Some say humanity’s biggest invention was fire others can disagree and say it was Tires. Whatever it is there is no denying that Tires are one of the oldest and most significant innovations of mankind. They have changed the transportation medium forever. 

Since the innovation of tires, human has worked hard to make them better than what it is. Lots of companies are working to provide the best tires for our vehicles. Kumho is one of the leading tire brands in the world.

So, who makes Kumho Tires? Let us find out and check some of their notable features. If you want to buy one for yourself, then later in this article, we will talk about some of their products. We hope this will be helpful.

About The Manufacturer

Kumho Tires is a Korean manufacturer producing tires for a long time. Their founding name was Samyang Tire. They are a subsidiary of a Chinese Tire conglomerate Doublestar. They started their journey in 1960. 

They have three brands working under their belt Kumho, Marshal & Zetum. Kumho has three manufacturing facilities in South Korea which are the Gwangju Plant, the Pyeongtaek Plant, and the Gokseong Plant. They also have their plants in China, Vietnam, and the US.

No matter which part of the world you live in you can get your hand on Kumho tire of your need because they export their tires everywhere. They also have various research and development centers in various parts of the world dedicated to innovating the best.


Kumho was a platinum partner of the Manchester United Football Club in 2007. They were the official sponsor of ManU, and also launched a road safety campaign at that time named “Play Safer”. 

They have sponsored European Formula 3 racing. In 2014, they were the official tire of the NBA confirmed by ESPN’s Twitter page. Nowadays they are one of the sponsors of the Spanish Football League “La Liga”.

Are Kumho Tires Good?

Kumho was once considered a small tire production company, with hard work and the innovative nature of their company they are now one of the leading tire brands in the world. Not only do they offer tires for small cars they also have luxury products, tires made for the finest sports cars.

To answer the question, of are Kumho Tires is good or not, we will discuss various aspects of their products are services. 


Buying the perfect tire for you can be confusing and costly. Everyone wants a great tire within their budget range. Kumho Tire’s price is more on the cheaper side. So the confusion of are they any good is normal in this case.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that because Kumho has dedicated itself to affordability and quality. Their business practice and product ensure a customer gets the best of the best at a cheaper price than others.


Any kind of product can get damaged during its usage. Replacing or fixing the issues can be costly, no one prefers to spend a lot of money on their brand new product. A great warranty system is always preferable by consumers. 

Kumho Tires provide the above-average tread life warranties. So you can get a Kumho tire for your car and have a nice comfortable long ride without any extra worries.

Design and Features

Kumho Tire is most suitable for a high-performance car. They are an all-season model which means you can use your Kumho tire in any kind of weather or situation. Kumho worked hard to make their tires work better for any kind of vehicle. 

Kumho features high-quality tires but without making the tires too expensive. Kumho always tries to provide the best deals for money to their customers. Let us check out their ratings on various performance tests, this will give you a clear picture of how good Kumho tires are.


With this rating, you can understand how durable your tire is. Most passenger tires will have 300 to 500 ratings in this section. Kumho tires with their various brands have a scoring of average 450+ on their passenger car tires. 


To know your tire’s grip you have the traction scores. These are measured with AA, A, B, or C grades. Almost all the Kumho tires have A in this section.


The road may get too much hot in the summer, and friction on the road can also increase the temperature of your tire. Therefore a good tire must have great resistance. These are measured with A, B, and C grading systems. Most of the Kumho tires achieved an A grade in this regard.

Kumho Tire Review

Kumho offers a huge variety of products for their customer. In this section, we will talk about some of their great products in the market. This may help you to find suitable tires for your need. 

1. Kumho IZen KW27

This is a high-performance winter tire from Kumho. Made for passenger cars, this tire has an amazing grip on the road. Despite the road getting a bit slippery during winter, you can have a safe journey with their tires. Cars with 350+ BHP is the best match for this tire.

2. Kumho Ecsta PS91

Kumho also provides great tires for various supercars in the market with their latest technology. And the Kumho Ecsta PS91 is one of their achievement in the supercar field. Models like Audi RS and Marcedes Benz AMG models are also using this model.


Qingdao Doublestar, who owns Kumho Tires has worked hard and innovated some amazing technology over the year which helped Kumho to become one of the leading tire producers in the market. Not only do they produce high-quality tires but also super affordable ones too. 

Kumho Tires also provide a great after-sale service so the customers can buy their tires without having extra worries. With their amazing customer support and product, you can have a Kumho Tire for your car and have a good time riding your ride.

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