The Ryobi brand name may seem new to you. Because it is being introduced as a new brand. A chainsaw is a Ryobi-made portable gasoline, electric, or gas-powered saw. It can also be powered by batteries.

It is cut with a set of teeth linked to a rotating chain that moves along a guide bar. Tree falling, forest fire logs, wood gathering, and cleaning gardens are all common uses. It’s a vital device that’s used in a wide range of industries and mills. I’m here to discuss the best chainsaws. In this article, I’ll provide you some important information to assist you pick the finest chainsaw for your requirements.

Are Ryobi Chainsaws Any Good?

Ryobi makes good quality chainsaws according to its price range. This is perfect for you if you want to buy a chainsaw at a low price. Ryobi can give you a chainsaw for a minimum of 187.95 and a three-years warranty. As a new brand, they have been able to keep their quality very high.

There are a variety of manufacturers on the market when it comes to chainsaws and trying to pick one is irresistible. So why is Ryobi worth your hard-earned money? Don’t go with a Husqvarna or a Stihl instead? The answer is quite simple in my opinion; with those brands, you will pay double for very similar chainsaws.

I think Ryobi is great for people who have a bit more budget, and even though they may not be the equivalent of those companies. These are still very tough little chainsaws that you should consider.

Who Makes Ryobi Chainsaws?

Ryobi may seem new to some people because the brand is not as popular as a competitive brand. However, Ryobi chainsaws make great entry-level equipment for home use with a good price. Ryobi is a Japanese manufacturing company proud to manufacture a wide line of their powerful building hardware and printing equipment. It produces and sells for the electronics telecommunications and automotive industries.

About the Manufacturer

Ryobi first launched in 1943 under the name Ryobi Seisakusho Company Limited. However, it is now owned by Technical Industries Ryobi made their products in the United States (early 80s and early 90s), but now the ingredients are made primarily in China.

 Ryobi has a manufacturing plant in Shelbyville, Indiana. The world head office is located in Hong Kong, China. Ryobi can be found in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Ryobi Chainsaw Models

Ryobi presently sells 12 chainsaws, including gas-powered, electric-powered, battery-powered, and polar chainsaws. Their most popular brand is battery-powered, and it is geared towards ‘DIYers’ and homeowners rather than professionals or businesses.

Because of their ‘one battery fits all’ strategy, several of their battery-powered models for creating and selling are popular. This implies that many of their power tools’ batteries may be exchanged. All of the models have the same unique green and black hues that are emblematic of their respective companies.

Their products are well-liked and trusted all over the world, and they have firmly established themselves as one of the leading chainsaw producers.

Best-Seller Products

1. Ryobi P546 10 in. Cordless Chainsaw


  • It comes with a push-button oiler for simple chain maintenance and extended chain life.
  • Bar and chain, 10 in.
  • Chain tensioning is easily adjusted from the side.


  • The possibility of a kickback exists.
  • There is a lot of leaking.

2. Ryobi 18 inch 38cc Gas Chainsaw


  • Able to carry big weights
  • Handle with anti-vibration properties
  • Bar for safe-tup


  • Can easily be broken

3. Ryobi P547 14 in. Cordless Chainsaw Kit


  • A motor with no brushes
  • Oiler that works automatically
  • Handle that wraps around
  • Lithium Batteries Provide Long-Lasting Power


  • Occasionally, the battery dies too quickly.
  • It’s possible that the chain will slip off the track, necessitating constant tightening.

4. Ryobi P547 10 in. Cordless Chainsaw Kit


  • Tools, batteries, and chargers are included with the chainsaw.
  • Lubrication is simple and convenient with the push-button oiler.
  • It trims and cuts quickly
  • A large diameter cutting blade (10 in)
  • It has a simple side-access chain tensioning system.


  • Slower RPM

5. Ryobi RY43160 6 Amp Pole Chainsaw


  • The angled cutting head gives users complete control over their cuts, allowing them to make accurate and precise cuts.
  • The chainsaw is equipped with an automatic oiler for smooth running.
  • A three-year warranty is also included with the chainsaw.


  • Having trouble with tasks that are larger than 6 inches 

Ryobi Chainsaw Review

As you can see, the Ryobi Chainsaw series offers a wide range of choices and variants to suit a wide range of job sizes and forms. Ryobi specializes in manufacturing high-capacity machinery and equipment for all types of home renovation projects, including gas and electric.

Ryobi focuses on producing lightweight equipment with great power, comparable to that of its gas chainsaw competitors. As soon as you utilize a hefty machine, a lighter chainsaw is a more portable instrument that you can use for hours on end. Ryobi presents many high-powered, hard-heating chainsaw machines in either case.


Do Ryobi chainsaws have a warranty?

On hand-held products, they have 3 years of warranty.

Are these ChainsaHow long does a Ryobi Pro Chainsaw Last?

Ryobi has a horrible reputation for being a short-lived character. It does, however, make your money worthwhile.

How safe is a Ryobi Pro Chainsaw?

The chainsaw is self-contained, despite its good vibration. Furthermore, it has all of the safety measures that a chainsaw may have to help you feel comfortable.


The items from Ryobi pro are all designed to be user-friendly. In addition to chainsaws, it sells a range of gardening-related home items. I’ve tried to provide as much information on the Ryobi chainsaw as possible in this post. You can now utilize this information to get the Ryobi pro chainsaw that best suits your needs and make your job easier.

I’ve seen that they’re increasingly turning to battery-powered chainsaws. But that’s not a negative thing; all of the batteries on this list were excellent in my perspective. The main reason I prefer gas-powered saws is because I want to utilize the Ryobi RY3714, but the other two are as good. You can’t go wrong with any of the chainsaws on this list; you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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