When you start looking for the best RVs out there, the first name that should come to your mind should be Crossroads RV. Crossroads RV manufactures campervans, travel trailers, haulers, and fifth-wheelers for the enthusiastic campers out there.

Crossroads RV keeps in mind that it should bring the best of both worlds-luxury and comfort in their products. Crossroads RVs are manufactured by Thor Industries for the campers out there. If you want to find out further about who makes crossroads RV, then read on.

About The Manufacturer

Before you read anything more about Crossroads RV, you need to find out who owns crossroads RV. Crossroads RV has been manufactured by Thor Industries for a long time.

Thor Industries is known for making conventional and fifth-wheel travel trailers. The brand is known for making campervans or motor camper vehicles that are meant for all different users. Thor is an American company known for its RV lines.

Thor Industries was first founded by Thompson and Orthwein in 1980. Since then, Thor Industries has grown both organically and inorganically by producing world-class RVs. The brand owners aim to maximize quality and reduce costs at the same time.

The manufacturer has many achievements in its line of trailer van production. In 1982, THOR acquired the company called General Coach, which is a Canadian company. Many other brands such as Goshen Coach and Keystone RVs, were acquired by Thor Industries.

Where are Crossroads RVs Manufactured?

Crossroads RVs are manufactured in Topeka, Indiana. The website reads that at least 600 people are working at the manufacturing facilities of the Crossroads RVs. 

In the USA, most of the RVs are manufactured in Northern Indiana. The reason why Crossroads RVs chose Indiana as a site for its manufacturing facilities is that it is easy to bring in the supplies for the production of these vehicles and they can closely control quality of the finished product.

History of The Manufacturer

Thor Industries started its journey in 1980 when Wade F.B and Peter B. acquired Airstream, a recognized name in the history of brands. During the recession, Airstream did not do very well. But under the ownership of Thor, they started to flourish.

In the early 1980s, Thor acquired a General coach. In 1991, Thor acquired Dutch Manufacturing, a unique line of travel trailers and campervans. In 2001, Thor obtained another line of RVs, Keystone RV.

In 2020, Thor took over the Tiffin Group. This is a premium lineup of luxury campervans and travel trailers, that is known for its luxuriousness and brand loyalty.

As of 2021, Thor has acquired another company called Airxcel, a supplier of RV components and accessories. Airxcel produces components required for the heating, cooling, and ventilation of these RVs.

What Kind of RVs are Manufactured by Crossroads RVs?

If you are wondering who makes the crossroads zinger RV, who makes crossroads cruiser RV, and who makes the crossroads sunset trail RV, then you are on the right track. These campervans are made by Crossroads RV.

These campervans feature large beds and solid additions such as a solid countertop, refrigerators, and other technologies. The interior decorations are top-notch in these RVs. It includes modern wooden cabinets, lighting, and even fireplaces.

Which Ones are The Smallest RVs by Crossroads?

Zinger Lite ZR18RB is the smallest RV by Crossroads. It has all the luxuries, comforts, and amenities to accommodate families. But at the same time, it is lightweight enough to be hauled around with ease.

The campervan has a length of 21 feet. It even comes with a deluxe size queen bed. Amenities such as washrooms, kitchenettes, and storage spaces, all are included with this luxurious but small campervan.

It may be small, but it ticks all the boxes on our list to be a top-notch RV. If you are someone who is looking for a lightweight and budget-friendly RV, then this is the right option for you.

Which One is The Most Popular RV by Crossroads?

The most popular line of RVs by Crossroads is the range of Cruiser campervans. The Cruiser line of vehicles has many different options for you. There are at least 8 different floor plans for these vehicles. 

Kitchenettes, lounging areas, lavatories, and installments such as cabinets, all are included in this line of vehicles or campervans. This is an all-in-one package as it comes with everything that you need when you are out with your family and friends.

Which is The Biggest RV by Crossroads?

The biggest RV manufactured by Crossroads is the Cruiser CR3851BL. The CrossRoads Cruiser CR3851BL indeed has the biggest and most elaborate floor plans among them all. This campervan is 25 feet in length and includes all of the typical amenities needed.

The Regal campervan features a king-size bed, a fully equipped kitchen, an amazing lavatory, and a lot of storage space as well. It is also important to note that this trailer van is incredibly heavy and weighs 12,500 lbs.

But one word of caution would be that you need to be able to afford this. This is because the expenditures are quite hefty for this RV. A lot of crossroads RV reviews cover information about this unique campervan.

Price of Crossroads Trailer Vans

These trailers are available at a range of budget-friendly and high-end prices. The Zinger lineup of campervans starts under $24,000. The more luxurious lineups of this brand cost around $150,000.

There are also a lot of price points in between. So, you will never have a difficult time choosing the right campervan for you.


Where are Crossroads Trailers Manufactured?

Crossroads trailers are manufactured in Topeka, Indiana. Most of the RVs are manufactured at the facilities in Indiana. 

Can Crossroads RVs be Used in All Four Seasons?

These trailers have heating and cooling systems which makes them ideal for all four seasons.


If you want to buy a campervan that offers you a plethora of amenities, then the campervans from this line are the ones you should choose. This lineup will offer you extensive floor plans to choose from as well.

So, overall, this article was meant to enlighten you on who makes crossroads RV. If you have found this interesting, we hope you will read more on whomakehub!.

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