Good power tools can make your daily life easy; if you are a professional then you really need power tools from a reliable brand. Otherwise, a faulty or low-quality power tool can cause way more problems for you than the average DIYer. Think along the lines of being on a far out rural worksite with a cheap chinese impact driver that’s broken on you and then having to drive 100km get a suitable replacement that day to finish the job!. So as a professional, which power tool should you choose? 

Let us talk about who makes Metabo Tools and as a professional everything you should consider before buying a power tool for your job. Later, we will share our thoughts on one of the Metabo tools’ most refined products.

About The Manufacturer

Metabo, formerly known as Metabowerke GmbH, is a professional power tool manufacturer from Nürtingen, Germany. Metabo started its journey in 1920 and got the naming idea from a hand drill which is known as  “Metallbohrdreher”. 

You are expected to get different types of power tools from the Metabo brand. Currently, the Metabo brand is under the management of an American investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. 

Metabo’s founder Albrecht Schnizler was a brilliant man who built his first handheld drill in his parent’s bakery in 1923. Schnizler managed to sell 50,000 copies of those drills under designation no 18 which lead to the creation of  Schnizle GmbH. 

Today Metabo is a medium-sized company that is now targeting professionals to buy its latest products. So, what country makes Metabo Tools? Currently, Metabo is running its manufacturing operations from two manufacturing plants in Germany and China. 

Are Metabo Tools Good?

It’s crucial to take into account the power tool’s intended application, intended length, and anticipated frequency before making a purchase. Be sure to check before you buy because different power tool brands sell a variety of goods with different uses.

Metabo has been a top player in the professional power tool market for a long time and manufacturing some excellent professional-grade power tools. Metabo is also offering some industry-leading features that can help professionals to get the job done.

So, here we will discuss everything about Metabo tools that you should know before you get one for professional or personal use. 

🔹 The Best Part

The first thing you want to know about a product before purchasing it is what it offers. Here are a few of the top features you may look forward to after purchasing Metabo Tools.

🔸 Quality

The Quality of the Metabo Tools has earned the trust of the professionals and most professionals recommend using Metabo tools for professional use. Metabo Tools are powerful and reliable to get the job done.

🔸 Diversity

Metabo offers diversity in its product catalog means there are tools for everything. Some of the notable products from Metabo are 

  • Impact Driver
  • Drills
  • Staplers 
  • Saws, etc. 

So, you can get ready for your professional shop by getting everything from Metabo Tools.

🔸 Safety

Because using these instruments might be risky, you want suitable safety features built into your gear to protect you while working. Every tool from Metabo has a suitable safety function to protect users from mishaps.

🔸 Interchangeability

The battery should be the last thing on your mind if all of your tools are from Metabo. This is due to the common battery type used in all Metabo Tools. As a result, you can simply use a battery from another tool if you are working and one of your instruments has a battery issue.

🔸 The Best Battery Technology

Metabo is responsible for some of the finest cordless construction tools. Each construction tool from Metabo features a battery that is one of the finest charging capacities that can support you for a long time.     

The LiHD battery pack from Metabo offers 1400 watts and can back you up with its 8 amp-hour capacity.

🔸 Best Warranty

One of the top warranty services in professional tools is provided by Metabo tools. You don’t have to go through too many problems while claiming warranties from Metabo Tools. The XXL warranty from Metabo ensures a three years warranty if you register within the first month of purchase.

🔹 The Not So Best Part

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, everything has its fair share of flaws and Metabo is no different from that. Here are some cons you need to consider before buying Metabo Tools,

🔸 Price

We have mentioned multiple times that Metabo Tools are only focused on professional purposes. To make this perfect for professionals, Metabo has to do a lot more different than your usual homemade tools. 

It is no surprise that Metabo tools are crazy expensive, if you are looking for something to use casually then Metabo may not be the tools you are looking for.

🔸 Small Catalogue

You can discover that Metabo does not offer the same diversity as those other brands if you compare the product catalogs from other tool makers. The finest thing is that Metabo started to perform better after being acquired from Hitachi and afterward placed under Kiko Holding firms.

Metabo Tools Review

Metabo offers different tools for different purposes. Here is one of our favorite tools from Metabo Tools and what we think about the tools.

🔹 Metabo ASR 35 All-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

This Metabo vacuum cleaner is designed to remove trash from your workshop and construction site. If you’re wanting to clean concrete and rock dust, the ASR 35’s continuous extraction mode is the best.

Additionally, the ASR 35 offers an automatic cleaning feature that can help you save money and time. The ASR 35 from Metabo’s former owner enjoys the device because it gets 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, reflecting this.

So, if you are a professional and looking for something to clean up properly then the Metabo ASR 35 All-purpose Vacuum cleaner is the tool you are looking for.   


A company like Metabo has a great significance to rebuild our society. Metabo tools have earned the trust of professionals with their excellent tools. So, if you are a professional and looking for something to rely on then Metabo Tools is the brand you are looking for.

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