During some extreme work, your body would need an extra protective layer. Jeans were invented as extra protective clothing during extreme work. Nowadays, Jeans are a part of fashionable wear and a very common type of clothing for all sorts of people. 

Curve Appeal has been one of the proud manufacturers of some great jeans but are they good enough for you? Join us, as we will describe who makes Curve Appeal Jeans and some appeals of the brand that you should be aware of.

About The Manufacturer

So, who manufactures Curve Appeal Jeans? Curve Appeal jeans are designed, manufactured, and distributed by the Mamiye brothers. They pride themselves on manufacturing different kinds of jeans for people of all ages and genders. 

Mamiye brothers is a family business operating for more than 70 years. 

Mamiye brothers started their journey in New York in 1947, manufacturing some fantastic appeals. Mamiye brothers have some notable brands under their control to diversify their business a bit more. Those brands are: 

  • Flapdoodles, 
  • Little Me, 
  • Guess Kids, 
  • Wallflower and 
  • Kensie. 

 Mamiye Brothers offer its products globally and ship them to more than 13,000 retailers worldwide. So wherever you are from, there is a chance that you can get Curve Appeal jeans for yourself. 

Are Curve Appeal Jeans Good

Curve appeal has been manufacturing some trendy and fascinating jeans for the consumer. So let us talk about what makes a curve appeal to a special kind of jeans. 

๐Ÿ”น What are Curved Jeans?

What are we saying curve jeans are known by many names. So, what are curved jeans called? Some of the common namings of these jeans are: 

  • Curved jeans,
  • Elongated Jeans,
  • Extended jeans
  • J shaped jeans

๐Ÿ”น The Specialty of Curved Jeans

Curved jeans are a bit trendy nowadays so the question is what is so special about them? Whenever you buy jeans it is often hard to get a perfect size. Mostly jeans are designed to fit in the โ€œperfectโ€ body standard but perfect jeans should fit every shape. 

To keep that in mind, Curve Appeal jeans offer multiple features that enhance your curve more than regular jeans. If we consider regular jeans you may find a bit of gap in your waist after you wear them, the gap can be more prominent if you have thick thighs and go for larger waist jeans.

Curvy jeans can solve that issue, as Curvy jeans have more thigh and hip space with smaller waist space. So, you wonโ€™t have that gap in your waist. Also, Curvy jeans can make your make side more attractive compared to other jeans. 

๐Ÿ”น Who Sells Curve Appeal Jeans

Mamiye Brothers send Curve Appeal Jeans to some retailers globally to sell them, you can visit those retailers to buy a Curve Appeal Jenas. Some well-known retailers of the Curve Appeal jeans are: 

  • Walmart
  • Macyโ€™s 
  • Nordstrom rock and many more. 

If you are looking to buy one Curve Appeal Jeans then it is very common to find one on secondhand websites like Poshmark and ThreadUp. Buying Curve Appeal jeans from any of these sites can be a bit cheap. 

And Classic Denim usually gets more comfortable after wearing them for some time. So, buying a second-hand Curve Appeal may not be that bad of an idea. 

๐Ÿ”น Sizing

Curve Appeal has a large variety of sizing in its product. No matter what size you are Curve Appeal has something for you. You can do a quick google search to find out which retailer has the most variety of Curve Appeal jeans sizes. 

As we have mentioned before, Curve Appeal has determined to create something perfect for everyone, of course, they are offering plus-size jeans too. If you check Walmart, you will find Curve Appeal jeans in sizes 4 to 29.  

Curve Appeal Jeans Reviews

Curve Appeal has a large variety of products for different kinds of people, so which one of Curve Appeal you should buy? To make your life easy we will talk about multiple Curve Appeal Jeans so that you can find the best one for you.

๐Ÿ”น Women’s Plus Size Slim Fit Curve Appeal Stretch Mid Rise Ankle Girlfriend Jeans

Available in medium blue and light these Curve Appeal jeans have 3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. These jeans have the characteristics of a raw hem. The soft and comfy build material will always provide you the maximum comfort wherever you wear it. 

To ensure maximum comfort, Curve Appeal uses soft stretchy material, the midrise is also there to provide a perfect fit every time. These Girlfriend jeans from Curve Appeal also ensure the perfect fit for any kind of curve.

These jeans also have a curved yolk and angle dart in the back to provide extra support for the backside and make it look more attractive. The best part is, that these Girlfriend jeans from Curve Appeal are one of the most practical jeans that any woman can get. 

๐Ÿ”น Dark Wash Rinse Curve Appeal Skinny Jeans – Women

If you are looking for something skinny from Curve Appeal then this is perfect for you. Curve Appeal offers options for both zip fly and button in your jeans. There is a slit pocket that can provide you with some portability. 

Dark Wash Rinse Curve Appeal jeans also have some comfortable build material to provide you with maximum comfort. The build materials contain: 

  • 52% cotton 
  • 37% rayon 
  • 10% polyester 
  • 1% spandex

What this fantastic pant offering in such price we recommend this as your daily wear. 


If what you wear does not fit you well this may look bad on you and have a slight impact on your confidence. Curve Appeal has come up with the solution and provided us with jeans that are made for everyone. 

The durability and comfort of Curve Appeal have made this a product that you can trust. 

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