In this time of globalization, everyone has to constantly move from one place to another. The proper transportation system of this modern age has made globalization easy. The heart of a transportation system is its tires. 

Besides, we also travel for recreation or to have a great time with family and friends. A proper tire for our car can make our journey safe and enjoyable. Whether you want a tire for personal or professional use, Nexen tires got everything to fulfill your need. 

However, who makes Nexen Tires? We will try to explore the beautiful mind behind the Nexen Tires and check out what they are offering to us in the market. Also, we will share out thoughts on some of their products too.

About the manufacturer

Nexen Tire Corporation (Korean: λ„₯센타이어) is a Korean tire manufacturer from Seoul, South Korea. They started their journey in 1942 but they weren’t known as the Nexen Tire Corporation at that time. They were known as Heung-A Tire Company. 

For the last 71 years, Nexen Tire showed its expertise in innovation and keeps making tires that suit the new transportation technology. They have dedicated a facility to produce radial tires since 1985 in Yangsan, Korea. For a long time, their brand name was Woosung Tires.

They changed their name to Nexen Tires in 2000. Nexen Tire was also listed on the KOSPI 200 index futures market in the same year. KOSPI 200 is an honorable position, a list created by the Korean Stock Exchange that shows companies with great potential.

Technology and Achievements

Nexen Tire secured a patent for rubber/stratified silicate nano-composite tires in 2005. They did not show any sign of stopping. In 2006, they have developed a new UHP and Winter LTR/SUV pattern. They have earned the trust of consumers and their demand has increased by that time.

To cope with this massive demand for their product, they started a manufacturing plant in Qingdao, China in 2007. Their market share has increased from 8% to 20%. Their annual sale is also more than $600 Million. 

Nexen Tire currently created job opportunities for over 2000 employees. Nexen Tire is available in about 120 countries. So no matter where are you living, there is a chance that you can get your hands on Nexen Tires. 

However, who sells Nexen Tires? If you are looking for a dealer of Nexen Tires in your country then you are welcome to visit their official website: Nexen Tire β€Ί Dealer Finder

Should you buy a Nexen Tire?

Well, everyone wants the best tire for their cars or another vehicle. However, are Nexus Tires good? They are not only good but excellent and one of the finest in the market. They have excellent durability which makes them a value for the money.

Nexen Tires are all-season all-terrain vehicles which means you can get Nexus tires for any kind of vehicle. We will try to describe the performance of this tire part by part. 

πŸ‘‰ Dry Performance

The proper curve design in the tires allows them to have a good grip on the road. It is possible to drive safe and sound on the road at any speed with this tire. The user experience is smooth on dry roads at any speed. You can check other user reviews on Amazon or somewhere else.

Nexen Tires can bring new life to your old vehicle. They are compatible with any kind of vehicle and your old car can move like a fierce horse on the dry road with this tire. No other vehicle at this same price point can give the same performance.

πŸ‘‰ Wet Performance

During the rainy season, a car tire can face many problems. Sometimes a car slip or skats on the road and sometimes it can be deadly causing accidents. Users all over the world have vouched for the Nexen Tires for their amazing performance in the wet weather.  

However, barking can be harder on wet roads than on dry. This mainly occurs if someone is driving fast on the road. According to many testing, the barking gets harder when the speed is more than 43 miles per hour.

πŸ‘‰ Winter Performance

In winter, roads are covered with ice and snow, in this time many tires have difficulty having a good grip on the road. This can be severe as you cannot speed up your vehicle the way you want because breaks may not stop your car where you want to. 

In the U.S every year many road accidents happen in the winter just because of the slippery road. The Nexen Tire was able to hold up very well in the 10-inch deep snow without hustle. 

The three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) certification proves that the Nexen Tires are qualified for severe snowy situations. So if your area that’s a bit too snowy during the winter then you can easily choose Nexen Tire for your vehicle of choice.

Nexen Tire Review

Nexen offers different kinds of tires with different purposes. To help you choose the proper Nexen Tire for your car here are some of Nexen’s finest in the market and our thoughts about it

Nexen Aria AH7

This is a tire of choice for many passenger tires and CUVs. They offer a fantastic all-season experience with a better long-lasting experience. All of this at a cheaper price than others in the market.

Nexen Winguard

The Winter season can be a lot of issues for many car enthusiasts. To save them from this headache the Nexen Windguard offers excellent traction with good barking in the snow. They are also somewhat resistant to hydroplaning.


Like many other Korean companies, the Nexen Tire Corporation has concentrated on innovation and better quality in its product. People all over the world are satisfied with their performance and Nexen is working hard to provide the best for us.

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