Every wardrobe has a pair of jeans because they are a basic outfit. Invest in a good pair of jeans that will last you a long time. But it’s challenging to find good jeans. There is always an issue with good fittings, even if you find the perfect pair.

There are numerous brands in the clothing industry that offer the highest-quality jeans. Good American jeans are one of them. They are known for their wide selection of plus-size clothing and soft fabrics.

However, in order to learn everything, we compiled information on who makes Good American jeans and the caliber of their goods. Here you can find information on the brand’s price, quality, and other important details.

Who Produces Good American Jeans?

Emma Grede and Khloé Kardashian launched the women’s apparel line Good American, which caters to women of all sizes.

Good American was established in 2016 by global celebrity Khloé Kardashian and fashion industry expert Emma Grede, both of London. One million dollars was made during its debut promotion on the first day.

The brand’s co-founders were motivated to start the company by their own aggravating personal shopping encounters because they frequently had to change denim to get the correct fit for themselves.

Grede and Kardashian’s product portfolio widened to include sportswear and other clothes in 2018 as a result of the brand’s swift growth in popularity.

Where are Good American Jeans Made?

Good American is an all-American denim company that produces jeans in Los Angeles with a full-figured and more robust design.

It’s important to note that even though jeans were made in the US, they contained supplies from around the world. The business announced in 2018 that it would no longer be “100% American-made”. The manufacturing for many of the goods got offshored as time went on.

After doing extensive research on the Good American website, we learned that while the majority of the products are put together in Los Angeles, California, the supplies (and a small number of products) get outsourced.

Are Good American Jeans Good?

The Los Angeles-based company is well-known for its extensive assortment of sportswear and jeans in sizes varying from 00 to 30.

In addition, it launched a selection of Good American swimwear and pregnancy clothing, as well as outfits, leather, workwear, and jackets. In other words, this brand is known for making people feel good through its clothes.

The upgraded fundamentals from the premium brand Good American make getting ready simple. The company provides three cuts—slim fit, super high-rise, and straight leg cuts—under the names Good Legs, Good Waist, and Good Cuts.

Moreover, Good American jeans are trendy and useful because of their thoughtful design features. These jeans appear to be justified, going by the buzz all around them. Numerous customers praised the fit, softness, and lack of shape loss or expansion in the jeans.

Good American Jeans Review

Let’s take a closer look at some Good American jeans to gain more clarity.

🔹 The Good Legs

Because of their excellent elasticity and recovery material, these jeans will look fabulous on you repeatedly. Really well-fitting to the body shape and highly cozy. Since the jeans aren’t thick, moving around is simple. 

🔹 The Good Waist

Multiple pockets are included in this pair of ultra-stretch pants for optimal comfort and support. With these trendy jeans, you can also practice environmental responsibility because of their recycled materials.

It fits through the thighs like a high-waisted slim jean but features a straight-leg jean’s broader cuff length. Sizes 00 through 26 are available in the Good Waist.

🔹 The Always Fit

The Always Fits closely resembles the original thanks to its super-stretch construction, which adapts to changes in your body shape. These jeans will adjust down or up with you regardless of weight gain or loss, delivering a great match.

This pair of jeans features a traditional five-pocket design, a zip fly with button closure, a high-rise waist, and distressed knee caps. They are available in medium blue wash or blue-grey wash.

Are Good American Jeans Successful?

In order to create the new range and give brand-new, well-fitting jeans that won’t require modifications, Khloe teamed up with ITB Worldwide CEO Emma Grede.

The clothing line was initially only going to be a denim line. Still, Kardashian and Grede changed their minds and started thinking about other options after Good American easily made $1 million in sales on its first day (the most successful denim launch in clothing history!).

The brand diversified its products the next year to include items, trousers, swimsuits, and T-shirts. The other clothing is available in many different sizes, much like jeans.

However, according to the Good American Jeans assessment, the brand is worth it even if many people are just attracted to it because of the Kardashian association.

Are Good American Jeans Expensive?

Nowadays, you can purchase a pair of Good American jeans for less than $100, and in some cases, for less than $50, compared to the regular price of over $100. For instance, these Good Boy high-rise jeans are currently $40 off their regular $179 price.

The majority of the items are under $200 in value. If you’re getting ready to shell out a significant sum of money for a pair of premium pants, you should definitely buy them. It’s worth it if you’re willing to spend more than $100 on jeans.


The conclusion of this article is finally near. One of the highest-quality pairs of jeans you will ever own is good American ones. They have improved comfort beyond what is found in conventional jeans. Despite the price, you won’t feel ripped off after buying these beauties.

In this article, we made an effort to provide information on who makes Good American jeans. We hope it will assist you in finding the perfect pair of jeans.

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