Chainsaws are just what you need to complete all of your outside duties, but you can’t acquire them due to your dread of accidents and fatalities. Certain chainsaw brands are now linked with many characteristics such as heavy-duty and dependable to keep you fearless.

We were first dubious about Echo chainsaws before conducting an extensive study on chainsaws. But, in the end, it proved us incorrect. Now, the Echo brand is recognized as a reputable manufacturer.

In this post, we’ll go over the history of Echo Chainsaws, the finest items from this company, their pricing, and why they’re considered one of the best chainsaw brands today. All of this is discussed in this article, which is titled “Who Makes Echo Chainsaws.” We hope you find this information useful in forming your decision to purchase a reliable chainsaw.

Is Echo a good chainsaw brand?

Echo is a simple, honest brand of outdoor power equipment for the hardest applications. Whether you’re trimming limbs, cutting firewood, or chopping down a tree, the Echo chainsaw is engineered to last longer and work smoothly.

This usage of cutting-edge technology is making Echo such a reliable brand. Echo chainsaws have some unique features from other brands like – the on/off toggle switch, a clearly visible decompression valve, a larger knob on its air-cleaner cover, crisp chain-brake lever, broad torque curve, Pro-Fire ignition system ensuring fast & smooth starts. 

Echo’s vibration reduction technology allows you to effortlessly operate the chainsaw. To provide optimum protection and output, all the chainsaws are constructed using professional-grade components. To enhance your experience, a wide selection of complementing accessories are also available.

What Company owns Echo Chainsaws?

Echo Chainsaws are owned by Echo Inc., which is the largest subsidiary of Japan’s Yamabiko Corporation. This firm has a well-known brand thanks to its four decades of history. They are in charge of the entire process, from design to sales.

Your chainsaw’s origins may be determined by where you purchase it. Japan is the primary producer of Echo chainsaws. The firm also has factories in China and the United States, however, the latter is currently shuttered. 

The chainsaws are not manufactured in the United States; rather, they are assembled. The headquarters is in Lake Zurich, Illinois, employing approximately 800 people. The main Echo company is headquartered in Tokyo, with production and assembly facilities in Yokosuka and Morioka, Japan.

About the Manufacturer

Echo Inc., a company with a 70-year history, is currently a market leader in high-quality, professional hand-held outdoor power equipment. They can now boldly proclaim themselves as the industry standard-setter for the last 40 years, owing to their innovative technology and 27 distributors all over the world.

Echo Inc. makes its equipment from native and foreign-sourced components. Around 200 equipment types and 17,000 aftermarket items are produced by the firm.

Echo has a long history of success in addressing industrial and consumer demands for multi-purpose premium design product lines. Echo’s renowned engine is responsible for its legacy’s success. They created lightweight devices that are powerful enough for the most demanding tasks with the assistance of their outstanding two-stroke engine.

Echo Inc. also makes gas, battery, and power chainsaws in addition to the cordless standard electric chainsaw. They also manufacture a variety of outdoor power equipment. Blowers, brush cutters, and hedge trimmers are among their most well-known products.

History of the Company

The Yamabiko Corporation, located in Ome, Japan, is a Japanese power tool manufacturer established with the merger between Kioritz and Schindaiwa in September 2008. Kioritz, Shindaiwa, and Echo are the brands owned and sold by Yamabiko.

Kyoritsu Noki LTD (Later Kioritz Corp.) was founded in 1947 with the objective of developing pest control power backpack dusters. In 1963 they later produced the first 2-cycle chainsaw with the Echo trademark. In America, Kioritz Corp. was founded in Northbrook, IL in 1972 as Echo Inc. In 1978, they received their current official name.

Echo turned its attention to engineering and production after the success of chainsaws and the curved boom edgers and began production and assembly operations in 1979. Electric shafts, brush cutters, backpacks, handheld blowers, and hedge trimesters were soon expanded to include chain saws.

Is STIHL & Echo the same company?

No, as two different brands, Stihl & Echo are recognized for each of their particular characteristics. Both businesses are renowned for their residential and commercial gas and electric-powered yard facilities.

Stihl chainsaws give you the greatest choices and dependability. However, Echo has the best alternatives for trimmer, blower, and edger. Both offer outstanding multi-functioning tools.

Echo Chainsaw Pricing

The Echo brand created 22 distinct chainsaw models, each with its own set of characteristics. You can get a simple 30.5 cc Starter for $200, or a massive power surging 73.5 cc Echo X series monster for heavy-duty for $880. All of its other products are within this price range.

Echo chainsaws are available for purchase on the company’s official websites or through e-commerce merchants such as Amazon, eBay, or even in your local equipment stores.

Top Echo Chainsaws

1. Echo Gas Chainsaw CS-271T

Echo CS-271T is the lightweight chainsaw on the market that guarantees long-lasting performance. The 2-stroke, 26.9 cc engine is fueled by gas and weighs only 11 pounds.
For smaller limb trimming chores, this top-of-the-list chainsaw is the finest. A bigger tank frees you regularly from the burden of refueling. Included in the top handle, anti-vibration devices assist maintain a constant hand in light task work.

2. Echo CS-310 Gas Chainsaw

You want your chainsaw to have a lot of power? The Echo CS-310, which has a 14-inch bar, could be the ideal alternative for you. Trimming, pruning, and clearing shrubs from any property is easy with a 30.5 cc displacement engine.

Despite its little size, this chainsaw is worthy of praise for the technology it employs. Some of the greatest characteristics of this Echo CS-310 Gas chainsaw include a G-force Air Pre-cleaner for longer life, a top-notch built handle for comfort and safety, ‘i-30 starting technology’ for less effort to start the engine, and excellent usage of chain tensioner to reduce chain wear.

3. Echo Chainsaw CS-352 16 IN

The Echo Chainsaw CS-352 has a larger chain bar than other brand models, making it ideal for heavy work. The engine is a 2-stroke 34 CC displacement engine with a modified i-30 starting mechanism. With just a small tug, you can start the engine faster. You can avoid tugging the rope multiple times with a secondary spring.

This model was created by Echo engineers with the intention of working long hours. Some of the standout features of this chainsaw include a comfortable grip with anti-vibration technology, free access to the air filter, and a dual post chain brake system to keep you safe.


Finally, we’ve determined that if you’re looking for budget-friendly chainsaws that perform well in everyday chores, Echo Chainsaw is the way to go.

This article aims to clarify who makes Echo Chainsaws as well as give other important facts to help you understand them better. Hopefully, you found this article to be sufficient in meeting your requirements.

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