looking for or not. We will also look into the matter of whether Worx tools are offering better deals than other brands or not.

About Worx Tools

Worx Tools are famous for its lawn and garden equipment and power tools. Worx is mainly a Chinese company, its main headquarter is in Suzhou, China. Worx operates in America from its North-American headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

A lawnmower dubbed the Worx GT was the first Worx tool to make its debut in China in 2004. In 2004, Don Gao, the creator of Worx tools, crossed paths with Tom Duncan, an American businessman, and together they decided to launch their company in the United States.

The journey for Worx in America was not a good start as many retailers refused to sell its product under the Worx brand rather they wanted to sell these products as an in-house brand. But Worx was not a fan of the idea so they started advertising with infomercials.  

In 2007, Worx was able to sell its first product in America which was The Worx GT electric trimmer and now you can get their products from most retailers. So, who makes Worx Tools? Their parent company The Positec Tool has manufacturing and distribution rights to the Worx.

About The Manufacturer

The Positec Tool Corporation or Positec is a power tool and lawn and garden equipment manufacturer. They are popular for manufacturing Rockwell Tools and Worx brands. You can get Tools from Positec in all the retailers like Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, etc. 

The name Positec is a play on Positive Technology. The founding father of Positec Don Gao started its journey in 1994. Initially, Positec was an original equipment manufacturer that manufactured products for Sears and Black & Decker. 

After losing its deal with Black & Decker, Positec determined to start manufacturing its own brand and Worx was the result of it.  Positec has come a long way and diversified its business by producing different types of tools and now has 12 subsidiaries with more than 4000 employees. 

Is Worx The Same As Black & Decker?

It is a very common misconception among consumers about the Worx brand. There is a fair reason for the misconception as we have said before, Worx’s parent company Positec was a manufacturer of the Black & Decker tools. 

Black & Decker eventually stopped ordering from Positec and started manufacturing themselves. Since then both Black & Decker and Positec have come a long way. Now, there is a bunch of notable differences between Black & Decker and Worx, why not check them out?

Also, this section will be a great place to find out how Worx is holding up compared with some finest brands and answer the question, Are Worx tools any good? 

🔹 Quality

When it comes to Worx you can consider them as average quality but some of its products are above average. If you are up for some light work or small repair then Worx can be a good choice for you. 

When it comes to little jobs, Worx tools perform better because they are sturdy and functionally sound. Although you might feel tempted, we don’t believe using your Worx tools for a professional job will be a good idea.

Worx’s parent company Positec is a Chinese company and that may make some of you step back but those who used this product will say Worx is a better Chinese brand than most you see. 

On the other hand, Black & Decker is also considered the best choice for light work. The cordless from Black & Decker is everyone’s favorite and is considered some of the finest in the market. Now, Black & Decker is also not recommended for professional use. 

But Black & Decker is a bit higher quality than Worx Tools and as an American brand, they may be the first choice for many people.

🔹 Price

Worx Tool prices are in the cheaper segment. Many of us may not regularly use tools to do some work so a cheaper tool that can get the job done is the perfect choice for them. If you barely use tools in regular life then we think Worx Tool is a great choice. 

In contrast, Black & Decker costs a little more than Worx’s tool. In light of the quality boost you receive from Black & Decker, we can conclude that the price is fair.

🔹 Warranty

For the majority of its products, Worx Tool offers warranties of three years. Depending on the tool you purchase, you can obtain a limited lifetime warranty from Black & Decker or a two- to three-year warranty.

So, for the warranty section, we can tell Black & Decker is a better deal.  

🔹 Portfolio

Given that Black & Decker is a more well-known company than Positec, it should not come as a surprise that they have more product lines than Worx. For outdoor equipment, some power tools, etc., Worx is a better option. However, Black & Decker will give you more options.

Is Worx a Good Brand?

The correct answer is it depends, if you are a professional looking for tools for professional purposes then we do not recommend Worx. But many are just hobbyists or looking for tools just to get the job done for them Worx is a perfect choice.


Because Chinese products typically have the lowest quality, many consumers are hesitant to purchase them. Worx is one of the Chinese companies that is doing quite well. We believe Worx might be an excellent option based on what this brand has to offer in comparison to other brands.

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