If you go through a rigorous process of selection before choosing the tires for your car, then it proves how much you actually care for the car. A lot of factors should be taken into consideration before you buy tires. 

These include factors such as quality, workmanship, and other features which should be taken into account. In this article, the main focus is ironman tires, which is a concern of the Hercules brand that is growing fast.

It focuses on who makes ironman tires and lets you make an informed decision about the purchase of the tires.

Ironman Tires

Who makes Ironman commercial tires? Ironman Tires was founded in 1952 as a subsidiary of the Hercules Tires and Rubber Corporation. Hercules’ headquarters are now located in Findlay, Ohio. 

Ironman tires are economical and suitable for daily driving, despite the fact that the firm does not have the same industry image or technical innovation as the big-name manufacturers.

What Are the Places Where Ironman Tires Get Manufactured?

Who makes ironman commercial tires? Ironman tires brand is one of the sister concerns of the Hercules group. Ironman makes these tires in Ohio which is also the place where Hercules tires brand has one of its headquarters. 

Ironman has several manufacturing industries scattered here and there including in China. The tires are made in the Asian subcontinent but distributed all over the USA. If you are wondering why Ironman tire has its industry in China, then the answer lies in low labor costs.

Who Produces Ironman Tires?

A common question may be who produces Ironman tires? The parent brand of these low-cost tires, Hercules, controlled by Coopers Wheel and Rubbers, produces these tires.

Hercules is the only owner of these tires and is responsible for both manufacture and distribution.

With production facilities in China, the company directly distributes its goods to independent tire retailers in the American subcontinent, where it all began.

It now sells its tires to online shops to keep prices low. The fact that these low-cost tires are connected with a quality brand like Cooper boosts the purchasers’ perception of them.

Ironman Tires Price

In comparison to other companies in the same price range, Ironman tires are unrivaled when it concerns budget tires. According to both vehicle drivers and tire dealers, modern-day automobile lovers prefer low-cost tires to high-cost tires. 

Some folks do not have any issues with them. It is ideal for mid-priced automobiles driving around the city on a regular basis. If you have a high-performance automobile with cutting-edge features, spending money on pricey tires is a must. 

However, investing excessively in tires may seem like a luxury to some. This is when the Ironman tires price range comes in handy. These are extremely affordable, which makes them ideal for anyone who is on a budget.

Ironman Imove Tires

The question may come to your mind, who makes Ironman Imove tires? Ironman Imove tires are made by the same company that makes these Ironman tires. 

The Imove tires have excellent tread design and grip as well. This makes them ideal for snowy conditions. If you want tires that are suitable for your sports car, then Imove tires will be your best bet. 

Imove tires ensure stability and traction in dry and wet areas. These tires are thus great for slippery rain-covered roads as well.

Are Ironman Tires Safe?

Before finding out about the safety of these tires, the question might be who makes Ironman brand tires? Hercules brand makes Ironman tires. But, what we will be trying to focus on in this part of the Ironman tires review is their safety. 

Buyers and automotive specialists from all over the world have often questioned the safety characteristics of Ironman tires when compared to premium brand tires.

Two of the causes that raise safety concerns are limited tire life and low traction.

There have been instances of the tires blowing up in the middle of the road. There has been some uncertainty over whether or not you should buy these tires if you drive a mid-range vehicle.

But these occurrences are uncommon, and a puncture may happen to any tire. Nonetheless, based on buyer feedback, these tires seem to be as safe as other manufacturers, at least in this price range.

But the fact that it is a division of none other than Hercules, one of the most well-known companies in the automotive parts industry, instills confidence in customers too. 

The absence of features that promote safety is understandable given the inexpensive price.

What Is the Durability of Ironman Tires?

Ironman provides increased good quality of products such as tires, meeting the increasing consumer demands. 

Ironman, according to the name, denotes tremendous strength and endurance in the face of adversity.

Assuming that the tires are reasonably priced, the assumption implied by the term seems to be accurate. 

Ironman, like other low-cost tire manufacturers, does not provide a set mileage warranty though. 

At this pricing point, the lack of a mileage warranty is reasonable. The tread life is estimated to be about 40,000 miles based on customer feedback. It might go above this mileage for certain models.

Against this backdrop, the majority of tires in this price range deliver far shorter tread life compared to Ironman.

When it comes to durability, Ironman employs other materials instead of silica rubber compounds. This ensures decreased wear and tear and extended tread life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ironman tires be compared to other high-end brands?

Ironman tires can be compared to other high-end brand tires only because of their affordability. The affordability of these Ironman tires is their best selling point.

Do Ironman tires come with a warranty?

No, Ironman tires do not have any tread life warranties, which is their biggest disadvantage.


Ironman tires are a good option for drivers searching for no-nonsense tires at a reasonable price. Customer response to the company’s tires is favorable, and they are more respectable than other low-cost tires in the industry.

We hope we’ve been able to answer your question on who makes Ironman tires and also enlighten you about more information regarding it.

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