A tire is like a leg of any transportation system as they help the vehicle move from one place to another. Well, I guess it is more than that because the sole purpose of a vehicle is to move something or someone from one place to another. 

With the increasing number of vehicles every year, there is a massive demand for tires as well because we often have to replace those tires if needed. In the current market, there are tons of companies that are producing tires for different vehicles. Continental is one of the big names.

So, who makes Continental Tires? We will discuss their manufacturer and have a look at their product. If you want to get a Continental tire for yourself then good news for you! We will discuss some of their products too.

About The Manufacturer

Continental AG is mainly known as Continental and colloquially Conti is a German manufacturing company expert in the brake system, powertrain, chassis, and interior electronics. The company is structured into 6 divisions. 

  1.  ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).
  2.  Powertrain
  3. Chassis and Safety
  4. ContiTech
  5. Tires 
  6. Interior    

Under the Continental brand, they sell tires for various vehicles like motorbikes, bicycles, and cars. Continental not only sells Continental tires but also they have various brands under their belts operating in different regions with different products. Some of those brands are

  • General (US/Canada)
  •  Euzkadi (Mexico/Latin America)
  • Semperit (industrial applications)
  • Viking (limited global presence)
  • Gislaved (Canada, Spain, Nordic Markets)

Short History

Continental started its journey as a rubber manufacturer in 1871. The continental was not a tire brand until 1898 and earned a massive success in it. They are the first company in the world to manufacture grooved vehicle tires in 1904.

Continental started making detachable wheel tires for touring vehicles in 1905. Continental became the biggest tire manufacturing country by merging with several other companies in 1920. The company name in German was “Continental Gummi-Werke AG”.

Continental Vs Michelin

Continental is one of the biggest tire manufacturers in the market and they have a firm grip over the tire market. Their rival Michelin is not just sitting and looking at Continental’s success, they are also doing their best to attract the consumers in the market. 

If you want to buy a tire for your car in the market you may often get confused between Continental and Michelin. We will talk about both tires’ notable features, hope this will help you to decide what’s good for you.     

As we have discussed Continental before so we will just talk about Michelin here.

About Michelin

Similar to Continental, Michelin is also a century-old company. With its innovation and hard work, it is now one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world. As of 2020, they have surpassed Bridgestone in financial achievements. 

Michelin has sub-brands like BF Goodrich, known for their performance and SUV tires and in the budget-friendly section, Michelin is dominating with another sub-brand, Uniroyal Tires. Let’s check on some of their notable innovation in this field.

Michelin Acoustic Technology

This technology is to produce noise-free tires. This technology reduces the tire’s vibration while rolling on the road. The noise reduction is said to be about 20%. This allows us to have a comfortable road journey without some annoying tire noises.

Michelin Self-seal Technology

Roads are filled with unnecessary junk that can be harmful to your tires. Getting your tire punctured in the middle of nowhere can be the worst thing you can imagine. To prevent this Michelin invented its Self-seal Technology.  

This technology uses natural rubber sealant inside the tire, protecting tires from puncture and other harm and ensuring a great journey. 


Continental is also working hard to introduce the latest technology to its consumers. Let us discuss some of the greatest Continental Technologies.

Continental ContiSeal Technology

Similar to Michelins Self-seal Technology, the ContiSeal Technology is also meant to protect tires from their unnecessary junk, This innovation can prevent 80% of punctures, and not only that, you don’t have to completely replace your tire even if it’s harmed.

Continental Run-flat Technology

This is one blessing of innovation. The Run-flat technology allows you to keep driving even if your tire is punctured. This can help you to move about 50 miles with a punctured tire.

Continental ContiSilent Technology

Weird noises from tires can be irritating. To solve the issue Continental introduced their ContiSilent Technology. Outfitted with an inner absorber this helps to reduce vibrations and provide a silent and beautiful journey

Both tire brands have worked hard to make the customer experience better. Now it’s up to you to choose what suits you the best

Continental Tire Review

We have talked a lot about the Continental Tires. However, are Continental Tires good? Let’s find out by checking some of their best products.

1. Continental PureContact LS

The best tire for passenger cars, the Continental PureContact LS offers a comfortable ride with great wet-condition barking. They are also available in different sizes too. You can find suitable tires for your design.

2. ExtremeContact Sport

The name is already giving it away, this tire is focused on performance. This tire suits the best high-performance engines. Powerful road beasts like BMW’s motorsports division are using these tires. 

To handle the power of a great engine this tire has an amazing design that not only looks good in the field but allows the tire to have a great grip on the road.


With over 100 years of great service and innovation, Continental Tires has become one of the leading tire producers in the world. Are Continental Tires expensive? With a brand value like this, of course, they are a bit more expensive than others in the market. 

They also offer a great deal for this price. With great service and protection like this, you can choose any tire from the Continental AG and enjoy a silent and great ride with your loved ones.

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