Sometimes all we need is to spend some time with nature to get refreshed and start working with proper motivation. RVs can be helpful to move around in a small home and have some excellent traveling experiences.

While there are a lot of brands working hard to make the best RV, let us talk about the biggest company in this industry. We will talk about who makes Thor Motorhomes and what you can expect from its products.

About The Manufacturer

So, who owns and makes the Thor Motorhome? It is a product by Thor Industries, which is a public company. The same company makes Crossroads motor homes.

The company that sells 1 out of 4 RVs in the US is Thor Industries. If you have ever researched RVs on the internet, you will have heard the name Thor Industries. They have a lot of popular RV brands under their belt such as Jayco, Dutchman, Heartland RV, Crossroads and many more.  

Thor Industries is operating from Elkhart, Indiana. The company started its journey on August 29, 1980, by Wade F.B Thompson and Peter Busch Orthwein. 

You may think the name Thor is from your favorite Norse God of Thunder but the reality is often disappointing. The name Thor is actually from combining the first two latter of Thompson and Orthwein. Thor Industries was not a motorhome manufacturer in the beginning.  

Thor Industries entered the Motorhome business in 1982 when they acquired a Canadian travel trailer and motorhome manufacturer General Coach. In 1984, Thor Industries became a privately traded company. 1986, Thor Industries was in the 200 best smaller companies by Forbes.

Thor Vs Winnebago RVs

To understand and answer the question, are Thor Motorhomes any good? We will compare Thor Motorhomes with another giant in the industry, Winnebago. We have divided this section into different subsections for a better analysis of both products. 

Both Thor and Winnebago offer some fantastic features and in some cases, they are almost the same. There are some notable differences between the two brands that can affect your buying decision.  

We have added our own thoughts about the products, but we have also looked on websites like to check what other veteran users think about the product.

🔹 Initial Thoughts

Both Thor and Winnebago are veterans in the RV industry. Now, when we are considering big factors in an RV, build quality, durability, and after-sales service we found Winnebago has a bit of an advantage in these segments. But they could be said to be a more premium brand in all honesty so its not a very fair comparison.

On the other hand, Thor has made a good impression with a lot of users with its versatile floor layout and advanced features. Thor is also a fantastic option for the budget segment, whereas Winnebago is on the more expensive side.  

Winnebago has earned the favor of customers for its reliability and customer service. Compared with Thor, Winnebago has higher rated superior customer service. Now, we will discuss some prime differences between Thor and Winnebago RVs .

🔹 Some Key Difference

Thor sells Class A, B, and C RV whereas you get more options in Winnebago RVs range. Winnebago sells Class A motorhomes, Class C RVs, Class B campervans, towables, and travel trailers at different price points. 

Thor focuses on perfecting interior layout and features whereas Winnebago offers better quality and durability. Winnebago has one fantastic service, that is the Winnebago Specialty Vehicle that allows you to get the exact RV of your dreams, Thor doesn’t have this.   

🔹 Quality and Durability

Usually, Winnebago uses steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass as the building materials for their RVs. Customers who have been using a Winnebago RV are satisfied because of its durability and how long it lasts!

On the other hand, Thor, especially in the budget-friendly model has some noticeable quality issues. Sometimes, Thor uses particleboard instead of plywood and particleboard can deform easily by absorbing water.   

Slideout failure, and using metal sheets or wooden boards are some well-known issues in Thor Motorhomes. Users admit to having better quality from Thor’s subsidiaries than from Thor Motorhomes itself. 

🔹 Interior

As we have mentioned before, Thor motorhomes has mastered the interior. Living inside a Thor Motorhome is one of the best experiences you can have. Reviews all over the internet also share the same thoughts about Thor Motorhomes. 

Thor Motorhomes feature variety in its interior choice, With the amount of variety Thor has you can find something for your interior tastes with no doubt. In Winnebago’s case, you can get similar luxury in the interior as Thor but you have to pay a higher price for this. We would say price for price, Thor interiors are the better deal if you just want a functional motorhome at a budget price.

🔹 After-Sale and Warranty

RVs usually have a complicated warranty policy; they have a general warranty and different warranties for the parts. Yes, for many people just keeping track of an RV warranty is a tedious task. 

Winnebago comes with 3 years or 36000 miles of limited structural warranty. The limited basic warranty will cover 1 year or 15000 miles and you should get a 10 years warranty for your fiberglass roof. 

Thor has changed its warranty policy and made it more user-friendly. 

On its Class A and Class C motorhomes, the manufacturer provides a 12-year structural warranty in addition to a 1-year limited warranty. In addition, there is a 6-year lamination warranty that is the best in the business. On Class B RVs, Thor provides a 2-year limited warranty.

Thor Motorhome Review

Thor features multiple motorhomes in both budget and premium sections, you can choose whatever you want from Thor’s catalog. This is our choice from Thor’s collection and what we think about it. 

🔹 Thor Vegas 24.1 Class A Motorhome

This amazing motorhome from Thor has a comfy double bed with a very interestingly designed bathroom. The reviews of Thor Vegas 24.1 are positive all around the internet. Another fascinating part of Thor Vegas is the price, you really are getting a lot of RV for the money.


Thor and its subsidiaries are dominating the RV market because of their decent quality RVs and competitive prices. Thor Industries has built itself into a trusted motorhome manufacturer at the lower price points.

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