Often we need some tools to do a quick fix on something or we may want to DIY a new project. No matter the cause, a good set of tools from a reliable brand can be a blessing for anyone. 

Since multiple brands work to create some of the finest toolsets for different purposes, you have to choose the right brand according to your need and budget. So, what brand is better for you? Here we will talk about WEN Tools. 

So, who makes WEN Tools? Let us find out about what this brand is offering and what tools WEN is a perfect choice for you.

About WEN Tools

In 1950, WEN Tools began its mission to produce tools of the highest caliber at fair prices for everyone. Chainsaws, electric soldering irons, electric jigsaws, and other common equipment are now powered by WEN’s large R&D team.

WEN is also familiar with its revolutionary innovation in the electric power tool industry, they were the first company to introduce random orbital technology. This technology can be seen in polishers, waxers, and buffer that makes everything shiny. 

WEN has diversified its business and produced different tools like drill presses, tool chests, bench grinders, etc. In 2001, when WEN reached its 50th anniversary it reached the milestone of selling its products to 50 million customers. 

So, who owns WEN? The founding father of WEN tools Nick Anton is in charge of the company. You will find WEN’s headquarters in Dundee, Illinois. To this day, WEN is determined to give you its best collection of tools to get the job done. 

Are WEN Tools Any Good?

WEN has been a prominent player in the power tool industry for more than 70 years. By this time, the company has offered a lot of services and excellent power tools for us. But not every brand is meant to satisfy everyone, so let us find out if t WEN is a good choice for you.

🔹 Types of Tools

WEN products are versatile and they try to offer almost everything for everyone. Whether you are looking for manual or electric, WEN tools have it all. Here are some of the notable products from the WEN tool’s category.

👉🏾 Drill Presses
👉🏾 Power Saws
👉🏾 Sanders
👉🏾 Polishes 
👉🏾 Band Saw

Wet wheel sharpener, etc.

🔹 Overall Quality

WEN tools are generally extremely good, and several of them are above average. WEN provides fairly good durability and quality. WEN has adequate power and performance to complete the task. The best thing is that WEN tools are the easiest-to-use tools you can buy. 

If you want to do DIY projects or are a homeowner looking for something useful, WEN Tools was developed to improve the aesthetic appeal of your work. Although WEN tools are great to have for repairs, professionals might only want to utilize them occasionally.

Yes, we said WEN tools are above average quality but they don’t hold up well while continuous usage and heavy workload. So, if you are looking for something just to get some basic job done then WEN tools are an excellent choice for you.

🔹 Price

You get what you pay for is the perfect statement for WEN tools. With the quality and durability WEN tools are providing we can confidently say the price is very much decent enough. One of the reasons why many go for the WEN tools is because of the price.

🔹 Warranty

WEN is not a good brand when it comes to warranty as many of WEN tools’ product does not offer any sort of warranty at all. Many tools from WEN feature 90 days to 500 hours warranty, we don’t think so for a power tool it does not sound like a warranty at all. 

So, is WEN a good name brand? Well, depending on the price and quality compared with other power tools in the market, I guess we can safely say, you can consider WEN Tools as one of the best power tool brands.

Pros and Cons of WEN Tools

So far we have discussed everything you should know before buying a WEN tool. Now, let us review the pros and cons of the WEN Tools.

🔹 Pros

👉🏾 If you want a tool for basic repairing at home or DIY then WEN is the best
👉🏾 WEN is offering the best budget tools with excellent durability and weight balance.
👉🏾 Even if this is your first time using a power tool WEN’s flexible design will make it easy for you
👉🏾 Adjusting any WEN tools is fun and easy.
👉🏾 The finest thing about WEN is that it provides unique hydraulic cylinders that are not offered by other brands.

🔹 Cons

👉🏾 If you are a professional then WEN tools are not for you 
👉🏾 DeWalt is a far superior budget brand to WEN tools. 
👉🏾 Too much plastic in the WEN tools made them less durable than others
👉🏾 WEN’s circular saws can cause you some trouble adjusting.

WEN Tools Review

If you are ready to get WEN tools for yourself then here are our thoughts about one of the best WEN tools

🔹 WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press

This best-selling drill press on Amazon is the ideal option for you if you’re seeking a reliable benchtop drill press. The WEN 4208 8-inch drill press’s adjustable five-disperse speed provides for smooth and fine finishing.

With sturdy construction and affordable price, the 4208 from WEN can be your perfect Drill press.


There are not many that are made in China and also offer some good quality products, WEN tools are a bit different in this case. Although they are made in China WEN is an American company. Manufacturing in China allows the company to provide cheap and quality products. 

WEN was one of the revolutionary brands in the power tool industry and their continuous work will keep giving us the best product we want.

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