So you need to cut some trees down?! You may need to buy a good chainsaw! However, if you are new to chainsaws, it is not easy to know what to look into when purchasing or buying one. There are several things you should check:

  • Good design.
  • Lightweight and solid performance.
  • Safety features during use.
  • Cost Vs Value for Money
  • Good center of gravity.

From the above key features and from our review studies, Dereal Chainsaw is a semi-well-known brand that provides its consumers with high-value products with good performance and offers a variety of low-budget range chainsaws. In this article, we will look at the Dereal company and the different products they provide, in addition to if we think they are a good purchase!

Who Manufactures Dereal Chainsaws?

Dereal chainsaws are distributed by a US-based company in Irvine, California. While parts production and manufacturing are done in China. Dereal does its manufacturing under the Jon Cutter brand which seems to be based in China. 

What You Need to Know About The Manufacturer

Dereal is among the best-selling chainsaws brands in the world. They design their Chainsaws keeping the consumer’s ease of use and safety in mind. Its main objective is to provide good-quality machines with the latest technology and simple consumer features. Most of their chainsaws are convenient for both professional purposes and DIY tasks. The chainsaws that they produce are of reasonable quality for the price point.

Are Dereal Chainsaws Any Good? Advantages Explained

Dereal chainsaws are a an ok budget purchase, but they are not Stihl chainsaw or Husqvarna Chainsaw quality products. One of the key reasons consumers like the Dereal Chainsaw is because of their competitive prices. The Dereal brand provides products that are pocket friendly and they are also reasonably reliable which generates still more customers.

Dereal chainsaws provide its consumers with quality products when looking at the price point. The materials used to make the machine are durable and of reasonably good quality, increasing the machine’s longevity. They come with simple manuals that make it easy for users to assemble and use.

Dereal Chainsaw Features

The manufacturer has used a user-friendly design on its handle, which makes it comfortable and portable. Its grip is rough, which is an advantage, especially for users who are first-timers and even experts. In addition, one does not need a lot of energy to operate the machine as they are very well balanced; making it safer for daily use. These factors make the machine ideal for long-term use.

The Dereal chainsaws provide an automated lubrication system. This increases the durability of the machine, ensuring higher levels of reliability. The Dereal Chainsaw Chain is notoriously durable and there is decent availability for dereal chainsaw parts which is a definite plus point for potential owners.

The Dereal chainsaws have different levels of gas chainsaws that come with multiple features, like the saws air cleaning technology that removes big dust particles before reaching the machine’s air filter. It increases the engine’s life as less filter cleaning is required. Moreover, the chainsaws are designed to be light in weight, making them easy to handle, and one does not get tired easily. The Dereal Pro Chainsaw is a more heavy duty model designed for more industrial usage.

If you are worried about safety, the Dereal chainsaws come with a superior feature of a dual throttle system that regulates the fuel consumption that you may need to avoid overuse.

Types of Dereal Chainsaw

There are three different sizes of Dereal chainsaws that the company offers. Over time the company has updated the growth of the various models it manufactures by adopting new technologies as demand arises. They include the following;

DEREAL 38cc Chainsaw

  • It is the first level that has polymer chassis material. It makes it easy to handle and use as it is engineered for reliable performance
  • It is light in weight; hence no more feeling of fatigue now and then. 
  • It’s a reliable and long-lasting model.
  • Has a reduced air filter and a 2-stroke cycle engine.
  • It provides a 3-point anti-vibration system with a comfortable handle.
  • Has a comfortable handle design, non-slip and shock-absorbing.

DEREAL 58cc Chainsaw

  • It’s lightweight and has better material on the outer shell.
  • It uses the latest 2-stroke cycle engine, which is highly efficient.
  • It also has a quick stop chain brake that makes it more secure and balanced.

DEREAL 62cc Chainsaw

  • It comes with dual throttle switches and a high-quality brake baffle.
  • 10% less consumption fuel is used with a 2-stroke cycle engine.
  • It is coupled with a comfortable handle and strong build.

What Are the Best Dereal Chainsaws

From studying a wide variety of Dereal chainsaw reviews, the DEREAL 62cc Chainsaw seems to be their best model due to its special features. The double throttle switch and use of the latest 2-stroke cycle engine reduce its fuel consumption by 10%. It gives the user good performance and is long-lasting. Compared to the STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws brands, it is preferred due to its great performance and low cost.

According to Dereal pro store ratings, they have the best reviews due to their provision of good value products from customer’s experience. Users have frequently talked about the reliability, quality, and low cost of the Dereal chainsaws, which is likely to be behind the strong positive ratings.

Source : https://chainsawguru.com/single-product-review/

Dereal Chainsaw Review Video

Dereal Chainsaws Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dereal better than Husqvarna?

Users prefer buying Dereal brand chainsaws because they are less expensive than the Husqvarna. Similar price point products would be the Salem master chainsaw range or Poulan chainsaws (Poulan or Salem master are in fact superior in my opinion). Husqvarna chainsaws are of significantly higher quality than Dereal but are also more expensive, the same goes for Stihl which is a superior product but a higher price.

Are Dereal chainsaws reliable?

The Dereal chainsaws have an automated lubricating system that eases the oiling of the machine. It improves its performance and availability due to its lower price. 

Where are Dereal chainsaws made?

Dereal chainsaws are manufactured in China. However, the distribution company for this product is based in the United States.


The brand may provide few special features for use compared to the popular brands; however, their prices are fair. It makes sense for DIY users who just need a product to use but they are rated highly as a budget product due to their optimum performance in addition to using eco-friendly design for their manufacturing. Therefore, if you are searching for a chainsaw at a cheap price point, this purchase may make sense for you. If you are wanting a chainsaw for a lot of use or commercial use, you should look to more expensive higher tier brands like Stihl chainsaws, Husqvarna chainsaws or Makita chainsaws (not an exclusive list!)

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