A luxurious way to spend time with your loved ones is camping in an RV. A quality RV can provide you with the refreshment you are looking for on a holiday. To get the best experience you want something reliable and trusted by the consumers. 

One of the notable industries in the RV business is Thor Industries as they are responsible for selling 25% of all the RVs sold in the US. Cruiser RV is a part of Thor industries. So, why not check out who makes Cruiser RV and what are they offering.

About Cruiser RV

American RV maker Heartland Recreational Vehicle is based in Elkhart, Indiana. Brian Brady, a former CEO of Damon Corp., founded this business in 2003. By building a fifth wheel, Heartland launched its manufacturing endeavor in March 2004.

Cruiser RV handpicks its team to ensure a better workforce who can manufacture the best quality RV in the market. Cruiser RV specializes in lightweight and laminated trailers. The lightweight Cruiser allows you to move more equipment with your truck. 

So, who owns Cruiser RV? Cruiser RV is under the management of Heartland Recreational Vehicles. On the other hand, Heartland Recreational Vehicle is owned by Thor Industries. So you can say Thor is in charge of Cruiser RV.

About The Manufacturer

Heartland Recreational Vehicle is an American RV manufacturer from Elkhart, Indiana. Former Damon Corp CEO, Brian Brady started this company in 2003. Heartland inaugurated its manufacturing mission in March 2004 by creating a 5th wheel.

Initially, Heartland’s first 5th wheeler came to the market under the Landmark brand name. The Landmark brand was introduced in December 2004 in Louisville show.

Landmark introduced was with some excellent features like Universal Docking Center (UDC), a patent-pending front cap design for an 88-degree turn with a short box truck, and Texas-sized unobstructed pass-through storage. 

Heartland’s parent company Thor Industries is responsible for selling 1 out of 4 RVs in the USA. Thor is undoubtedly one of the most influential companies in the RV industry. Thor Industries is also an Indiana-based company.    

Anyone who has ever researched RVs is familiar with Thor Industries. If that is not the case then you must have heard about one of its subsidiaries like Jayco inc, Forest River RV, Heartland RV, etc. 

Cruiser RV Reviews

The cruiser has been producing some fantastic RVs under different models with great customer and critic reviews. Every Model serves a different purpose and targets a different audience. It is safe to say, every Cruiser RV model is a bit different from others. 

So to understand how good Cruiser RV is, we will talk about two different Cruiser RV models, Cruiser Shadow Cruiser and Cruiser Rv radiance. We will also talk about what we think about both of these brands.

🔹 Cruiser Shadow Cruiser RV Reviews

This model from Cruiser RV is determined to give you the best experience with yourself and your family. You may ask, who makes Cruiser RV Shadow Cruiser? Like all the products from Cruiser RV, this model is also made in Thor Industry. 

To discuss this model we will check out the top 3 Cruiser RV Shadow Cruiser. This will give you an overall idea about the Shadow Cruiser model. 

🔸 Cruiser Shadow Cruiser 225RBS

If you have a family of 4 members then the 225RBS may be the one you are looking for. This Cruiser RV keeps the reputation of being lightweight with a sliding king-sized bed or master bedroom. The U-shaped dinette allows you to fold and make beds for two kids. 

The kitchen offers almost everything you can expect including a three-burner stove, a dual basin sink with a high-rise faucet, and proper spacing to move around.

🔸 Cruiser Shadow Cruiser 239RBS

Your mind will tell you to spend the rest of your life on a vacation when you have a 239RBS as your camping partner. The Kitchen inside this RV offers a griddle, it can make your BBQ experience a lot easier with side dish cooking

You will get a walk-in pantry at the door, so your coats and other necessary stuff will be in your grab. So, you can just have a nice camp night outside without rushing inside to grab something you need. 

🔸 Cruiser Shadow Cruiser 280QBS

Do you want to have a good party? Then The Shadow Cruiser 280QBS is the perfect choice for you. The 280QBS features a private bunkhouse with triple bunks. The king-size bedroom is surrounded by a Wardrobe so that you can get all your clothes within your hand’s reach.

And the pass-through storage is the perfect place to carry your camping goods.

🔹 Cruiser RV Radiance Reviews

Now, let us move on to our next model that is the Cruiser RV Radiance. So, who makes Cruiser RV Radiance? Thor Industries is also in charge of manufacturing and distributing the Cruiser RV radiance. 

Like other Cruiser RVs, the radiance is also lightweight and can provide a sleeping place for about 5-9 people depending on the model. The radiance also has varieties of floor plans, 12 to be exact. The floors inside a Radiance are also durable, made from plywood.

Fully Belly storage is a Cruiser RV exclusive feature that is also prominent in the Cruiser RV Radiance. The 6’11” barrel roof ensures your space overhead which is better than a conventional flat roof.  


Regular RV can have some heavy toll on your truck because of weight. Cruiser RV has changed the game by providing a lightweight RV that is easy to pull. With reliability and durability, the Cruiser RV is something you can get without a second thought.

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